iPhone 4.0

We've spent a good part of the afternoon covering the announcement of the iPhone 4.0 software with our pals at TiPB, and we're feeling pretty good about the Android platform, still. No killer features were announced, just a handful of what we're calling feature completions.

  • Multitasking, though more like what's coming in Windows Phone 7 with saved app states and what-not.
  • Folders with "intelligent naming" -- welcome to Windows Mobile 5, everybody.
  • Enhanced mail with a unified inbox, multiple Exchange accounts and threaded messages. Well, two out of three ain't bad. I can live without a unified inbox, though certainly we'd enjoy better Exchange support around these parts.
  • iBooks. Eh, OK. we need a Kindle app on Android.
  • Better enterprise support: Again, something we'd like to see improved in the next version of Android. But that's something that every OS has to work on as time goes on.
  • Game center social network: Hey, we have PS3 and Xbox 360 tie-ins. Not great, but still.
  • iAd mobile advertising: OK, this is kinda the biggie and goes back to Google beating out Apple for AdMob. They're making it uber-easy to develop in-app ads (they're HTML5), and Google's AdMob deal is still tied up in D.C. Look for Apple to trumpet this one for a while (i.e. take shots at Google).

So all in all, any Android killers in the mix? Not from the looks of it.