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We're in the process of cooking up another sweet Talk Mobile infographic (this one based on our social and communications week) and in doing so we need to reach out to the community with one more big question.

Specifically, we're looking at how many times per day you use your phone to do the basics... send a message or email, check what time it is, add an appointment to your calendar, etc. Easy stuff.

The survey will take you only a minute, so hit the link below and getter done and we'll love you long time.

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1 Minute Survey: How many times per day do you use your phone for the "basics"?

Regardless of all the perks we get with our devices today I still use my smartphone as a phone. I know that sounds horrible doesn't it? LOL But it also doubles as my daily alarm clock, weather checker, email, texting and much more.

cannot remember ... a lot .. use it as a watch, a calender, a video player, a timer, an alarm clock, a phone, and a messenger haha

I really don't get this question, what really is basic stuff. I only check my email if I get an alert, same with text and voice mail.

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Not sure how accurate anything I entered here would be. It is habitual, with the phone being used often throughout waking hours for all kinds of basic tasks. Sometimes these are independent of other actions and sometimes they are interlaced with more complex phone use. Difficult to get anything accurate or meaningful from a survey like this. Pretty sure Google have pretty accurate data on my usage though. ;)

If you included tablets my answers would be entirely different. My iPhone is too small to do those things comfortably.

Hopefully your tablet is android? Otherwise, why are you here if you use an iPhone? Just sayin...

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Even if he uses all Apple products, maybe he wants to keep up with android news. All of my devices are android, but I still mostly try to keep up with Apple news so I know what I'm talking about when comparing the two.

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Strange way to ask those questions, like how many times do you listen to music should be how many minutes or something like that :)

I agree but I guess that's not the specific information they're interested in.

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I am looking forward to that infographic. I have always considered myself a power user but this will totally put that to the test.

You have no units for the numbers associated with the event.
1-5 what? 150+ what? Minutes / % / seconds / times in an hour?

What if I was to look at my phone email 200 times a day?
or what if I was on a phone call for more than 200 minutes a day?

without units associated with the numbers, the survey is just dumb. Because there is no reference. It like your doctor's office calling you and telling you that you have an appointment at 245pm without telling you the date.

Why did you use Survey Monkey? What's in it for them? This community could generate a very large information database and would do anything to help this website grow even larger. But now Survey Monkey has all that information also. I would've taken that survey for this site, not for Survey Monkey. I feel like I was tricked.