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    Category: Photography

    Google Camera

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    Google's camera software — really only seen in Nexus devices or in AOSP builds of Android — hasn't impressed all that much. But in 2014, Google released a standalone camera application, and suddenly folks started to take notice. It's got Photo Sphere capability built in, as well as refocusing effects, combining one of the more exciting features from Google with one of the more gimmicky features from other manufacturers.

    It also gives folks another choice for camera apps, and that's a good thing. And Google's camera app has come a long way from the early days of Nexus.

    It's definitely worth taking a look at.


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    Google Camera port now supports RAW images and full HDR+ control

    The latest update for the Google Camera app port brings RAW image capture, full HDR customization, and numerous performance tweaks. Last month, a developer in Ukraine created a forked version of the Google Camera app that allowed it to be installed on a lot of other Android phones not made by...

    Google Camera update brings interface tweaks, dedicated slow motion video mode

    A fresh update is now rolling out to the Google Camera app, bringing along a slew of interface tweaks and more. Of note are some interesting icon tweaks, with the shutter button losing its blue accent and the camera switcher changing to a circular design. Eagle-eyed users will also spot some...

    Google Camera app updated for Android 5.0 Lollipop compatibility

    Google's own Camera app for Android devices has received an update today, and the big change is that it is now compatible with the upcoming Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. Aside from that, there's not much else to this new Google Camera update. Besides some unnamed bug fixes and...
    Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

    The best camera apps for Android

    Are you looking for something a little extra in your Android camera app? Maybe more creative options, or more detailed technical control? Maybe something easier to use? We've got our five favourite camera apps for Android right here. It's worth noting that though there's a ton of overlap with...

    Photo Sphere improvements also included in latest Google Camera update

    In addition to the Google Camera update that rolled out earlier this week that brought Android Wear remote triggers for cameras, Google also found some time to show some love to the Photo Sphere portion of the app. While it was noted in the list of changes, it never really highlighted what...
    Google Camera and Android Wear

    Google Camera update brings Android Wear remote trigger

    An update to the Google Camera app is slowly making its way out to users, and it includes a neat new feature — a remote shutter button on your Android Wear device. The new version of the app contains an Android Wear component that, when triggered by running the camera app on your phone, will drop...
    Google Camera

    Google camera update returns the timer, cropping options

    If you've been laying up nights waiting for the timer and cropping to return to the Google Camera app, rest easy tonight. The timer's back with today's update, as are cropping options. So go all 16:9 on your bad self(ie) if that's how you roll. Or stick with 4:3. We don't judge. You've got...
    Google Camera

    Google Camera: What's new, and a guide to the latest features

    The only complaint you can make is that Google didn't release these features sooner. Google has dropped a pretty notable update to its stock camera app, given it a proper name and at the same time opened it up to non-Nexus devices running KitKat in the Play Store. While the interface still isn't...
    Google Camera

    Google Camera gets an overhaul, released into Play Store for KitKat devices

    Google's official camera app has received an update today with a few new things. We've got a new background blur effect that has become all the rage with SLR wannabes like the HTC One M8 and a new UI with extra-big capture button. It's also worth noting that the aspect ratio of the shot is...