We talk a fair bit about home automation here, and a lot of that is because your phone is rapidly becoming the hub that controls your home. That's cool for folks who enjoy having their phone nearby 24/7/365, with Google Home filling the gap for nearly everyone else. Whether it's a spoken word, a scheduled command, or the flick of an app to run your home, eventually someone will ask how far is too far with home automation.

It turns out we don't know where that line is, because there now exists a company that wants your phone to make your bed.

This idea is clever enough, using an inflatable grid to put your duvet back when you're out of bed. It's not the kind of thing that will work for everyone, especially if you need to keep the air tube connected to the pump mounted under your bed to make all of this work like the video shows, but it's clever. This also isn't exactly "making" your bed, especially if you have a blanket under your duvet (like any civilized person). But the thing that makes this special is the phone app, which lets you either schedule a time for this to work every day or a button for quickly making the bed in case you have company meeting you at home one night.

It's weird, and certainly not for everyone, but this is the kind of thing that makes you wonder just how much of your home you're going to want to automate as you continue to install new tech.

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