In a groundbreaking study that shows exactly what we'd expect, it has been found that iPhone and Android users roughly use their phones for the same things -- mobile media (music, videos and the like), e-mail, news, networking, etc. You know -- the things smartphones were made for.

Other smartphones (we can only assume that includes RIM, Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian) had roughly the same numbers, however. So, to recap: Smartphone owners are using their smartphones to do smartphone things. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. [eMarketer via MocoNews]


Reader comments

Study finds smartphone users using smartphones ... smartly


I find it interesting (and disturbing) that voice communication isn't even listed in the survey, and its absence isn't even noted in the article. Has personal communication really devolved to the point where it's considered abnormal to actually talk with someone?

Ya I was thinking the same damn thing lol I like to is my hero for all kinds of things voice included...

I kept my dumb phones to make calls while scanning bar codes with my G1 to find the best deals for XMAS. Really hated the phone for calls and ultimately got rid of it. Bought a new lap top from ASUS with windows 7 for the same price at Best Buy!

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