We at Android Central pride ourselves for being straight shooters, if another phone has something we want, we'll admit so. For example, Visual Voicemail on the iPhone. It is certainly one of the best features about the iPhone because it makes voicemail palatable and your life a bit more cheery. Thankfully, we have a solution from the fine folks at PhoneFusion. Fusion Voicemail Plus for Android!

Fusion Voicemail Plus will visually detail the contact, number, and date/time for each voicemail in a list format. It's supposed to come out before the end of the year so be on the lookout for this fine and hopefully free program. Hopefully, it'll come with a better design layout than the one because that red/yellow/green coloring has got to go.



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Visual Voicemail Comes to Android via PhoneFusion

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Hey everyone. My name is Michael Manna and I represent PhoneFusion. We want to hear your feedback and comments, good and, especially, bad. Feel free to contact us at support@phonefusion.com. The FVM Plus for Android app you see now is just a beta. We are working hard to get the final release out to you by the end of Q4.