Best USB-C Cables for Android Auto Android Central 2020

When it comes to plugging your smartphone into your Android Auto head unit, you want a cable that is more than just the one out of the box. The cable needs to be able to withstand bends, sudden removals, spills, and so much more. We have found some of the best USB-C cables that you can get for Android Auto.

Perfect option: Anker Powerline+ USB C to USB A Cable

Staff Pick

Anker's charging cables are practically unmatched in terms of quality and value. The Powerline+ series of cables is extremely impressive with the braided nylon exterior, which is said to last six times longer than the competition.

$10 at Amazon

Angled connections: AUKEY Right Angle USB C to USB A Braided Cable

Some times you can't use the traditional charging cable, as it sticks out too far and you need something that can fit into a tight space. AUKEY's 90-degree Braided Cable will help solve that issue as both the USB-C and USB-A connections come in at a right-angle. This will allow you to plug your phone in, regardless of how tight the space is.

$15 at Amazon

Get backups: AUKEY USB 3.0 USB Type C Cable

When it comes to charging cables, AUKEY ranks right up there among the best. This three-pack of USB-C cables are rated to last for more than 5000 bends, while also including a 56k Ohm Resistor to ensure that your phone does not get overcharged during your travels.

$13 at Amazon

Strain relief: Cable Matters USB C to USB A Cable

If you want a no-frills, yet reliable cable to use with Android Auto, then Cable Matters is a great option. This cable offers "molded strain relief" to ensure that it will last through the bends and situations that may arise when plugging your phone in.

$6 at Amazon

Short or long: CHOETECH USB C Fast Charging Cable

CHOETECH is another excellent company that specializes in keeping your phone charged and plugged in. This USB-C cable is capable of withstanding more than 5,000 bends, and over 100,000 insertions/removals from your smartphone. Plus, this two-pack of cables includes one 3.3-foot cable and a longer 6.6-foot cable, giving you options for every situation.

$10 at Amazon

Middle of the pack: Inateck USB 3.1 Nylon Braided Cable

It can get annoying when your charging cable gets twisted, and you have to untangle it before being able to use it. That won't be a problem with the Inateck Nylon Braided cable as it has an anti-twisting design. The cable is also rated for more than 4000 bends, which is excellent, but a bit lower than similar options.

$9 at Amazon

Extra durability: Veckle Braided Cable with Aluminum Connector

Durability is the name of the game, and the Veckle Braided Cable is up to the task of being your go-to cable. In addition to meeting the USB-C v1.1 spec, this cable also features a nylon fiber jacket, along with tinned copper and aluminum foil for extra durability.

$9 at Amazon

From Google: Google USB-C to USB-A Cable

Since Google is firmly planted in the smartphone game, it only makes sense to include its own USB-C cable. This cable measures in at a little over 3-feet, which is plenty long for most users. On the durability front, you have a TPE material which is a combination of plastic and rubber so it will last longer than other OEM cables.

$20 at Google

Shorter option: CableCreation Short USB C Cable

Sometimes you don't need a cable measuring in at 6-feet, and just need something short that will get the job done. CableCreation is here to help with this 9.6-inch offering, as it is rated at lasting for more than 10,000 bends for supreme durability.

$6 at Amazon

Retractable and curly: Baseus Retractable Curly USB C Cable

For some folks, coiled cables are a thing of the past, but for others, they are still great options. The Baseus Curly USB-C cable is one of those great cables that won't get tangled up, while also offering the ability to retract it between 0.8 and 3.3-feet.

$13 at Amazon

One cable to rule them all

It can be tough to pick the perfect cable that will perform the best and keep your phone plugged in. However, the best option we have found is the Anker Powerline+ Cable thanks to its ultra-rugged design, which is rated to last six times longer than the competition. Plus, Anker offers a lifetime warranty on its cable just in case something happens, and you need a replacement.

Our next favorite cable would be the AUKEY 90-degree Braided Nylon Cable. This cable offers 90-degree angles on both the USB-C and USB-A connections, allowing for you to be able to plug in your phone, regardless of how tight the space is that you're working with. Additionally, AUKEY offers a 45-day money-back warranty and a two-year product replacement warranty.

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