US Open Android app

We're not going to bog this one down with a bunch of preamble. If you like golf, have an Android smartphone and want to watch the U.S. open on the go, snag the Android app this second. The app is simple and could use a little design polish, but the live video is the perfect example of how sports -- particularly major sporting events -- should be presented on smartphones and tablets. 

Oh, and get it for the first- and second-round pairing of Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson-Bubba Watson. This is gonna be good.

Download: US Open for Android


Reader comments

US Open app shows how sports should be done on smartphones


Nice app but the live video is only available in the USA. Not useful if you're a fan outside of USA. Time to find another stream somewhere else...

Awesome thanks!! Nothing better than watching tv at work. Works perfectly on my G-Nex, just wish it would take advantage of the full screen

Phil, you are right on. This is exactly how sports apps should work.
Thanks for the tip. :) Works perfect on my SGS2 (i777).

Very cool app but as soon as I open it and view live video, I fall asleep. Instantly. Anyone else experiencing that? GNex.

Crystal Clear on Rezound, your connection is making it choppy (opinion). The Masters App was a littler classier and had more love video options. Green jacket, blue jacket who gives a...