Smartphones and Sex

Earlier this year we asked about how your smartphone affects your sex life. For some, it's a natural progression in the digital world. For others, it's a nonstarter. But it's also very much in the news this week in light of the exploitation of a number of celebrities (to say nothing of the countless pictures that get uploaded every day, with permission or otherwise).

It's worth taking another look at your answers. (Ours, really — we took the survey right along with you.) And, perhaps, it's worth taking another look in the mirror, and taking a pause before potentially taking that pic.

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Worth another read: Smartphones and Sex — your answers


What should push people to take nude pics of them and keeping it on a cloud? With all those smart hackers around nowadays??? I don't get it really

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It's a profoundly stupid thing to do, unless one gets off on exhibitionism.

People should always assume anything they put on, or send via, the internet will be seen by everyone, including friends and family.

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It's been said (but not confirmed I don't think) that the pics were automatically uploaded to the cloud without their knowledge. Which is entirely possible, since everyone and their grandma seems to want to auto-sync your crap into their cloud storage. I expect there'll be new legislation put into place over this. Because like with Zelda Williams being harassed on Twitter, nobody important gives a shit until it happens to a celebrity.

Where were you when I saved those 23 dic pics to google+!! Now my mom and family know what I'm holding..

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That's like responding to victims of financial hacking that "That's what they get for using online banking and credit cards."

NEVER take a photo that paints you in a bad light.
NEVER take a photo that you cannot show to Family, Friends and Co-Workers.
NEVER store ANYTHING on Servers that open you and your family up to being Violated.
Turn back the clock to a time when you did not make your life an "Open Book" for all to see...
Get Off The Grid.. Before The Grid Gets Off On You.

I don't think the issue lies in the taking of these pictures but rather the safety precautions in place to ensure the wrong party doesn't get ahold of them. Everyone has said/done something they probably wouldn't want their friends/family to see/hear. But in this digital age it's easier for our electronic footprint to be traced and recovered if you're not careful.

The problem lies in our society's prudish and puritannical attitude towards sex. We don't stigmatize eating or breathing, why should sex be such a big freaking deal?

Nothing like having sex with your wife and sexting your girlfriend at the same time....especially when your wife is dating her too!!!! :)

How uncouth.

But, if you or your wife can muster the requisite concentration to send texts while having sex, it's scarcely surprising you had to introduce a third party.

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My neighbors have a polyamorous relationship. This sort of thing wouldn't be out of the norm for them. They're the happiest and least uptight couple I've ever known. Not everyone treats sex and relationships like elements from a Highlander movie (There can be only one).

Oh, I think we can all agree that one is the least fun number of people to have in a sexual relationship!

On a more serious note, I've also known a few people/couples with polyamorous/open relationships. In truth, they don't seem to have more or less problems than any others, for the most part, occasionally different ones. Though it can certainly cause issues, especially in couples where one party is much more into it than the other/s.

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Hey now. I can take a joke!! But you started with...."how uncouth". Seemed serious to me...but since you put it that way....wiggle it, just a little bit....;)...The phone I mean...

Sometimes sarcasm just doesn't portray themselves on the internet all that well! :) But just to say....the texts aren't all that coherent!

Shall I teach you how to sarcasm sir? The masses never understand the words of minds so eloquent as our own. They label us as trolls and my only response is that my bridge is quite nice once you get used to the doom and gloom.

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If you don't want your nude photos all over the internet, don't upload them to a cloud server and definitely don't take them.

I have no sympathy for those who were affected by this during the weekend.

So, it's the victim's fault and not the people who leaked it? That doesn't make sense at all.

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It's the victim's fault for being stupid. They're just as much fault as the hackers.

Again, no sympathy from me.

You can't really compare rape and someone having their information leaked because they failed to secure it.

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I'm not comparing the two at all. I'm comparing the fact that dumba$$es blame the victim in both situations. Just because you wear revealing clothing or take sexy pictures of yourself does not mean it's ok for someone else to harass that person in any way. We are all different and have different levels of what we consider acceptable so they should be left alone. Stealing naked photos of someone is still STEALING and the distribution of said pictures is wrong regardless of the opinions of the picture taker.

But they are two different situations. One is irrelevant to the other, regardless of the concept of who gets blamed for what.

Unless as far as they knew it was secured. It isn't unreasonable to assume the masses believe a simple lock code on their devices makes them impervious to information leak.

You forgot to lock your door properly.... actually you did, but the company that made the door didn't consider an obscure trick that opens it. So someone got in to your house and rummaged through your personal stuff.
It's obviously not the thief's fault.

Are you also unsympathetic to folks whose financial information is stolen via their banks by hackers? Same deal.

I feel for the celebs I really do, but I wouldn't use cloud storage at all if I was a celebrity just because.

This thing happened in iCloud right? Typically Apple stuff is very secure and I'm sure the celebs were thinking the same thing. Truth be told, we rarely hear about Apple security breaches, just sayin!

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You also don't hear about Apple devices getting viruses, but it certainly happens.
I hear less about Google having security breaches than Apple, and Google has a much more open attitude about those sorts of things.

What? I never even mentioned Apple. I don't care what is supposedly secure or not, I wouldn't have cloud storage full stop if I was a celebrity.

This is common sense. Supposed to be common sense anyways. Don't trust anybody with you privacy. If you have a fetish or some other thing your in to don't save them on some cloud or for that matter don't collect those pictures period! It's very easy to get slandered these days by the morality police.

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from the looks of all the nerdy, fanboy troll comments from people on this site I don't think they even know what sex is... or anything related to it

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Does it have anything to do with Dark Elves? If it doesn't I want none of it.

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We are OK. Only if your a hot famous girl should you worry. Have you all noticed its the celebs that have the most to say on the internet that were targeted? They are actors and yet they cannot help but tweet/post there opinions on what governments should and should not do. Just reminds me of FAG on Team America.

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I broke my Palm Pre because it was in a pocket when my ex and I started up one night. No regrets, but I always make sure I know where my phone is now.

Because there is always someone willing to pay for it. Or someone wanting to see it. So someone delivers...

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