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Zen & Tech 56: Why we hate people who love different phones


I do not hate people who love other phones. I don't have an Android phone currently, but I do like them. If I needed a new device, I'd probably buy a BLU Life Play, since its only $229.00 off contract. I like all technology regardless of my preference, and we should be glad we have so much choice in the market and celebrate the diversity.

Of course it's not JUST about the "them and us" of tribalism, you need interests in common to have a conversation. example without haterism: "I like metal and punk, how about you?" "Oh, I don't like those, I like dance and r&b." "Oh... cool... I don't like those..."

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Though don't get me wrong, I find the in fighting between camps ridiculous, I'm personally not keen on iOS, but I've got much more in common with an iPhone user who's actually passionate about mobile tech than someone who uses a GS4 or HTC one because that's what they were sold by carphone warehouse when their contract expired.

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Nothing but love here. I try as much as I can, but I don't see anyone pulling me off of the Nexus line anytime soon. It's only getting better. Software is king! May even retire the ipad for a N10/2 whenever it hits.

With all due respect, I think there is something incredibly ironic about Rene Ritchie claiming that he doesn't understand why people fight over iOS and Android when he is frequently fear-mongering about Google and throwing out cheap shot after cheap shot on Android, the very type of behavior and actions that contribute to and fuel the flames of this "us versus them" type of mentality. I can perhaps understand this type of school playground behavior from random anonymous trolls on Twitter but I think it's kind of sad coming from the editor of a major technology website like iMore, especially when editor Phil Nickinson and Jerry Hildenbrand over on sister site Android Central, while obviously just as passionate about Google and Android as Rene is about Apple and iOS, rarely engage in this type of behavior, are always willing to give Apple praise and credit for their work and contribution towards technology, and if anything, seem to spend a fair amount of time trying to calm fan anger over Apple and redirect that energy towards constructive discussion on technology, most recently with their trying to quell the Android fan uproar over the perception that iOS 7 is "stealing" from Android.

The words: Anger..Uproar..Bashing..Cheapshots..etc..

Over Cellular Phones.

Really? So, if a family member likes a Windows Phone and you are in Apple's or Android's camp, you going to get angry? take cheapshots? and outright bash them? for not thinking like YOU..

Who are you?

Are troops fight for our Freedom.. Many have given their lives to preserve our Freedom.. You can wear Red, Blue, or Green anytime you want.. it YOUR choice along with lots of other things...

Why in the world would you care what choice of phone someone likes or dislikes???

That's Freedom of CHOICE... That's a Good thing.

If you are one of those that hate others because their opinion is different than yours... You have Mental Issues.. sorry, but you do.. and you need SERIOUS help.

My uncle got in a fist fight with his best friend over Chevy vs. Ford and didn't speak to him for 20 years afterward.

This is human nature folks and didn't start with smartphones.

I have Windows/Mac/iOS/Android in my house.
I use all of them by choice.
Android is my playground (phone & tablet).
Microsoft pays my bill (As .Net developer web/desktop and soon mobile)
Now, Apple will soon join it (As iOS developer)