The LG G2 is still one hell of a phone

Sometimes, you just love what you already have

We're more than halfway through July, which means we're more than halfway through the year 2104. We've seen some amazeball new phones from all the big names, and sales predictions and analyst speak aside, millions and millions of new Android phones have already been sold in 2014. Chances are, about half of the folks reading this were part of it, and have a shiny new Android in their clutches. Congrats on such a good choice, no matter which one you chose.

But there's a case to be made for the folks who didn't bother to upgrade. I don't mean all of us waiting for the new hotness from Motorola or that Note 4 we all know is coming, I mean the folks who just decided they didn't need a new phone because the one they have still kicks ass. I've been digging through my 2013 phones to make sure everything works well with Android Wear and had one of those mini-epiphanies I often have after a few cold beverages — the phones we loved in 2013 were so damn good nobody needed to upgrade. In fact, I wonder if I would have even looked at this year's crop of wünderfones if I had a different job. Probably not, because the phone in front of me with my "real" SIM card in it is still the Moto X.

If you're using the HTC One M7, or the LG G2, or the Galaxy S4 or any of the top-tier handsets from the big names in 2013 and are completely happy with it, I understand. And you have more free money than the rest of us, so you get to buy the beers when we have our next meeting. Now I think it would be cool to hear from everyone, and that's what polls are for. Find it below (or on the right sidebar on the homepage) and tell everyone if you upgraded or not.