Phil's HTC One X

Asking me which phone is my favorite is like asking my which one of my children I prefer. Sure, I could probably come up with an answer, but there's no way in hell I'm going to tell you. I joke that my favorite smartphone is the one that's currently charged. And that's not far off, but neither is it a good answer. 

My daily driver really comes and goes with the release cycle. Much of 2011 was spent with an HTC ThunderBolt, before moving on to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Before that it was the Motorola Droid X and the Nexus One and the Samsung Infuse 4G and ...

You get the idea.

For the past few weeks, however, I've been using the HTC One X and the HTC One S. I've been using the One X more, mainly for radio reasons -- T-Mobile's just not that great where I live. But there's no denying that the display on the One X is gorgeous, if not a little big. So, yeah. The One X is my weapon of choice these days.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Sense 4. That's not to say it's perfect -- there are some bugs about and design choices I disagree with -- but it's a nice improvement over stock Ice Cream Sandwich (which I also really like). So there's that. I'm not running a third-party launcher on top of Sense. That's partially out of laziness, and partially because Sense is good enough. (I do miss vertical scrolling in the app drawer. But apparently I don't miss it enough to bother with a third party launcher.)

I'm actually only using two of the seven home screens. Craziness, I know. But folders on the main home screen takes care of most things, as does the customizable dock. Check it all out in the video below.


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What I'm using: Phil's current favorite smartphone of the week


That is funny that you mentioned the Voice, Talk, and Messaging Icons being off center. I'm a bit OCD and hated it so much that I threw them all in a folder and put them on another screen.

If you think that is basic, mine is beyond boring then :(

Most of what I use is stock stuff, lots of the Google Apps and then a few favorites that I install. Usually I download ~5 apps and that's about it (besides what I am testing at the time.)

I have an idea for when you run out of Android Central staff to show their layouts. Have a contest every month in the forums and the winner gets his android layout featured on the site. It is always neat to see what others are doing with their devices.

Phil Phil Phil Phil Phil.. You are definitely boring! So to make up for it you should just hand over the One X to me and I will post a video for you.. Sound like a plan? maybe?

Phil, do you mind doing a comparison between the HTC Vivid and One X pleasee?

Also, will you be doing a contest for the One X? I would really like to win one (in white if possible :p).

Thanks much!!

Hi Phil, just curious but why do you have the free and pro version of TuneIn? Petty question i know, just wondering..

Great review Phil. You have made me less scared of Sense 4.0 for sure over the past few days. Quick question: Can you drag a folder onto the Sense Lower Dock? I have my Galaxy Nexus set up that way and really like it. I am going to grab the One X with AT&T so I can finally have LTE but of course I want to mimic my GN as much as possible. Thanks for the review.

Thank for the review phil, but you're right kinda boring.

Am I the only one that noticed that Phil didn't show us the 5th screen in his app drawer. Hmmmmm. Also, he didn't prove to us that he's only using 2 homescreens. Phil, I think you're hiding something. What could it be????? Maybe you're not so boring after all.


Google Voice allows you to keep one number across multiple phones. Awesome service that Google has.

I would imagine each phone has its own "Carrier assigned" number then Phil logs into GV and labels all incoming calls to his GV# be forwarded to the phone he is testing!

at least that's how i would do it...

Wait until you get dust under that "gorgeous" screen. HTC has yet to seal their screens to keep dust out and all of their phones are plagued with this issue.

I've got a nearly 2 year old Droid Incredible with nothing under my screen. I'm not overly careful with my phone either.

Have a ~2 year old HTC Evo 4G and a ~1 year old HTC Evo 3D. Neither has dust under the screen. I know several people with HTC phones, none have ever mentioned that before.

I cant remeber if it was a post or podcast #93 but Phil mentioned that YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE BAD HARWARE OFF ANY LINE!!! No manufacture whether its Sammy, Moto, HTC, Ect, will always produce perfect hardware every time!

Is HTC using a multi color LED notification light nowadays, or still the lame green/orange only one? That's been my only gripe of my HTC phones over my Motorola ones.

I love the large bright LED with that Motorola has used for years now that I can assign different colors to depending on if was a missed call, text, e-mail, Facebook message, etc.

Phill you use a phone how I use a might mess with some apps, but your daily apps are rather basic. This is how i think i'm able to jump from platform to platform without freaking out. Right now on WP7 but might pick up the Evo 4G LTE.

Thanks for the video.

I have One and I found the battery isn't that good. Also, mine get very very hot shortly.
Do you have problem with regard to heat/battery? in other words, Should I go for replacement or refund?

The only reason I wouldn't get this phone is the non removable battery. i wouldn't mind it if the battery life was great but all reports still say battery life is sub par, No-go. And its not on Verizon too.

HTC One X also my current favorite phone. Also using Sense because it does what I want, so no Adw Ex for now. I plan to keep One X for few months. Previous ones: SGS2 and then Galaxy Nexus. I'll skip SGS3, it would be like going back if I consider the screen, good but a little bit fuzzy. But it's great choice for non-720p people like SGS2 owners.
My eyes are currently set on Tegra 3+/4. Also because it's the only platform to get enhanced and good quality games.
So little announcements/news re OMAP5 and S4 Pro.

I'm glad to see SwiftKey and I am glad you like it too Phil. Beta 3 is awesome except for the pop-up release notes. Ugggggggggggh.

And like someone else asked which I too asked I think a couple times around here... when's the contest to give one of those One X babies away? *nudges Phil gently*

PS Phil, I think someone asked about the dirt in the many holes on this device. Any issues there? Thank you.

Haha, Phil, you're not boring, you're just too busy to put those apps you mention using a lot on ... ONE OF THE HOME SCREENS. >:)

Like you I have folders on my primary two screens for stuff I'm using throughout the day, then have the items I use only at home, or only driving, on the "back" few screens. The "pinch" overview of home screens makes switching easier than scrolling -- I only scroll between the "front" three screens. So go'head and use those back screens for "in flight" or "traveling" apps, and rearrange the home screen as you go from home, to cab, to airport, to hotel, to meeting....

I have tried using the Scenes feature a bit, and find that Sense 3.0 on my Amaze takes too long to switch to do it daily for home, work, home again, play. Too bad. Where a dedicated Scene (like HTC prompts us with the inane default ones) helps is switching to a mode where you're using a particular class of apps for a while. [I say HTC's Scenes are inane because they're all about the same, except perhaps Music.] E.g. I have a "Reading" scene with widgets for News, social networks, RSS feeds, and of course Android Central forums. =:) I have a "Mail" scene in which (and this is cool), I use six of seven screens for the full screen email widget, each widget configured to show one of the seven or eight mailboxes on my domains, plus mobile messaging. "Travel" I have a Google Maps live background (bye-bye battery), and all my travel apps: Waze, Delta, Wifi Analyzer, Agenda Plus, the dual-time zone clock widget (for current location, and destination), two small weather widgets (again, present location and destination). [P.S. Delta, get a "my next flight" widget, already. Sheesh.]

Unfortunately, in 3.x the lock screen isn't changed with the Scene ... the four apps I use most frequently change throughout the day (Waze, weather, calendar in the morning; Authenticator, RSA SecureID, Touchdown at work; Delta, full-screen clock when I'm at an airport) and it's a major flaw that you have to change them one at a time. Bite me, HTC.

Obviously, use of all the screens to quickly view content works only for specific activities. The ability to rearranging screens based on where/when you are (navigating the airport, or catching up on stuff above 10,000') is pretty powerful, too.

Make this a forum thread and I'll post examples. Mimic them for your next trip and then tell me Sense Scenes and rotating home screens isn't the secret, untapped bonus feature from HTC. ;)