Remember Applegirl? Now she has some serious competition.  Using what looks to be a Samsung Galaxy A this young lady shares a beautiful rendition of Take a Bow by Rhianna.  From the YouTube comments it appears that someone other than the artist uploaded the video, anyone know who this gal is?  I know we're interested, and maybe Samsung would be as well.  In the meantime, enjoy! Thanks, NickF227!

Update: Meant to mention she's playing the "Solo" app. [Market link]

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dreedy1 says:

Wow...she can sing and she's pretty cute...WINNER!

Chevalier says:

She also looks like she's 12. Classy.

itch808 says:

asian always look younger

Blueman101 says:


trooper54 says:

interesting to see when android tablets come out, how much of my musical equipment i can replace =)

no more time tuning or replacing springs....

itch808 says:


swimrage says:

awesome use of the hardware, do you think the phone could run Auto-Tune at the same time?

Anyone else think this could be some sort of viral video advertising?

jharo says:

HOLY COW!!! I can't wait to see Gene Simmons replace his guitar with his phone!

storm14k says:

Sorry if I missed the obvious....can't listen to the vid right now but...what app is this?

gbhil#AC says:

I tracked it down in the market -- it's called Solo. There's a lite and a full version. Phil reminded me that it also comes bundled with the MT3G Fender edition.

jedisrus says:

Simply awesome. *Adds solo to list of apps to download next Friday.

LimpMan says:

oow she got talent...

NickF227 says:

Yay my tip <3

jmtanzo says:

Great job!!!!! Boy I love this phone more and more everyday!!!!!

samurikuma says:

if ya don't have Solo your Android phone is incomplete. The full version is great and they do a pretty good job of updating.