For most of us, it can be tough to justify the cost of buying a brand new high-end smartphone outright, especially with so many great affordable options. But at the other end of the spectrum — far removed from your standard $700 Android flagship — there are the luxury phones, like the Vertu Constellation.

The Constellation starts at a whopping $6000 (which in the grand scheme of Vertu phones is decidedly entry-level), and for that money you'll get standard mid-2016 smartphone internals packed in extremely luxurious materials. But the price tag also gets your own Vertu concierge — as in an actual person — who's ready to assist you whenever you press the ruby button on the phone's outer frame. (And yes, being a Vertu, that's a real, actual ruby.) Whether you need to round up a Hollywood make-up artist for your music video, or just find a nice steakhouse in downtown Manhattan, Concierge can take care of things.

Check out our video review for a closer look at the Android phone for movie stars, oil barons and royalty.