Best USB-C cables for Android Auto 2024

When you're trying to find the best Android Auto USB-C cables, it's important to prioritize a few specific qualities. The cable needs to be able to withstand bends, sudden unplugging, spills, and so much more. If you've encountered a lot of Android Auto bugs recently, it could be that you need a replacement, or maybe just want a backup cable for a long road trip.

Regardless, we have found some of the best USB-C cables that you can get for Android Auto. These are all affordable, durable, and super high-quality picks, and that's what makes them the best USB-C cables for your vehicle.

Get road-trip-ready with the best USB-C cables for Android Auto

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What are the best Android Auto USB-C cables?

There is a growing list of cars that support Android Auto. It can be tough to pick the best USB-C cables that will perform well while keeping your phone securely plugged in. However, the best Android Auto option we have found is the Belkin BoostCharge 240W USB-C cable, thanks to its long length, braided design, and fast charge, which should last longer than most.

But there are lots of other options to suit a variety of different needs, whether you want a USB-C to USB-A design like with the Cable Matters Slim USB-C to USB-A cable, something super-short that won't get in the way, like the CableCreation Short USB-C Cable, or even the retro design found in the Baseus Retractable Curly USB-C cable.

Once you have the right cable, don't forget to download tons of great Android Auto apps that will make your next road trip a breeze and keep you informed and entertained as you travel from Point A to Point B. Or if you're still learning the basics, check our guide on how to use Android Auto.

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