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    • Vendor: Facebook
    • Version: Varies with device
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    Facebook Messenger is the stand-alone app used by mobile devices for chatting with friends on Facebook. It was first published as an optional app, but Facebook in mid-2014 made it mandatory for using its chat service on phones and tablets — no more chatting from within the Facebook proper app.

    The Facebook Messenger app has been hit with a bit of misguided criticism over the permissions it requires, starting with a poorly written Huffington Post article in December 2013. That outdated (and not so good in the first place) story gained traction as the Messenger app became mandatory. But as Android Central showed in its detailed look at the permissions, it's not doing anything that you wouldn't expect from a chat client. Apps such as Google Hangouts share many of the same permissions.


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    Facebook will 'massively' simplify Messenger in 2018

    Messenger is a mess, and Facebook has finally acknowledged this. Like a lot of people, I use Facebook Messenger on an almost daily basis to communicate with friends and family members. Although it's not my preferred form of communication, it's just what a lot of folks happen to use. However, I've...

    Facebook Messenger now supports sharing of 4K pictures

    Just in time for sharing family photos after Thanksgiving dinner. Facebook Messenger has seen a lot of new features added to it over the years. You can use Messenger to play games, check your PayPal balance, send money to friends, and plenty more. These expanded features are great, but the latest...

    Facebook Messenger now allows you to send and receive money via PayPal

    Messenger + PayPal = <3 Facebook Messenger is chock full of features, and while some of them are arguably quite useless, there are others that can prove to be quite handy at times. Messenger users have been able to send money to one another since as far back as 2015, and that feature is now...

    WhatsApp is unveiling its own emoji, but they look a lot like the iPhone's

    WhatsApp has unveiled its own emoji, starting with the Android app. Love them or hate them, emoji are a great way to convey meaning with text messages. With plain text, it can be difficult to gauge someone's emotions. Emoji can be used to better understand the messages intent, or at least make...

    Facebook Messenger Lite is heading to the U.S., UK, Canada, and Ireland

    Weighing in at just 10MB, Messenger Lite offers the fore Messenger experience without all of the unnecessary bloat. Over the past couple of years, "lite" versions of applications have become fairly popular in emerging markets with slower data connections. Facebook took charge of this initiative...

    Verizon debuts its own chatbot on Facebook Messenger

    The Fios customer service bot will answer your questions and help you find things to watch. Probably the worst part about customer service is having to talk to someone on the phone when things go awry or you have a quick question. But would you rather have the conversation over Facebook...
    Facebook Messenger M

    Facebook's AI assistant 'M' is finally available for Messenger

    Facebook Messenger users in the U.S. will now get contextual suggestions from M. Facebook started testing its AI assistant for Messenger — simply called M — back in 2015, and the company is finally rolling out the service to everyone in the U.S. Facebook says that M will pop up into...

    Facebook is testing out animated GIFs for comments in its Android app

    The social network finally gives in to what the people really want. The GIF is alive and well, folks, and it appears Facebook has finally caught on to its ubiquity. The social network is officially exploring its relationship with these animated images. It will soon begin testing the ability to add...
    Facebook Messenger Reactions.

    Facebook adds reactions and direct mentions to Messenger

    One step closer towards becoming a robust messaging app; one giant leap towards adopting features typically heralded by Slack users. First, it was Google Hangouts, and now it's Facebook Messenger. Companies appear to be particularly drawn to those features that have made Slack so popular, but...
    Facebook Messenger Day

    Hey look — Facebook Messenger is now copying Snapchat, too

    If Snapchat does it, you can sure bet Facebook's apps will do it. Facebook-owned Instagram has not-so-subtly followed in Snapchat's path for many of its recent feature additions, and now Facebook's own Messenger app is doing the same. With the announcement of the "Messenger Day" feature,...

    Facebook Messenger now offers group video chat, says it was the "most requested Messenger feature ever"

    More ways to stay in touch with family and friends. Just in time for the holidays, Facebook Messenger is rolling out a new update that introduces group video calling for up to 50 people at once. This expands on the group calling feature which was added back in April, and is the latest feature...

    You can now play classic games like Pac-Man inside Facebook Messenger

    Get your game on with Facebook Messenger. Facebook has been steadily adding app support to its Messenger app for a few years now, and today the social media company announced it's adding Instant Games as a new feature within the popular Messenger app. Rolling out to 30 countries starting today,...



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    Facebook Messenger


    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note running Android 4.1.2 and the latest Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps. In Facebook, I click on the Message icon at the top, which, as expected, brings up the list of people with whom I have recently exchanged messages. Next, if I click on one of them, I expect to see the dialog I recently had with that person. But as likely as not, after the name briefly highlights, NOTHING else happens at all. The list of names remains on the screen, and I cannot select any of them or do anything else with that screen until I hit the Android "Back" icon in the lower-left corner of my screen, which takes me back to the "live" list of names. I can select any of them, but no matter which one I choose, it does the same thing: highlights briefly and then locks up the screen until I hit the Android "Back" icon again.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook Messenger, to no avail.

    Any other suggestions?

    - Rich

    Hi i have a samsung galaxy 3 10 in tab....my problem with messenger is that i cannot succeed in sending a voice message as well as a camera pic.when i click on either icon the screen does a 90 degree flip and then returns.it wasn't always this way and i believe an update is the cause.any help will do as i cannot message on android without messenger and i will not use it until this is fixed
    thanks Tim

    Me too i was using facebook camera and video clip then one day it just stopped workin does a flip then freezes app would appreciate any help

    BlueTooth is not working with android FB msgr. when call comes, bell rings in bluetooth but when call connects, then voice come in internal ear speaker .. how and why .. i am using LG stereo head set.. please help

    I have the Same issue with Motorola Buds. You hear the outgoing or income ring but when connected the audio goes to phone and I have to turn on speaker!

    I am using samsung tab 4 and having issues with trying to access the camera within FB messenger. The screen flips. Sometimes the camera refuses to work at all. I used a Samsung tab 3 before this one and had no issues at all. Just want to find a solution.

    I resent having to install a separate application to read messages from people on FB. I have a Galaxy Note 3, and even when I use application manager to "Force Stop" the application, I get the annoying headshots popping up with messages. I can't find information on how to adjust the settings, get rid of the popups. I have uninstalled it twice but if I'm away from a computer there's no other way to get direct messages. Normally, I don't give a whatever, but there are some friends or family members who use FB for fast notifications that I do need to read.

    I switched from iPad to the Galaxy Tab A. I can no longer use messenger's camera or voice messenger. It flips the app instead of working.