Galaxy Note 4

Phones keep getting bigger and bigger. Some of us love the idea, some of us don't, but it seems nothing will stop or slow down the race to be the biggest. Samsung got in early, with the genius idea that is the Galaxy Note. Whoever had that vision certainly deserves a huge raise, and office with a corner, and a company car. Now we see big phones from everyone — including Google and Apple.

We have a little on-going AC Editor hangout that we use for sharing silly pictures, making coarse jokes, and even getting a tiny bit of work done. The question of having a phone big enough to replace a small tablet, yet small enough to be portable, is something that we've actually discussed between the memes and jokes. We've even visited it on the blog a time or two.

You've heard our take. The right big phone hasn't come to take us away from our Nexus 7s and Shield Tablets — yet. What say you? The poll and the comments are below, you know what to do!