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Samsung has proved several times before that it's not afraid of directly attacking bitter rival Apple (and on occasion its fans), so it should come as no surprise to see the company's latest print ad taking aim at the recently-announced iPhone 5. With the tagline "it doesn't take a genius," Samsung pokes fun at Apple's retail stores (ironically, a setup it's trying to imitate itself), before telling us that "the next big thing is already here." Most of the ad space is taken up with a direct -- though highly slanted -- feature and specification run-down from both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

We'll be the first to admit that the comparison is far from fair, and the iPhone 5 has a lot more going for it than "a totally different plug." Then again, this is an advertisement. Samsung wants you to buy a Galaxy S3, not an iPhone 5, and it's taken a characteristically direct approach to deal with the threat of Apple's latest and greatest smartphone. It's not subtle, and it won't change the minds of die-hard fans, but that's not its purpose. Its purpose is to put the Galaxy S3 on the radar of consumers considering picking up an iPhone 5 on Friday, and that's something we think it'll succeed in doing.

Sure, it's slanted and biased, but that shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, a fair comparison between the two devices wouldn't make for a very good full-page advertisement, would it?

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Samsung would rather you buy a Galaxy S3 than an iPhone 5


Maybe.. But iPhone 4 sales have most likely been in decline due to anticipation of a new device. Apples certainly going to get a huge, record breaking surge upon release of the iPhone 5. It's fairly routine for them.


But then I look at the $40 mhl adaptor Samsung made me buy because they added a new, proprietary plug to their phone instead of using the standard micro-HDMI plug and think, it's not just Apple.


What proprietary plug are you talking about? The S3 has one plug, a standard micro usb...

I kinda find these ads funny, despite their childish nature. I'm usually of the opinion that 2 wrongs don't make a right (Apple and their ridiculous lawsuits, and Samsung with their almost insulting advertising), but this ad made me laugh just a little. I can't help but feel like Apple deserves it just a little.

He's talking about the MHL cable, which is HDMI over mcro USB, to put it simply. Which si how things should have been done to begind with.

There's a big difference -- MHL is a standard, so there's a chance you'd need this cable with another device. You would have needed to buy a cable anyway if you didn't have HDMI...

There's no comparison really... Samsung is in the right this time.

Like others mentioned, mhl isn't proprietary, it's a new standard. Also, Samsung didn't make you buy it. I got my mhl adapter from Monoprice for under $10, so, you have a choice.

That's funny because I bought an MHL adapter months ago for my SII and it cost only $9, not a Samsung MHL adapter but it works just as good.

Dude, really? MHL is not proprietary. It's a protocol that any company can build into their product. The Galaxy S2 is MHL capable as well along with other devices. You can get MHL adapters all day long from $15 to $25. Yes, you can spend $35 on the Samsung branded adapter. Future devices will not need the adapter.

I think this is the wrong way to advertise something. They shouldn't have to explain why the iPhone5 is worse than the S3. They should explain why the S3 is worth buying. What makes it the best device(atleast according to themself) and things like that. I liked the other ads that they have done. With the iSheeps. But this feels like the wrong way to advertise.
But with that said I have to say that it would be a pretty funny thing to see when you open the newspaper. =P

How is it explaining "why the iPhone5 is worse than the S3?" It's a simple comparison of specs. I will agree that the ad could have been done a little differently, but it gets the point across =)

Because specs don't determine a user's experience with a phone. Take the battery life for example. The S3 says it gets better battery life than the iPhone, but it's more than likely that it won't.

When I had my iPhone 4 I easily got a day use out of it. iOS is pretty good with battery management. Time will tell though, I know the 4s had battery issues upon release until apple released a couple updates for it.

That's because iOS isn't a multitasking operating system... unlike Android. Hence the battery takes a bit more of a hit.

"The S3 says it gets better battery life than the iPhone, but its more than likely that it won't."

How can you be sure? I know previous versions of the iPhone were great with battery life, but they lacked 4G. The specs from various websites show that the S3 gets between 10-12 hours of talk time on 3G, while the iPhone 5 only gets around 8.

I don't really think the consumers need another dumb-down. They have brains.. let them use it. They're given something - an ad in this case - and they can make sense of it. I doubt they really should be insulting the intelligence of Americans like what Apple does with their "oh the Galaxy looks like our stuff" thing.

Why does the majority of the tech press believe that no one should take on apple, I have read some sites calling the ad inflammatory and saying that Samsung has done a low blow. All they have done is challenge this mystique that after apple releases their iphone everyone else has to pick up the scraps. What they hope is that apple will respond and then they would have achieved the feat that they are mentioned in the same breath as the iphone by the general population. oh and by the way Nokia has joined in as well

What's funny about Nokia's reply is that 2 of the Lumia's "features" are also possible with the S3.

The problem I have with these ads isn't their biased nature (I mean it is an ad after all), it's the spirit of the ads.

the mac vs. PC ads were light and humorous. They poked fun at windows; they did not poke fun at the user. And at the end of the day, the PC character was actually endearing, even if he was bumbling.

These samsung ads are very different. They are hostile to apple users. They portray apple users as superficial consumers only concerned with trendiness and appearance. They portray apple users as ignorant. As someone who uses apple products (including the iPhone) I can assure you my choice in platforms is not based on ignorance or the desire to appear "hip". I find these ads mildly insulting, and they in no way endear me towards samsung as a company.

And that list of specs that samsung put on the poster... wow. just wow.

I would have to disagree with you about the nature of the Mac vs PC ads. They seemed to imply by using people as the Mac and PC respectively, in my opinion, that people are an extension of their OS. They made the poor PC guy seem like he was mentally handicapped and made out like all Windows operating systems constantly had blue screens and what not. They were no less biased, they just made people laugh while being biased.

Don't get me wrong I thought they were funny at the time. That being said it's not like that was going to actually push me towards a Mac. I enjoy having having more performance in my system and GREAT development tools.

Except that occasionally a third party would be in the advertisement, and they played the role of the consumer deciding what to buy. Both the PC and Mac characters were personifications of their respective platforms, thus they weren't the end users.

Traditional advertisement doesn't attack the user, it attacks the product. Samsung has decided they would rather go after both.

I'm sorry, but judging from your past posts, you're an iOS fanboy. If Apple were to create a similar ad, you would side with them even if the ad were offensive to Android users. I guarantee you wouldn't have used the Mac vs PC commercials as an example if they were offensive to iOS users. But, because they portray Windows users as inferior, they're ok in your book. A troll will be a troll I suppose. At the end of the day, it's just a phone though =)

If having informed and legitimate reasons for liking one platform over another makes me a fanboy, then I guess I'm fanboy. guilty as charged. And no, I would not support an ad that directly attacked android users. I like apple's ads where they highlight what regular people can do with their products. I also liked the Mac vs PC ads because I thought they were light and humorous, and they helped define the mac ethos for an audience that probably didn't have much experience with macs, and they did it in a way that was not insulting to the base intelligence of their target audience.

I just don't particularly care for an advertisement campaign that labels me as an ignoramus, when in fact my personal reasons for liking the iPhone over an android phone are well thought-out and solid. I'm not really sure why samsung thinks it's a good strategy to directly insult iphone users.

"I just don't particularly care for an advertisement campaign that labels me as an ignoramus, when in fact my personal reasons for liking the iPhone over an Android phone are well thought-out and solid."

I totally agree. At the end of the day, it's just an ad. I have a Galaxy S3, but I would never talk down to my friends for prefering iOS. Hell, I'm still on the fence on whether to buy an iPad. Sorry, didn't mean to use the fanboy label, it's not like me. I went and read the article over at iMore, and it sort of touched a nerve to see that many people actually take this stuff to heart. But, it's all good. Use what works for you brother =)

What about Apple's Siri ads...they make it sound like the "second coming," when, if fact, it is no where near that "polished" or "smart." Talk about deceiving consumers!

Your bias is showing. Most people with even a nudge of a background in marketing picked up what apple was doing. Instead of showing you OSX and Win side by side through a tech stand point, they decided to personify them. The implication by using this was that you are what you use. The PC is a well dressed older man that has trouble getting through standard routines. The Mac was a cool level headed youth that everyone seemed to love and did no wrong. This gives both the idea that the mac itself is young and hip as well as "if I use this, i'll be as cool as that guy". They could have used animals or some sort of animation with the systems themselves to depict this but they didn't and that was why.

can you really be that dim? they personified the computers as humans, because it's easier to relate to a human being than it is to a piece of inanimate technology. I am sorry if that is lost on you, but it wasn't lost on most people. It was not a direct attack on the user, which is why, as I stated, they often had another actor in the advertisement that played the user deciding between the two systems. Yes it poked fun of windows, but not the windows user.

I think everyone understands that superficially the two guys were meant to be personifications of the operating systems. But it's totally naive to think that the intention of that ad was not to make viewers correlate the personifications of the operating systems with the users of those systems. If you really think that ad was not meant to make people think that PC users were conservative tech-illiterates and Mac users were hip young dudes, then I've got a bridge to sell you.

I do respect other opinions, but agree with this reply . I also found the PC vs Mac ads to be an assault on Windows users, and the ads portrayed the PC guy (and by extension all Windows users) as a square, and basically a dufus. As a user of both operating systems, also found the PC / Mac ads to be grossly inaccurate, and annoying.

nah, it was making fun of the windows operating system, though. Do you work for microsoft? did you help design windows vista? if you did, then I guess you can be personally offended by it, though I don't think it was intended to insult the intelligence of the programmers, more their sense of practicality. Having used vista extensively myself, it definitely brought back not so fond memories. Pretty funny, too.

I would like to know how this particular ad is attacking the user; the genius referrence is not aimed at the user but rather to the Apple store personnel.

Let's cut to the chase. You say this ad is hostile to apple users. That it portrays apple users as superficial consumers, ignorant ... yada, yada, yada.


I think you read that into the ad. You like your apple product. Good for you! Whatever you are feeling personal about this ad, it is coming from within you and not from the ad.

Fallacy of accident or sweeping generalization
Fallacy of accident or sweeping generalization: a generalization that disregards exceptions.

How can you think otherwise? This has to be biased! You think Apple wants you to buy the S3? Just the opposite! They're doing EVERYTHING they can to get everyone to STOP buying ANY samsung device out there by trying to ban them! I don't think this advertisement is despicable, I think it's fun. hehe.

Still Apple has it own people to buy their Iphone, doesn`t matter what anyone saying. It`s just personal choice,if you ask most of the people who`s buying the Iphone, why you want the Iphone not Android? You`ll 70% answer! Because it is Iphone and no other explanation.If anyone watched the video they made after the Iphone5 been announced most the people can`t tell which phone they have, it`s Iphone4 or 4S or Iphone5.

Exactly what was it, Sensory, that you were expecting from Samsung, here on this Android Central blog????

Childish? Sighs...

Childish is calling Apple a big poopy doo doo face. Childish is making up specs. Childish is poking fun of something just for the sake of poking fun of something. Childish is crying to Finding Nemo when you know he's going to be found.

I think it's rather clever. I seen people compare this ad to the Mac vs. PC thing.

It's an ad... Seriously... It's a friggin ad. Today's day and age you can make your own ad share it Facebook or Google + and if good enough can be run by Apple or Samsung.

I don't see why people care so much. The specs are there but people cry about "Specs aren't everything!" then what is? Preference? Maybe. But dare to compare is one thing. I've seen car dealers with worst ads than this. Also the car dealers tell at you to buy a new car! That's childish.

"You know what happens when you run an ad against Apple when you do spec comparison? People get mad. Then when people get mad they reverse hack you to find where you live. When angry people find where you live, people who liked your ad also find where you live. When you have a group of supporters and haters knowing where you live they arrive together on your front lawn and start an all out phone free for all brawl. Don't have people start an account out free for all phone brawl. Don't run ads. And switch to direct tv."

Look out folks, next thing we know, they will be calling for "anti-izombie" legislation to stop anyone from poking fun at them for being mindless sheep.... Oh crap u guess PETA will jump on that one too?

OMG, you people are windblown. It'a an advertisement for thier GS3 but just so happens to pit it against the new iterd 5. Why not place the specs side by side? Car manufacturers do it. Hell, most tech companies do it against each other! But just because Samsung does it they're being childish?? Give me a flippin' break. Sure, do I believe sammy used some code that belongs to apple...yeah, I do. I also think apple used code that belongs to others including Google. It goes both ways.

Besides, there IS nothing wrong with this ad. Period. It's just an AD people....get over it. If apple or thier apple fritters don't like it...they can come up with thier own ad....

@Alex Dobie.... Please tell me what the iterd has going for it. It's a rehashed iphone 4s with LTE, a new connector, and a slightly...repeat SLIGHTLY larger screen. Yeah, .5" is a HUGE upgrade let me tell ya!! They can throw in a quad core at 3.0 Ghz, 8GB ram, with 500GB of user space and it won't change a thing, unless you happen to do nothing but play games all day...nothing like not having a job huh?? Why?? Because the iterd 5 is nothing but a glorified app launcher. Period. Wow!!!! I can open an app in .005 seconds!! Woohoo!!

The title of this article should have been "Samsung would rather you have a better experience than an iPhone can provide."

And that's why they have been desperately trying to copy everything iPhone. Because the Samsung experience is clearly inferior - as stated in Samsung's own company memos.

So is it safe to assume that first thing Monday morning Apple will be filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against Samsung claiming Apple invented advertising? :-)

It's always a desperate move when you feel like you have to feature your competitors product in an ad that compares it to your own. Displaying the iPhone next to the S3 kinda emphasizes the fact that the S3 is a plastic phone. I don't know why Samsung can't be bothered to use quality materials.

there are a lot of legitimate reasons why they went with "plastic" (don't know when plastic became a bad word, you do know that the 3g and the 3gs had a plastic back to enhance the gsm signal). The use of "Polycarbonate" is to make the phone more durable (its shatter proof) and also to enable the use of nfc, which doesn't operate through metal well.

Does anyone remember the "idont, droid does" commercials? This is what this is reminding me of. And if memory serves correct (although biased) the moto droid put androids name out there

Let's face it, even though Samsung's ad may be one sided. Apple has done this crap to other companies for years. They would claim to be Microsoft's ally and then bash the PC market claiming Macs couldn't get viruses. What they failed to mention is their computers couldn't get viruses written for PCs because there wasn't a big enough market share for hackers to even care about macs. IMO this ad is 100% justifiable.

Specs aside, I wish Samsung would tailor at least some of their products to people that look for more in a phone than just screen real estate. I much prefer Android over iOS but ended up getting the new iPhone because I want a phone that actually fits in my hand and pocket.

You should have looked around a bit, HTC has your back, Incredible 4G on Verizon. 4" screen and a pretty sweet piece of hardware. I don't know the specs off hand cause I went with the Rezound instead, just couldn't pass up the HD 4.3" screen, it's killer.

I know there are some nice phones out now, but I'm still waiting for something to pull me from my Rezound. Hoping someone will step up with something great on Verizon soon, not personally a Samsung fan, it's the cheesy plastic feel I don't like mostly, and the gs3 screen is on the borderline of being too big.

Android has always tried to beat up the iPhone over hardware specs that are almost meaningless and most iPhone users have reason not to care about them. Specs are only as impressive as the performance they allow. iPhone has never had performance problems and even if, since the release of the 4S, there have been strides made in the performance arena - iPhone gets it's yearly spec update now. iOS has consistently proven itself to be an outstanding part of the performance equation. It simply does more with less (I'm talking performance here, not features).

Someday an Android maker is going to have to bite the bullet and advertise how smoothly it's device performs and point out it's speed, lack of lag and (hopefully) stability. Of course, the problem with that is they'd be admitting that Android has had performance issues in the past. I'm guessing no Android OEM wants to bite that particular bullet but that would be the best way to appeal to the Apple masses. Hardware alone won't do it.

Why does having superior hardware always get turned into a "nobody cares" or "it's pointless to have such things in life" argument? It's like we as humans are annoyed with the fact that we have options or a say in what is useful and important to us individually. Less thinking more easy is the popular way to do things. Complacency should not be something strived for though.

Hardware manufacturers won't be the ones doing the bulk of advertising about Android's increased speed and smoother user experience, at least, not as much as the OS maker. Project Butter already brought attention to the fact that Android needed some updates in that area. And honestly, people aren't on Android strictly for such things. If that issue is of grave importance for iOS users contemplating a switch, then they belong right where they are at.

I'm not saying better hardware is pointless, but an Android with top of the line hardware isn't going to outperform a late model iPhone with less specs.... so find other things to talk about. Android has it's good points. Hardware isn't one though.

Like I said in a previous post, it doesn't matter what specs it has it will outperform android because all it is is a glorified app launcher. There is nothing to iOS, or the iphone for that matter. It doesn't have widgets to compile nor does it have information piling on it at one time for instant gratitude. Android does. I will admit the iphone is smoother, but like I said....there's nothing to it. If android was to strip all widgets and info off all 7 screens, android would be just as smooth.

That's way oversimplified. I'm running 2 live widgets and a custom theme with live wallpaper (as well as about 15 different tweaks) on my jailbroken 4S and I haven't given up any performance at all. Seriously. None. It runs as smooth as it did the day I bought it. iOS is efficient. It stays efficient even when you're doing more with it than the designers intended.
I'm not saying that the iPhone is the 2nd coming.... just that hardware is a weak argument for Android. Samsung has a lot going for it. They just need to refine their sales pitch if they want Apple buyers.

Awesome! So true!

On a separate note, anyone else think the form factor of the iPhone 5 is a bit off? Looks disproportionately tall and thin to me. Would have been better to be a bit wider.

99% of consumers just want a phone that works, I'm not an Apple fan but the app store and iOS are flawless, until Android can progress to the point that there is no bugs/lag then we may never see the iPhone beat. The position that Android is in just confuses the mass, all the different hardware options as well as skins we have.

Agreed... we all want something that just works right out of the box. I have been an owner of, and watched, both iOS and Android mature over the years. Yes, Android WAS very buggy all the way through 2.3 phone softwares. With 4.0 Android can Undoubtedly say the platform is stable. And with powerhouse hardwares such as the GS3 it becomes an awesome combo for speed, usability, reliability, performance, and so on. The very same can be said for iOS. Lets not dare forget all the problems iOS has had over the years. The point is that both are like comparing mayo to miracle whip...its preference at the end of the day. And after 3 iphones, 2 ipads, and 1 mac I prefer Android. GSM Galaxy Nexus and Asus Infinity owner and damn proud.

OK... a bankrupt country... people jobless at an all-time high... and peoples willing to pay a premium price for an item that is simply not ANYWHERE as good as the competition.... As an I.T. specialist for THIRTY YEARS... Apple still force-feeds the minions a product that :

1- Costs too much
2- Will never outperform the competition
3- Will cater to those with more money that needed to spend...

If everyone who spends TWICE the price for Apple (still too much) took that money and lowered the country's debt... We would be SOOOOO much better off!!!

Seriously? You worked helpdesk for 30 years? And you think you know how much Apple products are worth.

The IT "specialists" in our company are the ones that push Windows XP, IE6 and Blackberries. The IT "specialists" revel in reducing productivity, choice and creativity.

The actual USERS of the smartphones prefer iPhones - no crapware, no daily crashes, battery life to last a whole day, best app choice and quality, and a solid build.

The S3 looks like a cheap plastic child's toy next to the iPhone 5.

How dare they mock the greatest phone that was ever created! The iPhone never crashes! All the apps are greater than anything on that crap Android OS! Even the Razr Maxx cannot outlast this great phone! And you can admire its metal and glass body sculpted by god's hands.

Oh well back to reality and football. Too much fanboy in the air.

I don't know what kind of Android devices that you have been using but I have no idea what you are talking about. Atm I have the Galaxy S3. Before that I had the S2. In little over 1 year I have had ONE crash and that was with a custom rom.

And battery life that last a whole day? One whole day wouldn't be enough for me.. My S3 lasts almost 2 days with fairly heavy use. On full brightness ofcourse ;).

And. that "best app choice" doesn't work anymore. A year or two ago that was a pretty big + for iOS. But it's not anymore. For people like me that don't want/can't afford to pay for every single app I'm using, Android is a much better choice than iOS. Android has far more free apps than iOS and I would say that is a pretty big + for the average user.

And please PLEASE don't talk about quality iPhone. Cause there is no such thing. A 4S will break if you drop it on a floor from arms height. S2 is quality. REAL quality! I have thrown that phone in the wall countless times(I got a hot temper and I'm fucking stupid ^^) and I have also dropped it on concrete floors. After one year I found ONE barely noticable scratch on the back. THAT is quality. Not "Ohh I dropped my phone now the back and screen is fucked up"-iPhone.

Though I will agree with you about the plastic S3. Feels a little cheap. I liked the S2 more. Though I see that as the ONLY + for iPhone 5 atm. It looks good. That is all.
Wow that was a longer post than I intended. Sorry for bad english..

what most people dont notice samsung took three different features from three totally different S3 and add them like its one phone, the LTE verson of the S3 is only 200hrs stanby not 790 as they claimed when in fact its the international quad core S3 3g none LTE version has the up 790hrs standby time and for this to happen u have to not use the phone whats so ever and turn off all gyro, accerlometer and put it in flight mode so u can compare on gsmarna the three S3 and u will see none actually states what samsung says on this add, if u ask me this is just a petty move by samsung and plus theres a lot android phones out there better than the S3, like the LG optimus 4x HD, HTC one x and the list goes on

Though the new version of the International Galaxy S3 (i9300) will have the best speccs from both the US versions and the International. Which means that the new S3 is even better than what they say in this ad. And yes ofcourse those 790 hours are when everything is turned off and you aren't using it. Otherwise it wouldn't be called "Standby". But noone cares about standby anyways. It's irrelevant. The S3 has more usage time with the battery and that is all that counts.

I think that ANY smart phone manufacturer that invests in a strategy to steal thunder from Apple is marketing dollars well spent. Most manufacturers OTHER than Samsung seem to run and hide with their tail between their legs in fear of Apple's brand. And that's due to the fact that Apple has spent billions building it. And yes, millions of people will buy the new iPhone, regardless. It's THE most popular device going though as a former Apple fan boy turned Galaxy S3 owner, I would have to say that on many fronts the GS3 is one sweet device. Every time I see someone with an iP4S and hold my screen next to it I ask, "How do you see things on such a tiny little screen?" Joking of course. But the fact remains that even the new iPhone screen is still too small robbing the owner of a more robust experience. Enough said.

If someone is dumb enough to really believe the crap in this add they probably already bought an S3

Sick and tired of uninformed bashers that keep claiming that apps are more stable on iOS.
Also sick and tired of uninformed bashers who keep saying that iPhone "just works". And other phones don't? Really?
So 500 million+ Android users are suffering and trying to figure out how to work the device?

You don't like Android, no problem, move on to iPhone but please, stop repeating this nonsense. Android may have been unpolished 2 versions ago but it is now.

Regarding this add, i say good for Samsung. Apple is trying to destroy Samsung phone division and i like how Samsung isn't hiding with tail between legs. I can add more useful features on the right side.

Android gives you Unlimited options you get SD cards, removable batteries, you can get a droid with a Slide Out QWERTY Keyboard, you can choose your screen 3.5---5.4 you also have widgets, a file manager to find your downloads, drag and drop media, and you can set apps as default such as a different browser Not to mention you can create folders, shortcuts to bookmarks, shortcuts to contacts, direct call, direct text, you have a flash player, direct download mp3s, mp4s without going to or through iTunes, nfc and android beam for file sharing, free no root wifi tethering via foxfi app I've had a phone with a real GPS navigator for more then 3 years apple is finally catching up there but still have to wait on ios 6 but with android what ever doesn't come on the phone from the factory can be added and customized by apps I've had just as many Issues with my iPad3 as I had with my android devices. can't wait to see Iphone 5 users Complain about there letterbox experience With apps that haven't been updated to the 4" screen What can apple do That droid Doesn't

You know what's unfair is how Apple won't licence it's patients they lie about how they have the most advanced os I'm sick of greasy sales men just because there "Apple" they can make up anything and people believe it and people can't take a Little "sales ad" I just don't like the direction apple is taking things there suing everyone in site acting like an only child that has some competition and can't take it they need to get back to where they were before I'd like to some more innovating from apple they did a good job on the new iPods then didn't do a good job getting them cheap enough I mean the starting price for a new ipod touch is $300 when the Nintendo WiiU comes out I can get a full gaming system that comes with a 9" touch screen controller for $300 Apple is getting way to greedy they were one of my favorite company's They can't see the forest passed the trees thats SAD

A more complete list

SGS3 vs IP5

IP5 MISSING ALL of following:

- bigger 4.8in + AMOLED screen
- storage upto 96GB (32Gb + 64Gb external)
- removable battery
- better 2MP front camera + more functional camera app
- USB To Go (direct connect to portable drive, keyboard, game controller, usb-hub etc)
- unrestricted BlueTooth
- Wifi-Direct
- DLNA / Allshare / AllCast
- NFC - direct share/beam, automate phone tasks with TecTiles/tags, NFC payment
- HDMI out (video and UI)
- standard USB-port (no need for proprietary and expensive adapters/cables)

- One touch dial/sms (via desktop shortcuts) + Speed dial with phone keypad
- Picture contact/log (incl. grid view) and unlimited call log
- contact sync/integration with fb,tw,skype,g+ etc
- 3G-standard video call
- Motion: Flip to silent, Pick-to-call, Touch for missed call/sms, Tilt to zoom, double-tap to scroll
- multi-purpose LED indicator
- Smart Stay (keep screen on via face detection)
- Built-in call-blocker (to keep away unwanted calls)
- Unrestricted internal storage access via USB (or other connectivity methods)
- File-system
- Full email attachment support

- various desktop launcher UI to cater to any taste
- Widgets (one-glance for essential info)
- Live Wallpaper (aesthetic)
- Lock Screen direct launch
- Quick Toggles in Notification
- Full Multi-Tasking
- Back button for easier back navigation (+ reduces screen space wastage)
- Replaceable keyboard (swype/T9/variants etc)
- Non-centralized settings :p
- Various media format support (avi, divx, mkv etc) - no need for tedious itunes conversion
- Popup-Play
- Web-broswer text reflow (+Flash support)
- UI Font Type/Size selection

APPS (not possible for IOS due to limitations/restrictions)
- Side-loading of apps + browser-based app installation
- Better Google-based services/apps
- Free 50GB drop-box storage
- Plug-and-Play (seamlessly replace built-in apps with 3rd party)
- Intents (manually choose which installed app to launch based on content-type)
- Automation-type apps e.g.
o automaticly switch phone settings (vol, bt, wifi etc) based on events/states/gps/nfc
o phone call recording
o NFC tasks (tectiles) - e.g. tap to call/sms directly (or change phone settings)
o schedule auto send sms/email based on events (birthday, meeting reminders etc)
o auto check-in, auto upload photos/info

I've been a SII owner for a while and aside from all the wonderful specs of the SIII there's still something missing from Android that personally as a working musician I constantly have needs for and can't find solutions for an Android device to accomplish. I want to carry around one device and not several to accomplish my tasks.

1. Attaching a Stereo Condenser microphone to record performances, (like the Tascam iM2), to use for just loud audio situations or also with video recording.

2. Attaching a device like an Apogee to plug in a guitar and microphone to record song ideas while traveling or for practicing.

Granted my desires are very low in the percentage of users on this forum but these are things that I've been waiting for Android (and peripheral developers) to bring to table but still have not delivered. So, as of late I've been considering jumping the Android ship. Maybe someone can guide me towards solutions of external mics, recording apps and other peripherals geared towards musicians that I can use for Android based phones, specifically the SII or new SIII.. thanks

That's because Android can't do that type of stuff. There's no recording software like GarageBand for Android. They make no recording interfaces for Android. You better get an Iphone if you want quality apps. Google Play store apps are not of the iOs quality. I have the S3 and 4s and compare apps side by side. It's like the Android apps are a second thought and rushed together. They are missing the little details that iOs apps have. They get the job done but the look and feel isn't the same. Compare the Tapatalk app on both plateforms side by side and you can see the difference. Also, in this ad, Samsung is listing crap no one cares about like turn to mute. 50% of that list is that crap Touchwiz uses that barely works.

I am a bit curious as to how many of you cats that defend Samsung to no end complain bitterly about your hate for TouchWiz.

iterd? ilosers? crapple? Seriously?

Grow up. And stop with all the damn hypocracy, considering you blast Samsung for TouchWiz every chance you guys get. Its ridiculous.

The comment section here is getting as bad as the juvenile hacks commenting over at gizmodo.

I am a bit curious as to how many of you cats that defend Samsung to no end complain bitterly about your hate for TouchWiz.

iterd? ilosers? crapple? Seriously?

Grow up. And stop with all the damn hypocracy, considering you blast Samsung for TouchWiz every chance you guys get. Its ridiculous.

The comment section here is getting as bad as the juvenile hacks commenting over at gizmodo.

Let's print this ad on a Tshirt n wear to iPhone5 lauchday, Sept21, this Friday. Better yet, why doesn't Sammy hire a bunch of people wearing this ad to hang out all day at Apple stores all over the world! I'll do it for free, Sammy.

It's proven facts that Samsung Galaxy S2 n Note beat i4s in terms of speed, visibility, n functionalities, so most likely it's the same for these newbies. I guess Apple just hasn't learn the lessons or did she run out of juice or just simply being a "BIGer n Bigger headed" fruit?

Can't wait to c the next ad, Galaxy Note 2 vs Ipad mini/ iphone biggy (so does speak, if they ever exist LOL). But fruity, don't forget, Sammy hasn't announced the next gen of Galaxy Tab 7.7 yet.

Gogo, Friuty! put more efforts n money into sueing others instead of product innovations n developments, n keeping on playing ur "i Old Song". I m all for u! aLOL >DDD

Fruity, even Die Hard Fans shall get smarter after 5 years because i believe many of them r not Dumb Headed Fans! We don't want to wear the Fruity ear muff playing the same "i Old Song" again n again n......

IMO, what Sammy really behind Fruity (Steve Jobs, so does speak) are the "make believe" marketing (lies to the naive), n the innovation of terminologies.

The more u loved, the more u hate now.
Heart broken ex Fruity fan!