Huawei, the phone manufacturer behind the scenes (like HTC before HTC turned HTC, get it?), has already developed an Android phone and has plans for many more:

T-Mobile Pulse Passes FCC But Doesn't Support T-Mobile 3G Bands

The T-Mobile Pulse, as it's known in the UK, has cleared the FCC which paves way for a North American release. The problem? The T-Mobile Pulse won't launch on T-Mobile because its 3G bands are 850 / 1900 MHz which pegs it towards either AT&T in the US or Rogers, Bell, Telus, or Fido in Canada. We're pretty much certain it won't launch on AT&T considering it's a middling Android phone that's no where near the high end device that AT&T would launch Android with. So that leaves the Canadian carriers to duke it out for dibs. So, for our neighbors to the north, which carrier would you like to see the Pulse on? [engadget]

Huawei Planning Series of Android Phones

In an unsurprising announcement, Huawei has said that they'll build multiple phones that'll run Android. Since they're a member of the Open Handset Alliance, this behavior is almost expected. What's interesting is that since Huawei is a behind-the-scenes type company, they'll likely have their phones rebranded under carriers a la T-Mobile G1 or myTouch 3G. Currently, they only have plans to release devices for the European, Latin American and Asia Pacific markets but if Android takes off like we all expect it to, they'll eventually pop up stateside.

We're keeping an eye on Huawei because they remind us of HTC before HTC became a household name. If they continue to build quality handsets, there may come a time where we're looking for the next Huawei device not just the next re-branded Android device. [pcworld]