Best Android Auto accessories: Displays, dongles, and adapters

Android Auto remains the easiest and safest way to get your Android apps in the car. How you get Android Auto in your car, or better yet, how you experience it, can vary depending on what accessories you use to amplify or create the compatibility you're looking for. The good news is there are adapters, dongles, and even full-on displays that can help you get there.

Expand Android Auto — or just bring it in for a debut

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You've got what you need for the road

Even if you feel this world of Android Auto gizmos is a little murky, the results will probably show you otherwise. Never mind simply having Android Auto in the car; when it's wireless, it just feels all the more liberating. 

The Motorola MA1 is arguably the most well-known because of its brand familiarity. Like other adapters in this list, once you set it up, you kind of forget about it, which is very much the point. But when you want an app to help you out, the AAWireless obliges with a level of support not all devices like this have.

Cars without any built-in compatibility with Android Auto aren't left out entirely when the Intellidash lets you bring in a whole screen onto the dash. Whether it's going wireless or just being able to use the platform, to begin with, you've got avenues to pursue to change how you use it while you drive.

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