Note Edge camera

Earlier in the week we asked everyone about camera quality, and how important having a good one in your phone is. With just about every high-end Android phone manufacturer claiming to have a "great" camera, it's no surprise that most of us ranked it pretty high on the list of features we need.

It's important to have a camera that's good enough (which is going to be very subjective and vary from person to person) in our pockets if we want to be able to save a snapshot or share a moment with friends. The good news is that even budget Android phones, like the Moto G, are good enough for a lot of people. On the other hand, there are some who think their smartphone camera needs to replace a real camera, and the higher-end devices from the big names in this business are getting closer and closer with every release.

After some holiday pictures from my Android, I'm not yet ready to replace my real camera with a tiny sensor, or give up the optical zoom from my Pentax point and shoot. But phone cameras are definitely getting better, and I got plenty of pictures from my Xperia Z3 Compact that would be perfect to use on the web.

Poll results

The one question these results bring to mind — why was the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom not the best seller of the summer?