After last year's debacle, I think it's safe to say, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be the most hotly anticipated Galaxy Note ever. Whether you wanted to upgrade last year but never got the chance — or worse, upgraded and had to give your Note 7 back — there are many users out there who've been waiting for a new Note more anxiously than in years past. And while we'll have to wait until August to see much of the Note 8's software, we're getting yet another look at its sexy exterior with some new casemaker renders from BGR.

Show it off, babe!

The front of the device matches the Galaxy S8, but we see the new dual-camera setup on the back of the phone alongside that rear-mounted — and quite high-up — fingerprint scanner. The ports on the bottom of the phone match the S8, as well, except for that distinctive S Pen slot next to that single speaker grille. These are renderings made by casemakers, so while some details might change, the port placement is more than likely dead on, which will make reaching that fingerprint scanner while using the Note 8 an interesting affair without a gripping aid like a Spigen Style Ring.

We'll have to wait till there's a phone in our hands later this summer to see how things shake out, but that waiting game will thankfully be over soon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


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