Others seeing 'Shuan the Sheep' — also good, but with less outer space stuff

If you've been always meaning to watch the Oscar-winning "Gravity" but just never got around to it — or if you just weren't in a rush to spend money on wonky acts of physics — now might be your chance to catch the otherwise spectacular space flick for free. A number of folks this weekend are seeing "Gravity" appear in their Google Play Movies "Watch Now" queue for free, with Google saying "This one's on us."

You don't actually have to add it to your library if you don't want to (take note, Apple and U2). But it's a free movie, and a fun one at that. Give it a watch if you haven't already.

And, yes, some folks are seeing a 'Shaun the Sheep' title offered up for free. (For what it's worth, I saw "Shaun the Sheep" some time ago and don't see "Gravity" now.) All we can says is, don't look a gifted sheep in the mouth.

Source: +Danny Silvester (and thanks to everyone else who sent this in)