Blackberry! We have Blackberrys in the house for Week 5 of the Smartphone Round Robin (we're a little late, we know) and it's definitely going to be a fun ride. Though the Blackberrys in this year's Round Robin (Storm 2, Bold 9700) are similar to the offerings we had last year, they're absolutely better devices overall. You can almost think of these devices as perfect Blackberrys.

I've started a thread over at the Crackberry forums asking some questions but more importantly getting myself familiar with the community of Blackberry, trying to find the 'crack'. On another note, our friend Phil Nickinson representing WMExperts is using Android this week and has started a thread asking for help in our own Android Central forums. Help him out and you might even win an Android smartphone of your choice!

Be sure to hit the jump to check out my hands-on video of Blackberry with a lot of help from Crackberry Kevin!