Cat S40

Cat today announced the S40 smartphone. It's a tough, durable handset that is able to withstand knocks and accidental drops. Cat is clearly catering for the market of rugged smartphones, closely followed by those who require more durable hardware for the outdoors.

The Cat S40 has been drop tested up to 1.8 meters onto concrete, and offers IP68 protection against water, dust and shock. And since this is a handset that will be used outside, Cat has made sure its Super Bright Display is capable of being read clearly in sunlight.

For the glass, we're looking at Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which also supports Glove-On technology, enabling you to use the smartphone without removing your hand protection. Just in case you need further protection, Cat has also launched its own line of accessories.

The Cat S40 will be available for £399.99 ($399) and will launch in over 60 countries on August 1.

Cat phones today announced the Cat S40 rugged smartphone, a tough, durable device that looks as good as it performs. Designed to appeal to the growing rugged smartphone market, which saw over 10m units sold globally in 2014, the S40 is the toughest smartphone in the Cat phones portfolio to date.

A survey of smartphone users that now use a rugged phone, organised by Cat phones, revealed that 80% had damaged a handset in the last five years. Half had cracked or shattered the display, and just less than half had damaged a phone by accidentally dropping or immersing it in water. And about a third had components, covers or other parts of their devices break off, typically when dropped.*

Separately, focus groups with professional tradesmen and outdoor workers, emphasised that damaging handsets in demanding work environments is a common problem. More than half of those spoken to had cracked or broken their phone screen, for example. The perceived lack of attractive, rugged alternatives was a key reason for unsuitable devices being used even though many of those questioned had damaged their phones multiple times.**

The new Cat S40 has been designed to address these problems and appeal to the 85 million people working in construction globally, by combing superior rugged protection and smartphone performance while retaining the looks of a stylish must-have handset.

Stand-out features of the S40 include:

  • Drop tested up to 1.8 meters onto concrete
  • IP68 and exceeds Mil-Spec 810G - Water, Dust and Shock Proof
  • Super Bright Display capable of being read in direct sunlight
  • Large Capacity Battery
  • Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4
  • Glove-On Working Technology
  • Wet-Finger Tracking Technology

Waterproof warning sensors lets user know when the phone isn't waterproof (and shows animation of how to correct this) Dedicated app store featuring the latest apps relevant to outdoor working and lifestyles (as well as full access to Google Play) Launches with its own range of Cat branded rugged accessories "Too many people are being let down and left out-of-pocket by damaged smartphones due to them being used in work environments they were not built for," says Oliver Schulte, CEO of Bullitt Mobile. "We recognised the need to use our expertise to launch a stylish, rugged smartphone that offers protection alongside style and performance. With the refined rugged design of the S40 we're offering a device that looks great, runs the latest version of Android and offers the levels of protection our customers need."

Retailing at 429 EUROS / 399.99 GBP the S40 will be launched in 60+ countries from Aug 1st, more information available at