Sennheiser has announced that the two special Ingress Editions of its MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphones will be released in late November for $149.99 as a tie in to Google's Ingress game.

Sennheiser says:

"The special editions, which will be available in Germany, UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finnland, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and the United States, feature the Ingress name on the metal logo plate of the black headband, which is also accented with either Enlightened green or Resistance blue stitching. The colour motif is repeated in the earcups, with the matte black ear cup detailed with a brightly contrasting green or blue ring around the side. The team logos are also featured within the subtle spin design on the earcups."

If you are an Ingress fan, do you plan to buy one of these headphones?

Source: Sennheiser