San Francisco-based startup Nextbit will officially reveal the first concrete details of its first hardware product, an Android-based smartphone, on September 1. The company first revealed its plans to enter the crowded Android device market in late July.

In an interview with CNET, Nextbit CEO Tom Moss and CTO Mike Chan offered a few hints about what their first Android smartphone will be like:

While the Nextbit team was short on details, Chan, the chief technology officer of Nextbit, said the first smartphone would address the annoyance of storage limits. The company will use cloud technology to boost the storage level, allowing you to carry as many apps, photos and videos as you want. "We're focusing on a device that can adapt to you," Chan said.

Moss also hinted that the design of the Nextbit phone will be different than normal. The company hired Scott Croyle, the former design head at HTC, in 2014. Moss also would not offer a specific price for the phone, but did say that it would be in the "premium tier" which ranges between $300 and $400.

Source: CNET