Thanksgiving poll followup

Last week we asked if you bring technology to Thanksgiving. Considering most of us have at least one device on us, if not two or three, making the decision to keep it with you during your holiday isn't a strange one. That's probably why keeping your smartphone with you for Thanksgiving won out in our poll this week.

We gave you four basic choices for how you say your holiday working out. Always having your technology with you to ward off boredom, only keeping your smartphone with you, not having any technology, or not understanding why you'd even want to bring that tech to Thanksgiving dinner. Not everyone celebrates this holiday quite the same way, and for many people their smartphone is the own camera they have access to.

So it came as no surprise when keeping your smartphone handy won the poll with a sweeping 54 percent of the overall vote. Behind it in second place were those who said they always have technology on them to ward off boredom with 32 percent of the vote. A definitive No, and Why would I came in at seven percent each. Whether you're using Google Photos to share those family memories, or just checking in your Gmail we definitely understand not wanting to be without the technology that makes our lives so connected.

Weekly poll Thanksgiving results

It's clear to see that at the very least bringing your smartphone to Thanksgiving is the preferred option. With over 2500 votes, this means that over 1300 people voted that they bring only their Smartphone to the holiday. Considering that our whole lives seem to live in our phones these days it really isn't surprising in the least.

So are you bringing your phone to dinner, or going on a technology black out? Let us know in the comments!