Huawei may be releasing the next Nexus phone

Yet another report is pointing to Huawei as the potential manufacturer of the next Nexus phone, a subject of much speculation as we approach the fall completion window for Android M. And while today's post from The Information isn't the first to suggest the Chinese manufacturer will field a Nexus phone this year, it does add some weight to the possibility.

The report also suggests that this first Nexus phone from a Chinese OEM may coincide with apps on the Google Play Store becoming available in mainland China. It's unclear what role Huawei may play in this endeavor, besides likely launching the first device with the store pre-loaded in its home country. Right now developers in China can sell apps on the Play Store, but many Google services remain blocked in the country due to government restrictions.

In return, it's suggested, Google will help Huawei market the Huawei Watch in Western markets.

Of course we've also seen reports that LG will be producing a 2015 Nexus device as well, with the rumor mill suggesting the Korean firm will ship a 5.2-inch handset to sell alongside Huawei's 5.7-inch Nexus.

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Source: The Information; Via: The Verge