The YotaPhone 2 won't be making its way to the US, even after the company successfully funded the mission on Indiegogo. In an update sent to backers, Yota Devices has revealed that the logistics of getting the phones in the hands of the US backers would take far too long. Following delays from the manufacturer, the team was forced to cancel the launch as it would interfere with plans for 2016, and likely lead to even further customer disappointments.

In turn, we believe that the likelihood of a severe delay in these shipments would have created a conflict with our international road map for 2016, leaving Indiegogo supporters behind when customers in other regions will be offered a newer, cheaper and better YotaPhone.

Yota Devices is offering backers an international variant of the phone, which unfortunately will not have LTE in the US, or a refund. Currently, the company does not have all the details worked out about how it will refund the customers, but they will be refunding customers directly, and not back through their credit cards. It's unfortunate to see the YotaPhone 2 get cancelled, but hopefully the company has learned from the experience, and will have a bit more success with its next phone.

Source: The Verge