Oh yes. Leave it to the great minds in the Android dev community to already gain root access to the Nook. Meaning it's been hacked and ready to be unleashed. We're going to see some very cool usage of the Nook very, very soon. But you know what would be cooler? If people could actually buy the Nook, the Android-powered e-reader, in stores.

The current root process is not for the faint of heart, you have to pry open the casing, pull out the microSD card, and then tinker with said microSD card via computer. In time, we expect a much more fluid method to come about. However, the implications of rooting the Nook are huge--the Nook comes with an always-free AT&T 3G connection (granted, it's for e-books), if anyone can utilize that connection under root, well, it'd be poetic considering AT&T has yet to even acknowledge Android.

Surely, AT&T has a way in limiting the 3G data for the Nook but knowing the genius of the dev community, we're sure to see some amazing but unofficial stuff from the Nook. The guys at nookdevs are pretty hopeful that they can get the Nook to do whatever a rooted Android phone can do. We believe them. Now if we can only buy one..

[nookdevs via gizmodo]