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Are you in the market for a truly exclusive Android smartphone? Money not an issue? Well luxury Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer have just the device for you. Their latest creation is called the Racer, it does run Android, and will cost a staggering €2800 ($3670).

So what does all that money actually buy? No plastic for one. The Racer is constructed from carbon fiber and titanium, protected by a shockproof rubber chassis. With its exposed screws and "avant-garde communication" labeling, the Racer certainly looks expensive. 

Curiously -- and despite having the four buttons on the front -- we're promised the "latest Android software" on the Racer. For the price though you would have to say that a little Ice Cream Sandwich is the least you deserve. Specs are pretty sparse -- read non-existent -- at this stage, but we are promised a "new customizable 3D user interface to fit the individual needs of each owner." 

CrackBerry Kevin's beloved Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 has itself some company in the exclusive, ridiculously expensive, designer smartphone market. The Racer is due in July, and to get one you'll be visiting one of Tag Heuer's own boutiques, selected watch and jewelry retailers and luxury mobile boutiques. Definitely no Best Buy on this one. Check out a short promo video after the break. 

Source: Tag Heuer

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coraphise says:

Yeah... think I'll pass on this one :)

IceDree says:

Soo cool
Carbon & Titanium !!! All what this need is a a Tag Heuer grand Carrera 36

Love it! And it exemplifies what can be done in way of fine jewelry craftsmanship versus a jewel encrusted iPhone (essentially an iPhone). This is truly a Tag Heuer smartphone. Real choices is what life is all about.

Kage87Z says:

T H is smoking dope. If I'da won Powerball, I wouldn't buy this door stop.

prlundberg says:

You do realize they have done ok for themselves selling expensive watches that nobody actually needs, right?

I would never buy one either, but I can still appreciate the craftsmanship.

captobie says:

The difference is, a watch is forever. An heirloom that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren. The phone will be obsolete in a few years, maybe even sooner.

l00natic71 says:

I agree with you. Which means you and I are the 99%. To a billionaire/multi-millionaire, getting this phone is the equivalent of you or I getting a value meal at McDonalds.

BasPilot says:

I would. and EVERYTHING i send would say what phone I was using and how much the damn thing cost me.

tdizzel says:

I'm thinking about getting this. It looks pretty slick. I'm not concerned about what version Android its running, and don't care about the specs. It doesn't matter what carrier its on or even if it works in the U.S. The price isn't an issue. I just wanna know if the bootloader is unlocked.

littleemp says:

It matters very little if the bootloader is unlocked, because due to the prohibitive pricing it will have a very VERY small install base and even smaller (read nearly non-existent) dev community.

xemtra says:

they have to re coup the cost of their commercial somehow...

l00natic71 says:

A big part of the cost of a luxury item is for "i have it and you don't"

JeffDenver says:

"Curiously -- and despite having the four buttons on the front -- we're promised the "latest Android software" on the Racer"

LOL! Apparently Richard Devine is unaware that not everyone is enamored of those retarded software buttons in ICS. Lots of other phone makers are still including the "normal" capacitive buttons. Many of us dont see the point in sacrificing part of our display just for navigation items that should be on separate buttons anyway.

4 buttons still smacks of Gingerbread, we're getting 3 buttons now on ics ;-) Would you expect a watch maker to come to town with the latest and greatest ;-) maybe I'm just a cynical British fool!

prlundberg says:

Agreed. I use my search button a lot, the Google widget is not the same.

Richard does have a point though, TH is all about image after all. Timex makes more functional watches than Tag Heuer, that doesn't make them more desirable.

JtothaR says:

The Google "non-widget" that you can't remove on ICS is in another league from the old Google search widget and/or button. It's a true unified search tool that I use multiple times every day. I have a gingerbread device also and I'm disappointed every time I have to use the search button on it.

I don't mind the software buttons. I like the fact that they disappear and offer more screen when watching videos.

JeffDenver says:

That might make sense if the screen took up the entire face of the phone...but none of them do. So if there is space for capacitive buttons, but you are not using it, that = wasted space. Software buttons are wasted space.

Its a step backward. Why take up part of your display with nav buttons when you dont have to?

mjwedan says:

tag heuer owes me 2 minutes of my life back

tx_tuff says:

I think that is the best looking phone I have ever seen!! But I don't have that kind of money to waste!

Stupid is as stupid does. Love Forrest Gump

dman977#AC says:

I was still about to buy one even after the 3D display, but no camera flash is the straw that broke the camel's back.

(Actually wouldn't buy it either way. Can't afford it.)

okachowwa says:

Now folks, if you look to the left of the camera, you'll see a flas...wait what. 3700$ and not a flash on the camera. Seems legit.

turb0wned says:

I have a Tag watch along with an Omega seamaster watch but a phone for that price? HAHA year right.

Analog says:

Is TH really not aware of how much this kind of garbage cheapens their brand?

Gearu says:

Junk until proven otherwise. It would want to be waterproof at least.

turbofan says:

Some people just have more money than they know what to do with. Soooo dumb.

I just might buy a bodyguard-case for my D-Razar that looks like the body of Tag Heuer! Dose anyone want to produce one? Will have to wait and see.

I think the new Tag phone looks Nice, I would never buy one or one if their watches either & its not because of the price, its because Breitling makes a much better watch & would have made a better phone too..

Oh did I forget the hahhahahahahhahahahahahahah after my comment? Oops sorry.......

DrLouie says:

So when is AC going to give one of these away? :)