You may notice something's different this week: just in time for the launch of Windows Phone 7, WMExperts is now wpcentral!. Be sure to check out the new design and to follow along as we cover the new smartphone platform's official launch tomorrow.

If you're especially perceptive, you'll also see that Android Central has a new logo - tell us what you think in the Android Forums! Now, on to your weekly links:

  • CTIA wrap-up: Motorola Droid Pro hands-on; HTC Desire HD hands-on; Motorola Bravo hands-on; Sanyo Zio hands-on; Samsung Transform hands-on; LG Optimus T hands-on; Hands on with Motorola Flipout and Flipside; Motorola Defy hands-on; Motorola Citrus hands-on; Motorola Citrus hands-on.
  • T-Mobile responds to the G2 root saga, Modders say T-Mobile's full of it.
  • Adobe AIR apps now available on Android, Find Android Air apps here.