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We got our first look at Sony's new Jelly Bean-based Android firmware last week on the Xperia Z. While visually similar to earlier Sony software, there were new features waiting to be discovered beneath the surface. These included new power management options, a re-vamped lock screen and a new phone locator feature.

Fortunately for owners of earlier Xperias, it seems Sony is hard at work porting many of these new features back to its high-end 2012 phones. A leaked Jelly Bean ROM for the Xperia S that's emerged over on XDA shows features display mirroring, "Find My Xperia," the new "shutter"-based lock screen and "extended standby mode" for enhanced power saving. (For the technically-minded, the Linux kernel version has also been bumped from 3.08 up to 3.4.)

The "Find My Xperia" feature references, a site which currently appears to be in private beta. It's likely this is a "Find My iPhone" style service designed to track lost and stolen devices.

This means that when the Jelly Bean update arrives for Xperia S owners, they'll be able to enjoy many of the new features of the newer Xperia Z. The same should also apply to the Xperia T, which being a more recent handset is scheduled to get Jelly Bean before the Xperia S.

The Xperia S is due to get its Jelly Bean update around April, following the Xperia T in late Q1.

Source: XDA; via: XperiaBlog