HTC and Sprint are getting together a few weeks from now in New York to show us something. We'll be there -- anytime there's a chance at seeing Android phones, an open bar, or catered hor d'oeuvres we're gonna show up. The real question, the one we all want to know, is what exactly will they be showing us?

The last time Sprint held a big shin-dig they showed us the Kyocera Echo. Everyone remembers that one, and most had a less-than-positive thing or two to say about it. But that's behind us, and we're pretty sure we'll be seeing something from the HTC One line this time around. That leaves us three distinct choices:

The HTC One V

Already rumored to be headed to Virgin Mobile (who uses the Sprint network), there would be little in the way of tooling to get this one on Sprint. It's a new generation of a budget device, with mediocre internals but awesome looking software. It's a phone built to appeal to the masses, but not so much to a dyed-in-the-wool Android enthusiast.

The HTC One S

Specs are beyond decent. A new S4 Snapdragon, a sexy magic MAO/ceramic/magic finish on a metal unibody, SAMOLED screen, and not built for giants. Plenty of folks want to get their hands on this one (this author included -- please sell it unlockable HTC).

The HTC One X

The beast. 4.7 inches of raw power (either the same S4 Snapdragon or the mighty Tegra 3), 720p display, and NFC. It's the phone a lot of folks would design if they had a chance. It's also the phone most folks would want Sprint to sell.

All three run Sense 4.0 on top of the Ice Cream Sandwich core. HTC promises that we'll love Sense 4.0, and what we've seen so far makes us believe them. They all will have Beats Audio, and some sort of new camera voodoo that we're champing at the bit to play with. All three are great looking phones in their own right, at least on paper. 

We'll have to wait and see just what Sprint and HTC announce in New York, but that won't stop us from having an opinion. Let us know in the poll what you want to see on April 4.


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Mtn_Scott says:

I will put this out there, My guess is that Sprint will anounce the One X branded as the "Evo One X".

Just a guess.

Mtn_Scott says:

Or, the "HTC EVO Touch 4G One X Presented by Sprint" or "HETOXPS" for short.

themuffinman says:

No bullshit dude, I just spit juice all over my laptop after reading what you just typed. That was funny as hell.

It has got to be the One X. The S and V are just retreads of the EVO and Hero.

The Echo killed Sprint's credibility last year. They can't have a grand introduction and then show a crappy low end phone.

Sprint learned that one the hard way.

benthe1 says:

Or just the EVO X. That's my hope. I actually hope it's designed a little different. Maybe a little more like the original with implementations from the One X.

weirdia says:

I will be a new Evo, basically a One X for Sprint with LTE. A couple days ago some leaked Sprint info:

I hope it's black with a red camera eye like my OG Evo, that looks badass.

Batting1000 says:

Jerry, you say in the article that all three run Sense 4.0, but the HTC One V runs 3.6.

mtmjr90 says:

I don't what you guys are talking about, this is clearly going to be a Windows Phone event. If not though, I'm going with the One S since Sprint is hurting for cash and probably cannot afford the One X...especially if the LTE iPad for Sprint rumor this summer is true.

Morphdie says:

I Hope you are Wrong.

illdini says:

It better be an LTE-capable phone with a decent battery & oodles of (especially if neither can be replaced/upgraded), running ICS.

Glenuendo says:

My thoughts exactly.

Evo X coming soon watch

Yes this is and will be the HTC EVO HD or HTC EVO2 on sprint. It won't make it to stores till July thou.

angryGTS says:

I think we will see the One V and the One S the later being LTE. As for the One V I would get that on Virgin Mobile since it will be stock ICS.

DocToxyn says:

I will be sorely disappointed if they come out with anything less than the X.

Morphdie says:

HTC EVO X with Tegra 3...... SWEET.......... I will be the first in line. Time to retire my old girl HTC EVO 4G. :(

crxssi says:

A Sprint version would not use the Tegra 3, since they will be supporting LTE.

Sh3ngLong says:

It'll be the special edition HTC One Z with removable battery!!

krid says:

I'm putting my money on the One S (or a WinMo disaster) because my contract is up in June, my Evo 4G is getting old, I really want the One X, and Sprint is like a giant disappointment machine these days. Sigh.

But I'd sure love to trade in my OG Evo for a shiny new "Evo One X"...

crxssi says:

I predict it will be the HTC model that has a non-large, non-removable battery and no SD slot.

movielover76 says:

One X, always lead with the most powerful model, that's just common sense, no one gets all excited by a mid level or budget device and may I say I really hope HTC releases something like the One X on Verizon before November, it would definitely be a contender for my next upgrade.

kmarx says:

It would be nice if Sprint had a few LTE phones to show for their LTE launch to make LTE a big deal for Sprint

crxssi says:

If you believe the leaks, they will have three

kmarx says:

But I think the One X will be one of the phones they will launch

kmarx says:

But I think the One X will be one of the phones they will launch

jean15paul says:

I'll be the crazy one. I think Sprint is gonna carry all 3. Yall can officially flame me for a few weeks until I'm proven right. :-)

emilydecker says:

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emilydecker says:

arcoms says:

Saying "The last time Sprint held a big shin-dig they showed us the Kyocera Echo" is misleading. Since then Sprint has had events to unveil the EVO 3D and the Motorola Photon 4G; while the EVO 3D may have been gimmicky, the Photon was/is a great phone, finally giving them a high end international Android phone.

svargas05 says:

I actually hope that this is a little BETTER than the One X (as far as maybe adding another capability to keep the Evo-being-different trend)

I think that if the same ol' One X model was coming to Sprint, it would have been introduced when HTC originally presented it for AT&T.

AnnDroid says:

the waiting is killing me....