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3 years ago

KitKat update for HTC One pulled in the UK following 'difficulties'


Android 4.4 OTAs no longer rolling out

While HTC America managed a speedy rollout for Android 4.4 on the HTC One, things haven't gone quite so smoothly in the UK. The country wasn't included in the first raft of European territories to get KitKat in late January. And now, a week after the company tweeted news of KitKat's arrival in Blighty, there's official news of the update being withdrawn due to "difficulties."

An HTC statement given to Android Central reads —

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3 years ago

New HTC One is even more metal in second teaser video


Amid the many recent leaks of the new HTC One — a.k.a. M8 — it's a little ironic to see the device also cropping up in pixelated form in official HTC teaser videos. Nevertheless, HTC has gone live with a second teaser trailer for its new One, and it's all about metal. We all know about the (2013) HTC One's aluminum unibody, but apparently the new HTC One is even more metal. (That'd certainly fit in with recent leaks showing a wraparound aluminum chassis in place of the plastic trim of last year's model.)

HTC has previously teased new and improved BoomSound speakers in the new HTC One. We'll see more of the company's next big thing at the official launch events in London and New York in just over three weeks time.

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3 years ago

Samsung airs its first Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 commercials during the Oscars


Just look at the way the light glints off that heartbeat sensor...

Step aside, Academy Award winners, there's something more important happening on TV tonight: Samsung's aired their first commercial for the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone. The S5 might be several weeks out still, but that doesn't mean the marketing blitz can't get underway. After all, there's a 5.1-inch HD screen and heartbeat sensor to hype.

Apart from the 30-second dramatic teaser, Samsung's also put up a 90-second "Amazing Things Happen" video that covers everything that Samsung offers with a screen, and apparently "You need to see this." Well, you can see it after the break.

Update: And later on in the evening, an ad for the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear 2, in much the same vein as the Galaxy S5 ad. Check it after the break.

Source: Samsung Mobile USA (YouTube) [1, 2, 3]

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3 years ago

I'd like to get the new One


Imagining how this might go down for a 'normal' buyer

Sometimes my mind runs wild with imaginary scenarios. The name "the all-new HTC One" stuck out at me as potential for trouble. And it's not the first time HTC's gone down this rabbit hole. So... this happened in my head:

Chad walked into the AT&T store. He'd never felt comfortable in it, even after the most recent remodel with its lounge area full of curved couches and big-screen TVs. The walls of phones and accessories and tablets were overwhelming, and half the time it seemed like any employee he talked to was utterly clueless. The other half were pushing technical jargon he didn't understand. One of his coworkers had mentioned having a fairly similar experience at a Sprint store, though it apparently was awash in yellow tones, whereas this AT&T location was drenched in blues and oranges.

A female store employee, wearing khaki pants, a blue shirt emblazoned with the AT&T logo, and a lanyard with her name badge on it, walked up to Chad, smiling. "Hi, welcome to AT&T. I'm Lisa. Is there anything I can help you with today?" She held her arms out to the sides just a bit, as if she were ready to physically embrace him.

Chad focused his attention on her, blocking out the colorful cacophony of the rest of the store. "Yes, uh, I'd like to buy the new one."

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3 years ago

Nokia X rooted and Google apps installed; Android is Android


Nokia X now one step closer to a 'real' Android phone you won't want to buy

When Nokia was handing out Nokia X developer units, they had to know this was coming. Using the Framaroot app the Nokia X has been rooted, and with root comes the ability to add other apps to the system — including Google's own closed-source apps.

Now you can have your Google services on your Android phone, even if someone didn't want you to have them in the first place. That's because the application framework was left intact, so Nokia could let you install apps from Amazon and others. Apps are apps are apps.

I still think you're better off buying a different phone, be it a Lumia 520 or a Moto G, but if you're going to plunk money down on the Nokia X, at least it's a little better option now.

Source: Kashamalaga at XDA forums

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3 years ago

'Product Engineer' Ashton Kutcher will actually be designing phones for Lenovo


Two-and-a-half special-edition smartphones

It was back in October that Lenovo signed up Ashton Kutcher as their newest "product engineer", a move that was more marketing stunt than anything else. Or so we thought.

Lenovo Chief Marketing Officer David Roman says that Kutcher actually is going to be designing phones for Lenovo. He might not be a technical engineer that works with chipsets, sensors, and the like, but he's also going to be more than a hire-in-name-only (sorry about your luck with Alicia Keys, BlackBerry). Roman said in an interview with Re/code:

"I know on one level, it sounds corny, but it is real. He not only sees himself as an engineer, but he is an engineer. If he sees a problem, he wants to solve it."

What that's going to lead to at Lenovo is a line of special edition phones. Kutcher's going to be putting his stamp on the user experience of the smartphones, but how exactly that will play out (and how weird it will be having the man who played Steve Jobs in a movie designing Android phones) we'll find out later this year.

Source: Re/Code

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3 years ago

Leak unsurprisingly shows new HTC One is headed to AT&T... and Verizon


It's the all new HTC One in silver with an AT&T logo

So far the all new HTC One (brand new for 2014!) has leaked out in gold, black, and gray. We've seen that it's going to have two cameras, a refined HTC Sense 6, and even HTC has implied that we should expect even better speakers when it's announced on March 25th.

Add one more color to the mix: silver with white trim. So far all the other leaks have had a black trim, but the latest render leaked by @evleaks shows the HTC One in a lighter silver-and-white scheme. It's the same coloring as the original HTC One, though with broader curves and what looks like a full wrap-around unibody instead of the injected polycarbonate sides of the original.

Oh, and there's AT&T branding in the form of a little AT&T globe slapped onto the back.. That's little surprise, considering that AT&T was a launch partner for the last HTC One. Either way, it's our first hint at where we'll expect to be able to see the all new HTC One. Mark your calendar, people, we're less than a month out.

Update: You want a render of the all-new HTC One for Verizon in dark gray? Okay, here it is. Nice subtle branding for Big Red. Seriously.

Source: @evleaks

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S5 versus iPhone 5s


With the announcement earlier this week of Samsung's Galaxy S5, the stage is set for one of the biggest smartphone rivalries of 2014. The Galaxy S5 will go head-to-head with Apple's iPhone 5s until the Cupertino company announces the iPhone 6 — or whatever's next — later this year. And at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, the Mobile Nations team had the chance to compare Apple and Samsung's flagship devices.

Reporting for iMore, here's what Richard Devine had to say —

In terms of design, both Apple and Samsung went for iterative bumps with their respective flagship devices. Apple is of course in its 's' year with the iPhone which usually means nothing much in the way of design changes. Samsung has retained the overall look and feel of its recent Galaxy devices such as the Note 3 and its predecessor the Galaxy S4, while making some subtle and welcome changes to how its made.

Both have pretty fantastic looking displays. We know Apple's Retina Display looks the business, but Samsung has also done a pretty great job with the 5.1-inch 1080p panel on the Galaxy S5. This also means a pretty noticeable size difference between the two, but the Galaxy S5 has much slimmer bezels and a flatter home button to help keep the bulkiness to a minimum.

Check the link below for iMore's full report, or head past the break for the comparison video.

More: Galaxy S5 versus iPhone 5s on iMore

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3 years ago

European Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-order pricing starting to emerge


Prices range from €699-729 in eurozone, £550 in the UK

A few days after the announcement of Samsung's latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, SIM-free European pricing for the device is starting to emerge. A number of ourlets across the continent are starting to list the GS5 for pre-order: Clove has the 16-gigabyte GS5 up for pre-order at £550 including VAT, with the black and white versions shown as arriving April 11. Meanwhile rival retailer Unlockd-Mobiles has the phone listed for £549.98 in black, white and blue and due in stock the same day.

Amazon Germany and Spain have the 16GB Galaxy S5 available for pre-order for €699 and €729 respectively. The prices put Samsung's latest around the same price point as the Sony Xperia Z2, which sports similar internal specs and is due to go on sale in late March. Pre-order prices are subject to change as release dates approach, but nevertheless these numbers should give buyers a rough idea of how much the European GS5 is going to cost.

More: Samsung Galaxy S5 hands-on; Samsung Galaxy S5 forums

Source: Amazon.es; Amazon.de; Clove, Unlocked-Mobiles; via: SamMobile

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3 years ago

T-Mobile LG G2 KitKat update now rolling out through PC utility


The Android 4.4 KitKat update for LG's G2 on T-Mobile isn't rolling out over the air just yet, but it is available direct from LG through its PC utility, and there's also a direct download link available for those wanting to snag it from LG's servers and attempt a manual update.

The G2's KitKat update brings the phone up to the latest version of Android, complete with white notification bar icons, along with performance improvements across the board. Elsewhere, AT&T's G2 started receiving its KitKat update on Sunday and the UK is expected to follow in March.

Download link via XDA; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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3 years ago

One Sony Xperia Z2 UK pre-order offers handsome audio bundle


Sony Bluetooth speaker and new noise-cancelling earbuds bundled to sweeten the deal

Sony's newly announced Xperia Z2 isn't scheduled to go on sale for a little while yet, but one UK retailer is already offering a pretty sweet audio bundle with pre-orders. Clove Technology has put the Xperia Z2 up for pre-order at £550 inclusive of VAT, and for that you also get a Sony Bluetooth speaker and a pair of its new noise cancelling earbuds.

We managed to take a quick look – although no listen – at the earbuds during a Mobile World Congress briefing in Barcelona, and Sony seems pretty happy with them. Regardless, the bundle is worth a reported £120, so if you're looking at picking up an Xperia Z2 then it might be the way to go.

New Sony phones being bundled with another item aren't uncommon. Previous releases have seen the Smartwatch 2 thrown in as well, and as pre-orders open up elsewhere it'll be interesting to see what else we can pick up. Clove has all three colors in stock, and is slating April 7 as the current availability date. This will be subject to change, but gives us something to go on at this point.

Source: Clove

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3 years ago

'Toolbox' on the Galaxy S5 is a miniature floating app drawer


Toggled in quick settings, new feature gives quick access to five favorite apps

In all the commotion over finger scanners, water resistance and 16-megapixel cameras, one neat new multitasking feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been easy to overlook. Nevertheless, the GS5's "Toolbox" feature could be particularly useful if you're hopping between the same few apps on a regular basis. Enabled in the quick settings area, Toolbox is a floating circle with three dots that sits on top of every thing else running on the phone. Tap it and it'll expand to show up to five favorite apps, configurable through Settings > Toolbox.

We've got a quick video walkthrough of Toolbox on the Galaxy S5 up top.

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera and gallery walkthrough video


Selective focus, Shot & More, 4K video and Studio Mode are just some of the GS5's new imaging features

Samsung introduces not only a new 16-megapixel sensor and a revamped flash to the Galaxy S5, but also a wealth of new software features to go with them. The revamped Samsung camera app mostly does away with the big carousel of shooting modes, arranging various features in a grid layout, accessible from the settings icon. Here's where you'll finds options like photo and video resolution — the GS5 shoots at up to 16MP in 16:9, 12MP in 4:3 and video at 4K — as well as the selective focus and HDR modes. The former takes a bunch of exposures, does a little math, and then lets you choose whether you want to focus on the foreground of background. (There's also a "pan focus" option that tries to keep everything sharp.) HDR has been revamped too, giving a live preview of what HDR images will look like. Capture speeds — generally, and in HDR mode in particular — are also noticeably improved.

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3 years ago

Hands-on with LG's new mid-range, LTE-capable F70


LG's latest mid-ranger offers similar features to its higher-end smartphones

Prior to Mobile World Congress kicking off in Barcelona LG had pretty much shown its hand with a bunch of pre-announcements. As the show got underway, another became official with the latest F-Series device, the F70.

Unlike the G-Series devices like the G2 and G2 Pro, the F70 has a more 'traditional' look with the power and volume buttons on the sides. There's also no on-screen buttons, it continues LG's previous method of a physical home button with capacitive keys either side. But, this is still very recognizable as a current LG device.

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3 years ago

Boeing reveals the Boeing Black — a super-secure smartphone for those with super security needs


This phone will self destruct in ten seconds…

In this day and age of malicious apps and intrusive government surveillance, you might be wondering how to keep your data secure. You could turn to a solution like the up-and-coming Geeksphone Blackphone, with a modified version of Android and sets of secure communications services. Or you could do what the government does and turn to Boeing.

Yes, Boeing. The company that makes massive jetliners, fighter jets, satellites, and all sorts of high tech military hardware is getting into the smartphone game. Their Android-powered entry is the ominously-named Boeing Black. Because stealth.

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