Droid Charge training

Hey, look at that .Verizon's starting to train up peeps on the upcoming Samsung Droid Charge. Nothing here we didn't know before, thanks to our look at the phone three months ago at CES, but it's good to see things are progressing nicely. Thanks, anon!

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jramone says:

Wow anon, has the inside scoop of everything! lol

Mooem says:

So if the rumors are true, and the Incredible 2 is released on the last week of April, could it be possible that the Charge maybe released next week?

640k says:

That has to be one of the worst product literature screens i've seen in a long time! DOWNLOAD! UPLOAD!!! WEEE!!

Hand_O_Death says:

But it doe not show haw many Gee Bees how will they know. Least it shows the wyfys

Johnly says:

Sweet, though the hardware buttons, ew, had enough of those on my X. Looks sweet though!

slayerpsp says:

ugly phone still on froyo avoid samsung at all cost they have good hardware but were the hell are the updates HTC is the only phones i will buy

Training will include pre-set excuses to give buyers a year later as to why their device doesn't get updates.

wctaylor79 says:

Hey look you can get 2.2 on a samsung device with verizon.. it will just ost you $299 to get it.. lol..

DroidXcon says:

Nope you can get it on Fascinate it will be a matter of days now that the source code is out

Looks like the online training I receive at work. Looks like it got outsourced to the lowest bidder...