Samsung SCH-R910

A tipster has has provided the above image to BGR, showing the Samsung SCH-R910 -- a Samsung LTE enabled Android phone, with MetroPCS branding.  While we have to file it under the "rumor" category for now, the image pretty much says it all.

According to BGR's source, the Hummingbird CPU is on board, as well as a five MP camera and removable SD card, and MetroPCS subscribers should find it for sale sometime soon.  MetroPCS was first in the states to offer LTE devices, are they trying to be first with an Android LTE phone as well? [BGR]

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S0ckM0nk3y says:

Does this phone have the touchwiz interface on it?

Lmao. why does it matter? this would better than any of the trash pioneer Metro has. this would be their first Solid Smartphone

S0ckM0nk3y says:

I was asking because of the Samsung Epic I have and if it does why don't we have 2.2?

I hope not

LiquidAppo says:

It does the menu style and icons in the notification bar give it away. Touchwiz onboard.

uranidiot says:


meccariello says:

I have Verizon ...unlimited everything $150
Metro pcs...unlimited everything ..$50
Hmmm. Ill be rethinking my verizon contract

google123 says:

This looks good. Unfortunately, only Verizon and Sprint have any decent coverage in my area. There is a MetroPCS store in town but once I leave the northend city limits coverage drops off considerably.

tmo says:

actually metro pcs now has "real internet".
you have to upgrade and pay more for it

moises1204 says:

i hope metro pcs gets lte service here in boston, mas soon.

biggbrother2 says:

I hope you guys realize that MetroPCS does not have "REAL" Internet. They have a "Walled Garden" approach to the Internet. You cannot get on all sites. Only sites they allow, according to their website. Does this Android phone have the same restrictions?

Virgin Mobile all the way!

metro pcs now has "Real internet"
it is very exciting :)
u have to upgrade ur phone though and pay more for the service

plainbrad says:

I would recommend not buying a Samsung phone

jackie77 says:

I have Metro and the service is great, never a dropped call but using 1x is r e a l l y slow. They have new plans for 4g that are reasonable (unlike Sprint which charges you $10 more). If the specs on this new phone are correct and it's not outrageously overpriced I'll get it. Of course I'll see what reviews it gets first. Currently I'm using the Samsung Caliber but I want to upgrade to an android. Anyone in the market for a used Caliber? lol

Mamma Grizz says:

I own the Samsung Galaxy President, I just bought the Metro PCS R-910, I currently have Straight Talk. Can I keep my phone number
for the 4G Indulge when I switch carriers??? Do I even have to switch
carriers??? How much will the monthly unlimited cost???!