AT&T GoPhone Prepaid Plans

Save a few bucks and get more data for your dollar with AT&T's new plans

AT&T isn't wasting any time flipping the switch on its newly restructured GoPhone prepaid plans, as they've just gone up for all to see and select on its website. The new plans, which replace a pretty anemic set that was previously offered, give smart phone owners looking to save a few (or a few dozen) dollars every month an even better value. There are three plans now available, the top end of which is $5 cheaper than the previous high-end plan:

  • $25 for 250 minutes, unlimited text and no base data plan ($5 per 50MB additional)
  • $40 for 500 minutes, unlimited text and 200MB of data ($5 per 100MB additional)
  • $60 for unlimited minutes, unlimited text and 2GB of data ($10 per 1GB additional)

Now not many of us are likely to select the $25 plan (or even the $40 plan), but the new $60 plan represents a significant increase in value over what AT&T had offered previously. And for an individual user currently on AT&T as a postpaid customer, these prices and data allotments may be enticing enough to pull some people away from their postpaid shackles all together. With AT&T now offering LTE data for its prepaid plans, there are fewer reasons than ever to stick to a 2-year contract.

The plans are now available online for everyone to take advantage of, and current GoPhone customers signed up with the now extinct $65 plan should see themselves moved over automatically to the new $60 plan with another gigabyte added to their data bucket. Hit the source link below for more information on the new plans.

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