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The Sony Xperia Z isn't due to be available globally until the end of the month, but being the good, GPL-abiding OEM that it is, Sony Mobile has already published the device's kernel source code. The code, which will only really be of use to custom ROM developers, weighs in at 203MB, and can be found at the Sony open-source archive linked below.

With the phone as yet unavailable for those outside Japan, we doubt there'll be too much development activity going on over the next couple of weeks. But it doesn't hurt to have code ready and waiting for when devices start to make their way out -- especially as so many manufacturers lag behind with their open-source duties.

For more on the Xperia Z, check out our hands-on coverage from CES 2013.

Source: Sony Open-Source Archive; via: XDA


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Sony Xperia Z kernel source code published ahead of phone launch


Sony is doing big things. How can a garbage company like LG be the one to build the Nexus 4.... Sony, moto or HTC should have. If it wasn't for the Motorola X phone I would get this phone this month and keep my Nexus 4 and Gnex as backups. Ether way I'm getting my wife this phone in purple.

What carriers is it coming to! They need to shed light on that. Please let it go on all major carriers instead of just AT&T. My contract is due up in June with Sprint and I just hope this phone will be flying into my pocket.

Releseing new stuff to kernel to support new devices before they are relesed are in fashon lately, ARMv8 (64-bit ARM), Tegra 4, IBM PowerPC G8, new AMD HD8xxx series. Linux going faster and faster :)

This is what i am expecting from an OEM. be open as much as possible. Sony, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! goodbye nexus! :D