Poll Followup: CES 2016

Last week we asked what you were most looking forward to from CES 2016. With a week full of announcements there is always plenty to get excited about, though running into it, we weren't certain what to expect. The show was jam-packed with news, from cool new features coming to the HTC Vive to news of new phones like the Honor 5X coming to the US.

Since there was no way to truly know what we were going to be seeing from CES, we gave you six options in last week's poll: Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, Chromebook, Accessories, and Other.

CES poll results

Smartphones won out in this week's poll with a whopping 549 votes counting for 46 percent of the total. In second place is Other, with 214 votes for 18 percent. Smartwatches managed to slide into third place this time, with 12 percent or 143 votes. Tablets were just behind them in fourth place with 10 percent of the vote (119 votes). Accessories grabbed up 8 percent of the vote, coming at in fifth place with only 95 votes. Chromebooks came in last place, managing to only secure 71 votes for 6 percent of our poll total.

While we didn't get a lot on the smartphone front from CES, we're expecting more from MWC 2016 at the end of February. In the meantime, let us know: what CES announcement got you the most excited?