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The Mobile Nations World Tour continues, and this time instead of asking Android Central readers for accessory advice I'm offering up a tried-and-true BlackBerry tip that also works for Android phone owners. Specifically, if you own an Android phone with a microUSB connection and are in the market for a spare charger, you may want to give the BlackBerry Premium Charger a try.


RIM released this charger last year with the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and to keep the juices flowing with the bigger battery they cranked up the charging rate to 1.8 amps (most phone chargers that ship in the box tend to be in the 750 mAh to 1 amp range). We quickly put it to the test on our BlackBerry Smartphones and found we could charge them almost twice as fast!

On Android Central Podcast 98 we found out that both AC's Jerry Hildenbrand and Chris Parsons have been using this same charger with their microUSB Android devices for a long time now with great success. If you're going to spend the money on a spare charger, you might as well invest in one that charges at a higher amperage rate. Not every phone will allow for rapid charging, but for the ones that do you'll be glad you have a charger that takes advantage of it (and no, you won't damage your phone even if it doesn't make use of the higher amperage). In the last two days I've already receiveda hand full of tweets and emails from Android Central podcast listeners who went out and bought the BlackBerry Premium Charger after listening to the show and they are loving it. Good stuff.

Win a Free Charger Courtesy of CrackBerry Kevin: The BlackBerry Premium Charger has a MSRP of $39.99 but you can get it for a lot less at But just to share some Mobile Nations World Tour love, I'm going to give a lucky Android Central member a chance to win one for free, on me. To enter, just leave a comment to this post and you're in. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PT. Good luck.

There are 348 comments

xeroslash says:

That's like filling a Coke bottle with Pepsi!


But pretty damn spiffy. Thanks, Kev!

QBert says:

Ha! I'm using the wall charger I got with my Storm on my DroidX as I post this. The cord that came with the X is way too short.

jlamb30#IM says:

Count me in!

2bnoted says:

Thanks Kevin. I would love to have one !!

QBert says:

Good to see some CrackBerry Kevin on AC! Would love a charger!

CarterGuy says:

This would be perfect to go with my GS3 when it arrives :-)

Gkins3 says:

Thanks Kevin for bringing the Crackberry love to AC!

erjennin says:

I would love to have this charger. Hook it up Kevin! ... please.

Mindguy says:

Love it! I'm a crackberry AND droid user. Sweet! Thanks Kevin!

robertvito says:

Kevin that is an awesome trick and I would love to have the charger. My Gnex is forever needing a charge.

ps4rh says:

I miss mine. I lent my boss my PlayBook and he left the charger, well, who knows where. He makes a habit of this sort of thing...

MAO04 says:

Thanks Kevin. Always need another charger, works for my bike lights too.


Great tip, Kevin. Hope you're enjoying the Android experience.

I'm curious, for media content, more specifically, music, what are you using? The stock app? A streaming solution? Etc. Etc.

ufspaceman says:

I'm in the market for a new charger so this is great timing.
Sign me up!

ygthb says:

I can always use a faster charger. So many devices, so few plugs.

mathiasjk says:

It's like i'm getting BlackBerry brainwashed!

tofucious says:

I would love one!

metacyde says:

Thank you, Kevin! I'd love another charger.

nao.nozawa says:

I'd love to have a fast charger!

yehoni says:

My bedside charger is from my old Blackberry. An upgrade would be nice.

Obsession says:

I want a faster charger, awesome.

eadavis says:

I'm in!

jthom says:

Would love to have one for the One S I hopefully can pick up for "free" on Friday.

Skyeclad says:

I'll try one out.

Shatterpane says:

Does the Tmo GSII use the higher amperage? We could use an extra at our house, yes indeed.

FoeKilla says:

Who couldn't use another charger?

Strijder says:

Great tip!

holangja1 says:

Looks good!

dpineda85 says:

Hopefully this isn't rigged like the pacquio fight and I win. :-)

deltascrew says:

Thanks for the tip Kevin!!

mr.wizard says:

Wow I learn something new every day..I'd like one please

PlanetPratt says:

I'd love a quick charger for my GNex

Gotta love the higher amperage and you can never have to many plugs and cables laying around with as much we use our smart phones.

jmenke2 says:

Crackberry Kevin, Thank You for the tip! Charging my phone, and sometimes waiting for a good amount of battery charge before I unplug it, is getting tiresome. This looks like it will be of great help! The stock charger that came with the Samsung Galaxy S2 is about as bothersome as a Dingleberry!

jmenke2 says:

Looks like this guy is having the same problem......

Hosehead says:

Faster = better. Please.

cjsteier says:

Sounds like a great idea to me. Both the wife and I would utilize this.

alacrify says:

Boy I could use this!

Mobius360 says:

Could always use a good charger.

jldad says:

Would love another charger for the house!

JDWallace says:

Great tip, Kevin! I am not sure why you slam your hands down at the end of your videos or why it's funny, but it is. LOL! Keep bringing the Crackberry tips to AC.

gilbertp23 says:

Great share! Definitely need something like this!

yLev says:

Charge me!

Se7enth says:

Charge me up!! =)

campanth says:

I would love to have one of these around for when my battery guzzling GNex needs a little extra juice fast!

Jordan2348 says:

in FTW!

BMIC50 says:

The charger that came with the HP TouchPad also does a nice job of charging my GS2E4GT faster than the original, but I am curious to see if this would beat it! Send me one, Kevin!

dazekiel says:

TouchPad charger is rated for 2 amps. Does a great job quick charging. $10.59 new on amazon with a nice 5' cord.

Blaize19 says:

I will be giving this a try, now that I know my TP charger won't hurt my One S. Thanks for the heads up.


pounder001 says:

Excellent, count me in!!


ehall1957 says:

great idea, hope to win it.

cae2685 says:

I met mobilenations through Crackberry with my Curve and Tour. Good to see I can still learn things from those guys without even meaning to!

amgala says:

I'd love a faster charger for my GNex! 4G LTE takes a hard toll on my battery life!

Jaybears says:

Damn, where was this news while my X was losing its battery after 5 hours?!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

Jaybears says:

Damn, where was this news while my X was losing its battery after 5 hours?!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

landjo77 says:

I would love to try this! Thanks!

Sorghaghtani says:

I have to charge both my phone & a backup battery at the same time in a single cradle. This would really rock my setup as the backup battery seldom has time to fully charge.

miz_pimp says:

You can definitely count me in as well! It will come in handy with my BB and my HTC devices :-D

reeper55 says:

This could really come in handy

ttriplett1 says:

Did someone say free? I'm in!

rdxhd says:

I could use this..Thanks!

ryancl25 says:

What up.

Sploinkin says:

I'm always looking for more chargers to forget at the places I frequent, maybe now I can have a nice one at home!

MrCheyl says:

Pew Pew charger!

bc2k says:

So glad I never said anything bad about BlackBerry devices. Ever.

mhaider says:

I heard this on the podcast last week and was looking for something similar last night! Please enter my name in the drawing. :)

MG386 says:

This charger + thunderbolt + fast charge kernel = happiness!

kiwi_in_kc says:

I am charged about winning this!

blu8503 says:

Sound good to me

vinny jr says:

1.8, that there is a hell of allot of juice. Thanks Kevin, going to order myself one. That should cut the charging time in half. Who ever could figure, Blackberry to the rescue.
Coming from the Pearl then the 9700 then a very brief stop at IOS and finaly to the best OS there is, Android. I am one hacking fool.

I already have one that came with my Blackberry playbook, but a spare is always nice. It charges my Galaxy note very quick.

hypersnail says:

me please!

pmjohnson99 says:

Seems like it'll be a great emergency charger when you only have about 30 minutes in a coffee shop.

engineerga says:

I already use a BlackBerry charger most times, but it is the one that came with my BB Tour way back when (2009) is isn't any faster than my standard charger. One of these would be great!

dyastrab says:

Awesome. BB isn't dead!!

TimeHunter says:

My day will come!

I'd love one, and btw, you really need to move on from BlackBerry! Permanently! (Best phone decision I ever made!)

wickets says:

Thanks for the heads battery lasts about 6 hours ergo this will be an awesome addition

trojans says:

Seems like a lot of Blackberry converts here. I still use my Storm charger on my DX. Would love another charger.

adammorris says:

My charger is falling apart! And this would be great for when I have to quickly charge before I dash out of the door. Plus, students like me don't often have $40 lying around!

hollerwt says:


droidhead_1 says:

Bring on the rapid charger lol

yibrushn says:

I could really use this for my upcoming trip! Thanks!!

scholaryoshi says:

Sweet! I would love to give this a try! If I don't win I'll have to buy one.

yomonk1 says:

Yeah! I could go for winning this!

would it charge a old droid x2 fast? id love to get one

kenan14 says:

I'd love to win this!

n64kps says:

Does the fast charging work on the HTC EVO 4G LTE?

azkevman says:

Always need a good fast charge!

jdavet says:

Thanks for the contest and for the info about this charger! :)

quake101 says:

I like rapid-chargers. :)

Anon_Emus says:

My Storm 2 charger works on my tbolt but can never have 2 many extra chargers...

mikesmith says:

I do need an extra charger for my S3.

keoni8888 says:

I'd love to get that pesky charging cycle done in half the time - count me in!

Ellingsoc says:

Thanks for the tip. I sure could use a faster way to charge my phone

MNofsinger says:

I would love one!

Vyrlokar says:

Hey, this is neat! I will need a spare micro USB charger for my Raspberry Pi, so this isn't just for the sake of having it.

bellken says:


Ryp11 says:

Count me in too. Thanks

jperotka says:

Yes, please.

r1fo says:

Would love to have one of these, count me in!

epps720 says:

Thanks, i could definitely use a quicker charge

killabee44 says:

I can definitely use a charger.. Mine takes waaay too long. Thanks!

Would my Asus Transformer charger accomplish this same feat?

RonD says:

Not positive, but I think the ASUS transformer is 12 volts not 5 volts, so the ASUS could damage your phone!

Good to know. Thank you Sir!

MrSherms says:

Great tip; I'm in!

chiroho says:

Anything that will help me get my phone charged faster would be awesome. Please count me in!

newera84 says:

Dope....I'd love to have this for my SII!!!

draco1986 says:

This would be great for charging between meetings at work.

f12 says:

me wantyy

Joe H. says:

Sweet. I'm going to look into getting one

feezybeezy says:

I want this!

i would love a new charger. mine actually just got ripped in half by stepping on it when it was plugged was a sad sad moment...

adzrules says:

Would LOVE one to charge my nexus like ZOOMZOOM!

Me too! Me too! Don't have a travel charger.

jlo8720 says:

Would be a nice replacement of my BB tour charger which I use on my EVO LTE.

fivegear says:

Would love to have one of these for my desk at work :)

moosc says:

What about the car charger that is what interest me more. Really could use this though thanks

Jack in NC says:

That's very cool. Good tip, Kevin, thanks.

jnichols_ttu says:

Right here please.

nitedmn says:

Faster charging is always good.

ICU812 says:


UN4GTBL says:

Pick me please!!

jslackhouse says:

awesome...let's dance.

eugenejr says:

Could always use another charger

Saneless says:

Yay I'm in. I'd love to transfer some of that current to my phone

TLS2000 says:

I've been doing this since switching from my Torch 9810 to the Samsung Skyrocket. It's an excellent charger that I use for all of my micro-usb devices.

It'd be nice to win one as a spare for keeping at work. :)

j.smilie says:

That would be awesome to fill my thirsty Razr Maxx.

jebr says:

I'm in!

Pick me!

juager says:

Would like this to charge my power hungry galaxy nexus

mozicodo says:

I'll take one

xBigReemo says:

In much need of a new charger, wife lost hers and she keeps stealing my charger >:(

dakid2k6 says:

Nice. Could you kevin be on your way to android :-)

mixmastrzzz says:

Cross platform accessories I like the idea

Hey Kevin, I'm hoping to jump into the Android fray and would love to have a second charger as I am looking at the HTC One X.

draken says:

Mighty nice of you Kevin, please add my name to the virtual hat and enjoy your stay in Android land. Consider moving in, it's a nice neighborhood. ;-)

jcole01272 says:

I need charger charges soooooo slooooooooooooooooowwwwww...

Luckie says:

Sweet deal. I imagine with would come in handy for the GS3.

liquidplasma says:

I would love an extra charger. Especially a faster one. I'm actually in the market for a new one since we cat chewed through my only spare AC charger. I was looking for one with at least 1 amp of current, but 1.8 would be great!

radgatt says:

Former blackberry owner here.

idiotguy says:

wonder if this would supercharge my droid razr maxx?

mrbanks says:

sweet pick me

mdholgate says:

Seems to be a great little charger!! Would love one!

ant says:

Winner over here!

bseblman says:

I have a HTC Rezound with the extended battery...would be great to charge that bad boy quicker indeed! Would love to win this...thanks for the opportunity, and hopefully, the win. :-)

jnhelman says:

Great tip...also, gimme gimme gimme :P

NukieFreak says:

I could go for one :)

myculito says:

I H O P E T H I S I S M Y T I M E T O W I N ! ! !

kingmeow says:

You can do something similar with the charger that comes with the iPad. That one is even more powerful at 2.1A. You do need the USB-microUSB cable though.

MooPenguin32 says:

I'm guessing my Galaxy Nexus doesn't support rapid charging out of the box. When I connected it to the iPad charger via a micro USB cable, the phone shows as being charged via USB instead of AC.

Gekko says:

microUSB chargers work on microUSB phones???????

who knew??????

this canadian is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bozstuff77 says:

I could use a charger for my desk.

Pick me Steve.

griftercm says:

Nice tip.

Hand_O_Death says:

Very cool, I would gladly take one thank you. For a minute I thought the world would end when he plugged it in. Figured it would be like dividing by zero.

kjbuente says:

Oh, about twice as fast? Count me in!!!

squintyboy says:

cool thanks for the tip.. i need one now

Derek_B says:

Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.

shyamnat says:

Yeah ! Nothing like a free charger.

wilfreb says:

i own one and use it to charge my Galaxy S3 and this thing is fast! highly recommended.

Rizzen says:

Never knew about this! Great tip for my Razr Max's and soonto be Galaxy S III

MooPenguin32 says:

I would like to win one. You can't have too many chargers.

n0obpr0 says:

Great tip!! if I don't win this I'll buy it =D! thanks

webbie2 says:

I would love a new charger!

MadCow1 says:

I gotta try this!

I'll take it!

Seriously, with the larger batteries in some of these phones, a rapid charge would be ideal.

elbaso says:

My wife just got an Evo LTE, and, coming from a BlackBerry, she's constantly forgetting to plug it in every night.
This would help juice up the phone in the mornings when she forgets to plug it in overnight!

aldrydd says:

I would enjoy winning one, sirs.

dberry74 says:

Would love to have that quick charger to go with the new GS3!

e2ackbar says:

Hat... Ring... it's in there. Thanks for showing the love, Crackberry Kevin. Keep smiling!

PB007 says:

Why yes please! That would be awesome!

jdunn8303 says:

I was just looking to get an extra charger!

OK this begs the question is there any way of figuring out if you phone will take advantage of this before buying it?

Strommer says:

New Comment

jmart75 says:

Awesome, I need something that charges my Gnex a little faster :).

canteenboy says:

Faster is better!

BIGsinner says:

I would love to have that BB premium charger!

shekki says:

That's pretty neat! I'd love to use that BB premium charger on my current phones! :D

betsuni says:

I would love to have a spare charger. =) Thanks Kevin and hope you are enjoying your tour.

ncsu4life says:

Would love to try out the rapid charger!

jcastag says:

For everyone that says Blackberry is slower than Android in EVERY way, I present this to you.....The Blackberry Premium......charger


They cant make a fast OS, but at least the handset will charge fast.

Gspot82 says:

Yes Please!!

acuramax says:

I have the Evo 4G, it would be so harmonious to have a new fast charger for it.

jcastag says:

Now I know what all the carriers can do with the unsold Blackberry units they will have sitting in their stockroom until next year!

Take the charger out of each box and sell them for $40 to try to at least make back SOME of the money that was spend on those useless phones!

bllackkman says:

Even if I don't win I am still going to buy this charger

Vito2000 says:


Is it working well to charge your One X? Does the One series allow for rapid charging?

ultraviolet says:

Could definitely use one of these!

delldude405 says:

Sign me up Kevin, I tried a Kindle Fire charger, but returned it because it was too expensive!!!

10001110101 says:

This would be pretty sweet to top off my Razr Maxx in no time flat, then tank up my Fascinate Media player to boot!!

Logical_guy says:

Yes please

a_f says:

Fast charging? Sign me in!

pmoser says:

Love seeing Kevin on Android Central. I'd also love the charger.

Quikstep says:

I have a Blackberry Bold for work and a Galaxy Nexus for my personal phone, so this would be perfect for me!

twbrooklyn says:

Hook me up please!

Thoth19 says:

I've always liked the blackberry chargers much better. about the only quality product they make these days ^_^

ramblerd says:

Yes, please.

bdizzel1982 says:

Kevin I can't wait to read your full review of Android after you have used your One X for awhile but in the meantime you could tide me over by hooking me up with that sweet charger :)

I still use my old BlackBerry charger on occasion - the dang thing won't wear out - but would love one of these new, fast BlackBerry Premium Chargers. Keep up the good work, K!

A comment to this post

toiletduck says:

Will the GS3 be able to use a higher rate or charge?

reagnoral says:

I can haz?

Justadye4 says:

Gimme gimme!

Hunts99 says:

Would be great! I still use my Blackberry chargers to charge up the Razr and Razr Maxx! Works 100% of the time!

I'd like one! Am I too late?

Timelessblur says:

Dude Kevin hit me up. I started at crackberry com and yes am one of the traitors to the crackberry world but that is more of a failing on rim falling behind. If bbx is as great as they promise I sure as he'll will come back

jrod986 says:

I'd love one. My charger right now started doing that thing where the phone's touchscreen bugs out when you try to use it when plugged in.

Hmmm, would this charger have any detrimental effects on the battery of the phone, or cause any overheating? If not, then yeah, I would love to have a charger that would quick charge my phone. Very useful and hope I win.

Ravage790 says:

as a former crackberry addict i still use my old tour chargers as spares for my razr maxx...wouldnt mind having an extra rapid charger though

El Nivek says:

Beam me up Scotty!

xX_oG_Xx says:

hook it app

bdubb78 says:

count me in!

Hey kevin, pick me! I love good charger if I can keep my ferret from eating it :)

pstellato73 says:

I can always use another charger especially a rapid charger. Vroooom!

tobiasg says:

ooh me, me, pick me. ;)

paulmike3 says:

Would love to win! Thanks Mobile Nations!!

I'll take one! Thank you very much!

Daedalus says:

I so could use this. Working in the basement of an old hospital really does a number on the battery as 90% of the time I never have signal and when I am away from my desk I need my cellphone.

BigDinCA says:

Thanks in advance. I already love it!

Robbzilla says:

I feel cheap and easy.... That being said... Mine?

DHemenway says:

Great tip on a great charger. Love it.

RonD says:

Heard you guys talking about the charger on the Podcast and was going to buy one. Guess I'll wait and see if I can win one. Thanks for the tip.

mhaner says:

Sweet, I could definitely use a rapid charger.

thekraven says:

aww the good ole blackberry days.

jeditribe says:

BlackBerry was a very good messaging phone. Battery life was also quite good. Shame they couldn't keep up with the times and were left behind.

erikcave says:

Great idea!

ayg says:

I've always been a believer in Blackberry wall chargers... They're the best micro USB chargers out there! Sign me up!

y2whisper says:

Hope you can hook me up if not, thanks for the tip!

heelsbigc#AC says:

Blackberry chargers have always been reliable for my android phones.

richardlam13 says:

Would love a spare charger!

Just FYI, the Kindle Fire charger is also a 1.8 amp charger. I charge my Galaxy Nexus in half the time than from the standard 1 amp Samsung charger.

I've got a 2000mAh charger from my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Wouldn't that be 11.111% better than this puny 1800mAh charger? ;)

tigerhoodz06 says:

This would be great, especially after I put that extended battery in my phone.

alex2aii says:

I'd put this to very good use.


Imaginos says:

Why not try

jean15paul says:

I'd love one, thanks!

Morphdie says:

Thanks for the tip. If I dont win ill save up for one.

mrfett79 says:

Please enter me in the give a way. Thanks

mcaples says:

Despite the FACT that OS7 broke my heart...I still use the charger my 9930 came with

special_k says:

Nommmmm I wanna eat those amps!

Zulu Warrior says:

I'm in! Go ahead and send that charger my way.

guenth says:

can i haz???

Neofite says:

got mine yesterday, works great!!

rexorz says:

me wants one

DocToxyn says:

Can I use it to over power a Palm Touchstone and mod my Evo LTE to work with it? ;)

RoccOn16v says:

I'd like one. Side note, is it safe for the battery to charge that rapidly?

daniel2744 says:

It would be nice if I would win one lol.

cosmo-jack says:

Thanks Kevin. I know this is a premium charger. I would love to have one.

nickus1982 says:

I am in on this one.. This would be rad..

hmackenz says:

Saw this on the podcast and have been interested since. Count me in!

atg284 says:

rolling the dice...I never win anything!!!!

crackedshel says:

I use my old Storm charger for both my Fire and Rezound. Wouldn't mind having one that works even faster though. Count me in.

TypeSDriver says:

Great to know, thank you! I'll be buying one of these Monday if I don't win it.

Ordered two on Amazon during the podcast, mofo.

Bradleee says:

I heard you guys talking about it in the podcast, count me in for a shot at taking one home!

Thanks for letting us know.

This is my entry...

BodegaBay says:

Been using the iPad's 2A charger but interested in this unit.

commonplace says:

Pick me, pick me, yeah!


cmandd says:

I'm in!

eupher says:

I'll give it a whirl...Thanks

facedown41 says:

Wouldn't this cause too much heat? But either way I could use one for the emergency pack

sndplace says:

KEVIN, we have to phones and they both get used pretty well so we need this charger to quickly get us out the door fully charged. Thanks :O)

Charge my EvoltE faster? YES PLEASE WIN THAT lol

kissanem says:

i want a free charger

cowboys2000 says:

Sweet acc, sweet contest!!!!

omgnoname says:

I'm in it to WIN it!

(to quote Randy on American Idol)

eliasso says:

count me in :)

way2broke says:

heck yes i want one too.... hummm blackberry and andriod....... what do you get???? a driodberry or blackdriod or berrydriod...endless options... anyways good luck too all especially ME!

Jezz_X says:

Holy crap that's the most posts I've seen in news comment thread in ages :) watch all the people come out of the wood work when something free is on the line :)

mykey2k says:

Would be great to have a fast-charger at the office!

basslevel says:

Would love to pair this with the T-Mobile Galaxy S III I plan to get at the end of this month!

dabaum says:

Send it my way, I'll put it to the test and get right back to you on how well it performs.

jackeblagare says:

I would love one.

abie6972 says:

Was looking at buying one but wouldn't mind winning one instead.

sign me up i could use some rapid charge

prediscover says:

This would help sooooo much!
For both my BB and my Skyrocket!

mflava#AC says:

Now if it works well with the Sprint Galaxy Nexus then I'm all in to win one.

mbj8448 says:

Good tip. Thanks Kev!

Shiftastic says:

Would be awesome to win.

scaots says:

Cool. Last thing I need to do is buy another charger with all I have around, but would love to have something a little faster

ChBtT says:

Seems legit to me.

galactic23 says:

I would like this. Please... Gimme Gimme Gimme.

rap1 says:

Thanks for the tip. It would be awesome to win one. This would be great especially for those times when I forget to plug in overnight and have to leave soon.

dafoot2 says:

Yes please

SDWolf says:

That is great

JobiWan144 says:

Yes, please. Anyone know if it works with the HTC One X/Evo LTE?

JobiWan144 says:

Oh, I'm dumb. He uses a One X in the video. I'm assuming, then, that it works with the Evo LTE, too?

JobiWan144 says:

So then I click the link and it claims to work with the Evo LTE. Nice going, self.

jreed06 says:

I'll take one!

mtmerrick says:

supercharger? yes please =D

getitoutme2 says:

I need it!!!

free lunch says:

I'll take one too!

theseanteam says:

Pretty sweet tip! Hopefully I can get hooked up!

Snipperdo17 says:

I'll take one

How did you know after the last podcast I was searching te interwebs for a 2 Amp micro usb charger. That said, I haven't bought one yet, so this would be great. Thanks!

bosscib says:

Very nice of you Kevin. Hope I win it...