This is a smartphone case. A TPU smartphone case, to be exact. You've seen them before. We sell 'em at <insert shameless plug>

Tonight at CTIA in New Orleans, I spent a few minutes with Tech21, which makes cases like this out of orange goo.

What does that have to do with a rubber mallet, my knuckles and some old-school justice? Find out after the break.

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codiusprime says:

That was fairly fantastic.

You have warm hands Phil, oh so warm hands.

n0obpr0 says:


MNofsinger says:


fraz82 says:

T-mobile stores are chock full of these D30 cases.

Edit: probably the same company.

JonJJon says:


Kaggy says:


debonu says:

Ha! Phil if you really wanted a hand waxing there are places that specialize in that... Just saying!

Simsurfer says:

and with cute Asian women.

dancing-bass says:


"As you can see, my hand is fine, just fine..."

milesmcever says:

We did this trick back in science class, all you have to do is mix corn starch with water and add food coloring gives you the same thing. I think mythbusters even messed with a mixture like this. Kinda like the cases though too bad my phone loves the nude wont let me cover it up.

Except thats not what this is? Its a proprietary gel substance that I can guarantee cornstarch+water cannot emulate. In fact the corn starch will "melt" off your hands and that did not happen here, and it also stuck to his hands, a characteristic much more similar to silly putty.

milesmcever says:

And we found the kid that was picking at the lead paint and eating it during class..
Corn starch melt your hands off you sir smoke crack. Here is a link on how to make a ooblek mixture You might want to turn your head they mix the water/corn starch mixture with their hands.

Take the time to watch the Mythbusters episode on this it is pretty good but Yes theirs is a proprietary mixture but so was that lead paint you ate as a kid.

Wicell says:

This seems to be an elementary school child-like rebuke. If you were a little more interpretive you would realize that when he said "..'melt' off your hand," he clearly meant "melt off OF your hand."

Hook, line, sinker. :-)

vinny jr says:

Phil, I diidn't know you only had 4 fingers?? You type very fast for a four fingered man.
Great Job.

webbie2 says:

i just bought a TPU case for my SGS2... No orange goo tho.

jean15paul says:

I was just about to buy a regular TPU case from, but now I've canceled my order. ;)

But seriously, when will I be able to buy one of these orange good cases?

It seems that the goo itself is just the first step in the product, the thing he held up that kind of looked like a huge shoe sole is what goes into the cases. How the goo turns into that, I don't know.

CeluGeek says:

You're a brave man, Phil. Risking your right hand? That takes guts, unless you are left-handed, then you played it safe but still cool nonetheless!

S-Doo-1965 says:

i had to go back to see if you were really short a figure.