Best USB-C headphone adapters 2022

If you want to use your wired headphones on your smartphone or tablet, you might need a USB Type-C adapter to do so. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S21 doesn't have a headphone jack, but you can use an adapter in the USB-C port if you still want to use wired headphones. The best USB-C headphone adapter on our extensively researched list goes to the JSAUX USB-C headphone charger, which allows for fast charging while you're listening to your favorite tunes. We've also included a multitude of picks that fit not only fit a variety of specific tech needs but also varying styles and budgets. So let's get started!

Adapting your tech

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Many of the best Android phones are doing away with the headphone jack, like the Samsung Galaxy S22 for instance, but you can use an adapter in the USB-C port if you still want to use wired headphones. Fortunately, there are several different USB-C headphone adapters on the market to choose from. You'll want to consider if you want the adapter to have any other functions other than providing a headphone jack. If you decide you want one that features a charging port, you'll need to decide if you only want to support standard charging or PD fast charging.

We highly recommend the JSAUX USB-C Headphone Adapter since it provides a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a charging port supporting PD fast charging. However, if you'd rather have something a bit more simple, you'll be interested in a NIMASO USB-C to Headphone Adapter, which only features a headphone jack. Both options are super compact and won't take up a lot of space in either your pocket, purse, or bag. Lastly, if you're looking for an adapter that supports lightning cables, you'll want to get the UGREEN USB-C Headphone Jack Adapter.

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