With 2013 half over, is anyone still waiting for Motorola?

I was talking with Ben, a good friend and fellow Android nerd, the other night, and we the topic shifted to Motorola. Specifically, how we haven't seen or heard anything from them yet this year, and we're already halfway through. And that has to be making fans of Motorola and their incredible phone hardware a little antsy.

As Ben rightfully pointed out, it doesn't mean the same thing to us here at AC as it does to most folks. We go through phones pretty quickly around these parts, and we'll have a chance to use them all. But, if that weren't the case, I think I would have held off and waited to see what Motorola has to show us.

Don't get me wrong. I think HTC and Samsung, as well as folks like Sony and Huawei have pushed out some very nice gear. Maybe even far better than anything we'll see from Motorola. But part of me has this gut-feeling that Google and Moto have something big in store, and it would be worthwhile to see what it is if I were only planning on one smartphone purchase. Maybe it's spectacular hardware. Or spectacular pricing. Or both -- or neither. I just think it's something worth waiting for.

So what about you folks? Any of you guys hanging in there waiting to see what Motorola brings to the dance in 2013? Hit the break, or the sidebar to the right, and answer in the poll. Be sure to use the comments to tell us why you voted the way you did.


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This week's sidebar poll: Are you waiting for Motorola before you buy a new phone this year?


I'm with you on that. By the time the Note 3 comes, we should get an idea on what this Moto X is all about. But chances are I'm getting the next Note. I want that huge screen!

I have a Nexus 7 tablet, so the Note III isn't necessary. Otherwise, I'd completely agree. As it stands, I wouldn't mind actually moving down in size a little on my current phone because I take the Nexus 7 everywhere.

I have the Note II now. I like it, but the AOSP issues have seriously turned me off to it. I'll likely return to the Nexus as soon as 4.3 comes out and I'm sure they won't be updating anything (like they did with the nexus 7). I'll then get the New Nexus 7 when it comes out and stick with having two devices.

However, I could see myself returning to the phablet once we get a good AOSP phablet out there. That would likely mean Sony. Hence, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that T-Mobile gets the Togari. For those not in the know, this is a rumored 6.4 in screen device.

^^ This.

Any reference to Moto reminds consumers of their droid and xoom products. Droid not so bad, xoom not so much.

Their products could contain random gold nuggets as incentive, I will NEVER buy any product named Motorola again.

Nope. Mororola is the typical American designs failure...

From the country that brought you the Xbox360 and it's 60% failure rate and the Boeing 787.

im holding out cause i dont have the money for a new phone but yeah... motorola makes some great hardware... though they lack a bit in the camera department...

Every Motorola phone I have picked up has been junk. Last good phone they made was the Razor. I think HTC makes the best Android phones then Samsung.

The Razr? The early ones (pre-Android) were awful, with the only reasonable thing about them being the look. It felt horrible in the hand to me.

It couldn't compare in functionality to smartphones like the HTC Typhoon / HTC Blue Angel (Windows Mobile) or even some Symbian phones that were about at the same time, although if you live in the USA you might not have been so aware of those platforms at that time.


The RIZR was a slider and it was just more cool looking than the RAZR even tho it wasn't thin. I loved that phone. I still have pics & vids from that phone in my current sd card lol..

Definitely waiting to see what Motorola has in store for us. My Droid X was built like a tank, and I'm sick of the battery life of the Galaxy Nexus.

This. I really like my Galaxy Nexus, but the battery life is horrendous. Hopefully, Motorola releases a phone on all carriers. T-Mobile could really use a Motorola phone in their lineup.

Same boat here with my Verizon GNex. I loved my Bionic, but I had this itching to try something else since that was my first smartphone. Well...I like the Nexus aspect and that's about it. Going back to Motorola is something I had thought about since almost everything was balanced, well minus the camera.

Same here. I got a Galaxy Nexus as soon as it was available. Only complaint was average battery life and poor reception. I've had the RAZR Maxx HD for several months and couldn't be happier as it addressed both issues.

Everyone looks for different features they want on their Android smartphone. For me it's reception and battery life and then everything else.

Stock android, features that No Other Phone has, great camera, and the ceo also said it would be less than $650 full retail, they will mark it up less than 50%, and it will be on all carriers.

Stock android, features that No Other Phone has, great camera, and the ceo also said it would be less than $650 full retail, they will mark it up less than 50%, and it will be on all carriers.

I need another stock android lte on vzw to replace my GNex.

No, don't care for Motorola hardware and their designs (last one I ever had was the original RAZR flip phone). Only phone on my radar is the Note 3!

I'd like to see what Motorola/Google pushes out this year. So far HTC has put out the greatest hardware this year IMO. I'd like to see another HTC Nexus.

+1 I picked up an S4 as well. Timing is everything. Motorola is just taking too long to get there stuff released.

I'm with you on that one, sir! Unless it's a Nexus, that is. Then Motorola can't screw me with broken promises about updates ever again.

See... people say that...but Moto cancelled our ICS upgrade after they'd closed the deal, signed the papers, replaced mgmt...then started talking about having to 'clear the pipeline of their contractual obligations'.

Pipeline cleared... my new HTC One works great!

Funny, those same sort of broken promises on updates are the reason I won't buy HTC again. Going to be laughing my ass off at the end of summer if HTC One is still waiting for JB 4.2.

I'm also a Photon owner who will never buy another Moto product again even if they (with google help) develop the best android in history. That being said, I am still interested in new tech Moto/Google develop because then other companies will copy it and improve android in general.

My wife had a Droid 2 and I had a Droid 3. They were built nice but lack of support and some hiccups in the blur software turned us both to the Galaxy Nexus. Looking at their products it seems they are only trying to maintain the Razr product line. Maybe they're working on something, maybe not. I don't imagine that Google will really release something groundbreaking right off the bat - the emerging markets are where companies like Blackberry are making their profits so if anything we might see a rollout of mid to low range phones for those markets. Maybe we'll get a mid-range phone for the US market but it would probably be for a single carrier and not widely available like the GS4 or HTC One

Can't wait to see what they have to offer, but I'm waiting on another high end subsidized Nexii from Google.

Like a lot of people, I'm waiting for the next Nexus that has Moto's great build quality and massive battery inside.

I really want to. I love my OG Droid RAZR, and the smart actions, and how well it syncs with the car dock. I can't find that in any other device. I am retarded at Tasker.

The battery was never bad for me. The ICS update crippled the phone, and Jellybean didn't really fix anything, and it has been substantially worse since. The camera actually got worse after Gingerbread as well - in ICS, the icons didn't rotate, and in JB, autoflash turns itself on every time I leave the application.

I'm going back to Samsung, or to HTC, if they ever decide to launch the One on Verizon.

I am interested in seeing what they come up with, I'm still on my galaxy s II, and its still a great phone. Does just about everything I need it to. Would be great if Sprint got their head back in the game and got some decent coverage, So I could get the full potential out of these awesome phones.

I'm dumping sprint in Nov for T-Mobile. I'm in a new LTE market which is great, but when I kick down to the enhanced 3G network I still only get .2 down. Garbage ass sprint!

Still got a gsII as well, I'm holding off to see the X and Nexus 5. If they're not earth shattering, I'm staying with my gsII.

All of my phones have been Motorola outside of the few Blackberry's I had. But I just could not wait any longer and upgraded to the RAZR HD Maxx this month and passed my RAZR Maxx down to the BF. I love the battery life on both RAZR Maxx.
Motorola had great accessories and build quality.

Two words.. Droid Bionic. LOL..Was the worst. Glad I finally got my N4. I have hated Motorola phones, but hopefully this new X and Google can get them back on track. Looking forward to it! N5 by Motorola! :)

I'm not holding out for Motorola, in particular. However, I'm curious as to their future smartphone production. I'm always looking forward to seeing all kinds, all brands and their innovations! Bring 'em on!

(To each person, may they be able to purchase the best phone that serves them well, and makes them happy!)

Only in that I'm waiting to see the Note 3 and new Nexus entry. I'm betting the Note 3 will be the one I pick though, but I'm keeping an open mind.

GS4 - 16GB of storage (9 available), supposedly laggy (maybe fixed?)
HTC one - no removable battery, no SD card, horrible buttons

I have the S4, not waiting on the new moto. Motorola had already said they are going to keep the screen size 4.7 or smaller and mid range specs. Nothing to get excited about.

Have the note2 and waiting to see what the note 3 will have to offer. Love the large screen s pen and speed. Nothing up to this point has tempted me to change.

No because Motorola broke their promise to update the Photn 4G and I am eligible for an upgrade in June. Motonomore

Ahh well, my current phone will last a while yet.
Lets see what's around at the end of the year.

See the mythical Note 3, Sony's phone with a big camera, what a Nexus 5 might look like.

I will wait only until the HTC One Google edition is available. If no Moto details yet, then I buy One

First Android phone was the OG Droid. In many ways, that is still my favorite of every phone after. Switched that thing for the HTC Thunderbolt that just sucked in every imaginable way. Switched to the Galaxy Nexus from there, which I'm so sick of. The only reason I ditched that OG Droid was because it it couldn't handle itself very well any more. Everything else about it, I loved (didn't care for the keyboard after I got used to the touchscreen, so didn't care that that probably sucked).

Unfortunately, everything since the OG Droid that has come out by Motorola, I have avoided like the plague as well. I love their build quality and their radios, but everything else about them has sucked. If Google can bring them back on track to the level of the OG Droid (maybe even better?!), I'm all for it, and might just give me a decision between that and a Nexus (although Motorola has an uphill battle against a Nexus not on Verizon for me any more).

I have a feeling that this phone is going to majorly disappoint. I'm sure it will be about equal with the S4 and One in specs except it will have an S800 processor and some gimmicky software features. So...meh. For the first time since the Galaxy SII, I have purchased a phone that I truly think is perfect for all of my cell phone needs. The HTC One. I'm still amazed with it literally every day and I've had it for a month now.

I've been w/Moto since the Droid 2. I worked my way thru all Moto improved phones, even tried the IPhone 5 (blah), tried the Note II (not a Sammy fan), staying w/Moto all the while. It works for me, taught me root & my apps are Android. Motor's been around 84 years, there are many more reasons, the main one, I'm hoping Google & Moto to get along & bring us the phone we're all waiting for. So w/these short words, Yes I'm waiting for 'GoogleM'.

I've had three Motorola phones over the last six years - only three phones. I'm definitely waiting to see what they come up with. And then I'll be paying full retail for something to keep my unlimited data plan.

I am going to wait. In the area of the country I live Motorola has had the best reception. I tried the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it was a failure. Never tired an HTC device so if its not Motorola its the One.

Lol @ people saying the phone will suck because of their experiences with 2010 Moto phones or even old pre-Android flip phones.

Yeah, some people seem to forget that Motorola is owned by Google now.

If Motorola releases a great phone (close to stock, no bloat) on all carriers, then their sins will be forgiven, in my book.

I am not waiting, I came from the Motorola Atrix to the Samsung Galaxy S Note II and I have to say that I love the Note II and a smaller screen would be hard to go back to.

Also, I feel a lot burned by how Motorola did the Atrix upgrade, they promised ICS on their website and when the time came and went they reneged and said that the Atrix would stay on Gingerbread. Also, it took forever for the Motorola Xoom Family Edition to get upgraded to ICS.

I am happy in Sammy's camp for now.

Mr.Woodside would have been better served taking the X out of his pocket and demo'ing it. Probably 75% of the cellular world has moved on and really could care less after Moto's uninspiring line-up.

I don't think that's accurate. Every tech website is now buzzing about the X Phone. He can't just demo it when it definitely isn't done and hasn't been announced yet!

Not waiting on anything Motorola. Got burned with their lack of updates on the Droid x2 which became obsolete within 1 year. Then, on top of that the phone degraded to the point where you could barely understand what was being spoken over it. Just more hype from MOT as far as I'm concerned. I sincerely believe that anything they do will never beat the likes of Samsung Galaxy s4 or HTC One.

i just post this as my fakebook status
What should I get??? White Nexus 4 that is built with 4G tech inside the body but doesn't support 4G??? The ALMIGHTY GALAXY S4 (GOOGLE version)??? The Motorola X-phone???
Decisions decisions

Another happy Note2 owner who will be a Note3 owner.
Hopefully they don't go over 6", but I can't see myself ever going back to a smaller screen.

I am a Motorola fanboy and proud of it. They have always made quality hardware. I'm still using the Droid RAZR, waiting for the X. I hope it's worth the wait.

After the rude and unethical way that Motorola cut off support for many of their phones last year, I will never buy from them again.

And companies that completely lock the boot loader don't get my business either.

The S4's mistake was using 2 Gigs of RAM..(2012 spec) for all it's amazing software.. so, it Lags Bad when all of these options are turned on at the same time.. 9 Gigs of usable space ? again 2012 thinking..
Hopefully the Note 3 will fix this mess.. and come with at least 3 Gigs of RAM if not 4.. since it will pack all the same tricks and then some as the S4..

The Moto X ? IT BETTER HAVE 2014 SPECS! If it wants to steal Note 3, HTC One, Nexus 5 money...

Moto.. You better have that OLED Screen.. Snapdragon 800 CPU, Power VR 544 GPU,
and 3 Gigs of RAM.. Minimum.. if you want to run with the Big Dogs..

"With 2013 half over, is anyone still waiting for Motorola?"

Since when does the end of May equal the year being half over? There are still 7 months left in the year. :p

After the BS with the Atrix 4g. Motofail has to earn back my trust. As it stands Motofail has not shown me much of anything that gives me a reason to trust them. Their updates are still way to slow. They lied multiple times in the past.

This means they have to earn back my trust and that will take a lot of work.

With the direction Motorola are going and what their executives have said about upcoming hardware, this could be the phone of my dreams and tick's every box I want. Smaller device (4.3"-4.7" 720p would be good), powerful processor, stock ROM and huge battery life. Camera isn't a necessity but something half descent and with Photosphere would be good. And at the end it all cheap as a Nexus and available in the UK.

Not planning to buy a new phone quite yet, my S3 still hold up. So I'll have time to see how Motorola's phone turns out.

I'm am definitely waiting to see what the Moto X has to offer & what carriers it will be on. My Photon (yes I said Photon) is a good smartphone (and would have been great if it hadn't been stiffed on the update path). I may have switched to a Razr Maxx, but I'm not ready to move to a more expensive Verizon. If there was a magical way to stuff my Nexus 7 parts into my Photon I may have tried that as well. So here to hoping for a Moto X on Sprint for the fall.

absolutely! only motorola seems to care about my main issue - battery life, so yes, i'm waiting to see. every hardware these days are comparable. what separates them is how long they last in a day.

I'm waiting. Seriously considered a Galaxy S4 with all it's oooh-ahhh features, but after holding it I'm going to hold out for a Motorola. I prefer a phone that doesn't feel like it's going to break into pieces when I drop it. My Droid M has great battery life and I feel like I can use it as a deadly weapon if needed. Samsungs and HTC's just feel cheaply (easily breakable) made. Except for the HTC One, which isn't even available right now on Verizon.

And don't compare this phone to a Note 3. 6" screen is just to damn big on a phone and obviously puts that phone in another category. I'm not a woman, anything bigger than 5 inches is to big.

They released a press nugget phone goes on sale this summer. If any one recalls just last week the xphone went through FCC testing vzw att etc. And the specs folks pulled weren't that impressive. Is that the same phone or is it different? The way Motorola said in the press nugget I believe it could b same phone if so what a let down.

I thought so at first but realized that, for me my VZW Gnex is just fine and this phone has almost the same specs just updated dual core processor and Motorola build quality. May even perform better than the S4 because it won't have all the BS that Samsung has graced us with. That said, I hope Motorola does something good with the camera.

Currently on a GS3...won't be eligible for an upgrade for at least another year or so. But I'm certain that Motorola will provide my next device. After reading an article that they will start producing phones running stock Android...that sealed it for me. I had nothing but bad experiences with HTC Sense, and I'm not exactly feeling the love from TouchWiz either.

I've had Moto phones (and others too) since some time in the 90s. The first was a Motorola 650. It made phone calls and did nothing else. The display was 11 green led numbers. Right about the time the Droid 3 came out, my Blackberry died, and because a good replacement for my Storm was in the pipeline, but not there yet, I went to the Droid. I'm coming to the end of my contract again so I am starting to look around. The Razrs of one sort and another are almost a year old, and I don't want to live with an already dated phone for two years, so, if Moto is going to dazzle me, they better do it quick. Oh, it will be Android for sure, the only Apple I will buy is a red delicious, but I need to see quick action from Moto for them to be in the running. Skipped the poll, none of the answers really fit.

I picked up a Note II at the beginning of this month when I switched from Virgin back to T-Mobile. Since I live in Vegas, it's nice to have LTE and HSPA+ 42. WiMax was just not working right. I'm set for 2 years now.

Assembled in my home town, and possibly running stock Andoid, and right around the time I'm due for an upgrade? I'm in the pipe to consider this one. But...

It needs an unlockable bootloader or GTFO.

I am waiting for sure. If it has 32gb memory and strong battery life I am in. The screen on the RAZR Maxx HD is great. I feel there isn't a nexus coming to vzw, but as I am up for renewal this fall they have their chance. Then I take my five lines elsewhere.

Not buying til Christmas and My wife prefers a keyboard. So until Moto shows their hand I'm not going to stick her with a Droid 4

You bet. Still miss the reliability of my original Droid. I love my GNex but the battery life, and speakers, simply suck. Moto has made some missteps, but I'm willing to wait and see what Google has in store.

Motorola lost me after a bad experience with the original Atrix. It was the first dual core phone, one of the first with a qHD screen and it started to develop issues after a couple of months. After 6 months, it was almost unusable and I bought a Galaxy Note off contract.

Even though the Razr Maxx is a good product, it's not a bleeding edge product like the S4 or HTC One. Motorola, prove to me that you've earn my money, otherwise companies like Samsung and HTC will be happy to take your business.

My upgrade date is TOMORROW. If they don't announce a more defined release date by Monday or Tuesday, I will not wait for the X Phone. If they announce that it will be released before August, I'm willing to wait a couple months.

If googleplaymusic is rolled out to Toronto Canada
I will commit to buying a MotoX and a google glass
Somehow I think my money will be staying in my pocket.

I'm waiting for a good "Google Experience" phone on Sprint. If that's going to be Moto, I guess I'm waiting for Moto....

Pretty impressive, the majority of people who haven't upgraded this year are waiting for Moto

Have always liked moto phones. Bought the q. Then tried to join the cool crowd and went blackberry...we all know how that ended up. So I jumped back on with Motorola and picked up the Bionic. I loved the Bionic but it had some problems being one of the first 4G phones, so I traded it in for a razr. Two weeks later they came out with the Razr Maxx which didn't go over very well with me. now I am due for an upgrade and even with some rough experiences, I don't see any phone out there that tempts me like the Moto X. I will be waiting

after my droid x laggy & unresponsive action, i m done with moto. also, i never really understood the hump on the back of the phone.

No I just upgraded from the Samsung S3 which was best phone ever had and I have had many to the S4 which is not the best phone I ever had. Every Moto smartphone ever had has had lag issues. Not so with the Samsung phones or the HTC phones I have had.

I can't wait to see what Moto brings to the table. I enjoyed the DX (for its time), the only complaint I have of my Xoom is that it is so damn heavy, the Xyboard is the exact opposite (feather), and I love my D4 (wish I could run CM, but work says no-no).

I've had very good experiences with Moto thus far, I am waiting and not just because my contract isn't up until next year.

I can't wait to see what the hype is about. Till then I'm climbing to my n4. I remember my first RAZR flip phone lol. If its a game changer n has features I don't, I'll get it.

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