We were on hand to watch Samsung unveil its new Galaxy Tab S3 tablet here in Barcelona, which includes audio tuned by AKG. And while we were taking in all of the latest news, an interesting side comment really caught our attention: when talking about the audio tuning and headphones included with the Tab S3, it was mentioned that "our next flagship smartphone" will also have AKG headphones and audio tuning.

Well, that would be the Galaxy S8, wouldn't it? It sure is.

AKG logo on the Galaxy Tab S3

AKG is an extremely well-known name in audio, and Samsung is clearly going deep in a partnership with the company. The new Galaxy Tab S3 has AKG audio tuning for its quad speaker setup that tweaks based on the orientation of the tablet, and even has prominent AKG branding on the back.

Partnering with a top-end recognizable audio brand isn't new, but it would be something a bit different from Samsung's traditional partnerships that usually cross outside of the technology world. Samsung of course a massive manufacturer of headphones and other audio accessories itself, so branching out to bring in AKG for headphones and audio tuning signals a fresh take on these partnerships.

We'll know this, and so much more when the Galaxy S8 is unveiled March 29 in New York.