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Samsung's Android smartphones are most recommended by UK retailers, according to new market research, with the Galaxy S3 being the most recommended handset. According to research carried out by Informa Telecoms and Media, which carried out the survey in leading high-street and carrier stores, sales assistants were more likely to recommend Samsung handsets than competing phones from Apple, HTC, Nokia or others.

At the other end of the scale, Android rivals like ZTE, Motorola, LG, Huawei had next to no in-store presence in the UK, Informa found.

According to UK newspaper The Telegraph, Infroma considers it "likely that sales assistants see the Samsung devices as a safe bet to earn greater commissions."

"The mystery shop showed that the most recommended Samsung handsets were the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note II, despite having been on the market longer than the latest handsets from Apple, Nokia and HTC," said Julian Jest of Informa.

"However, most surprising was the way that, despite an in-store advertising campaign and recent product launch, Apple was recommended in only two stores, 3 and Phones 4 U, with both recommending the iPhone 5."

The Galaxy S3 was the most successful Android phone of 2012, even outselling Apple's iPhone in certain quarters. Sales of the device recently topped 30 million worldwide, as total Galaxy S line shipments reached 100 million.

Source: The Telegraph; via: iMore


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Samsung Galaxy S3 'most recommended' smartphone in UK


That is the old blue one which samsung stopped producing (because of spotting in the backcover), so the ones that are already out there are basically a limited edition.

Silly iSheeps. Find everything cheap other that their devices.

Wonder why people buy phones with no innovations..

Every time I see someone say "isheep" I imagine a fat little boy in his mother's basement. That word was really uncool and weird from the start.

Every time I see someone commenting a comment with "iSheep", I see an iSheep sitting in his room, trying to read some Android news on his iPhone and getting flamed.

And the word is quite appropriate. All iPhone users could talk about "my phone, me ,me, me".

Comparing two different types of phone is weird and uncool actually. Number of sales are just based on user's choice. What if some people don't want shiny aluminium ?

I don't see why people buy phones that have come scuffed/scratched right out the box, have antennae issues with first iterations, and rely on third party map apps that come already baked in to the "cheap plastic phones".

Because my cheap plastic phone is a better all around performer than HTC's higher quality one.

Not to mention having more accessories and more storage options.

There are a lot of people out there questioning why the S3 is doing so well. If you break it down though, it makes a fair bit of sense.

For those who come from an Android background, 4.0 and now 4.1 by itself is good. Some will like, or some will dislike Touchwiz, and for those who are familiar with Android, it is really just a matter of taste.

For those who come from other smartphone platforms, Touchwiz really does feel fairly comfortable. I am a webOS refugee, and the S3 did feel like it gave a very easy transition. Those who come from other platforms also seem to handle the transition to the S3 fairly easily. In comparison, other Android handsets may not feel as comfortable for new users. I am not talking about what is "best", but which is the easier transition for new users.

Then you have people who make the jump from dumb-phones(there are still a fair number of them doing this). The 4.8 inch screen has a lot going for it, as well as the features, performance, etc. What I said about the transition from other smartphones also applies here, where how easy something is to use out of the box really comes into play.

For those who buy off contract, if prices are similar, what jumps out at people? Large screen with all the latest features, or smaller screen with a lot of features waiting for an Apple proprietary implementation, or something else? With the S3 being hyped and talked about, there is also the whole "suggest the hot product" to use hype of other people buying the phone to reinforce sales. That is what allowed the iPhone to generate so many sales, and right now, the Samsung devices have more hype going for them.

Yes, the iPhone being so much smaller also means they will survive a drop a bit better in many situations, but if you don't drop your phone, the drop test will NOT be as important as the larger screen and other features such as NFC, being ready for induction/wireless charging, etc.

Very good analysis. I agree whole heartedly. I too am a webOS refugee(well, about two years ago when Sprint stopped carrying webOS hardware), but the more I learn about Android and customizing my phone, the more I like the Vanilla experience.

Can someone please tell me what Samsung has contributed to the mobile industry. They make crappy hardware, they don't make their ownOS, touchwiz is a price of crap skin. They copy every thing they can copy. Anyone who buys a Samsung product is an idiot. Bc theHTC,Nokia,RIM bb10, and LG make better looking products. Samsung will never innovate bc they are proven copy cats.

They make the NAND memories, Processors, flash memories, sAMOLED screens and many such stuff.

Unlike Apple, at least Samsung is trying to innovate with software improvements over vanilla android like smart stay and other motion based things. Galaxy S3 might not be the best phone ever made, but it certainly is a solid phone with good performance and features.

Samsung makes its own components for devices, including the screen. 2013 is the year of 1920x1080 in a screen that is just shy of the 5 inch mark, and both LG and Samsung can make displays of that quality. Apple does not make ANYTHING itself, except the OS. Samsung has also extended the reach of Android beyond the "tech/geek" crowd by more than any other company, to the point where average users will now consider going with an Android based device. For all those "Droid" advertisements that Verizon has put out there, Samsung is the first Android device maker to convince average consumers that there is more out there than just the iPhone that THEY might want.

As far as who makes a copy of what, Apple has in effect copied what others have done across the computer and phone industry. Palm for example is the company that popularized the PDA, and bolting a phone to a PDA is all a smartphone is. Apps for PDAs were HUGE back in the days when Palm dominated the PDA industry, so Apple really was the one who looked at what others did, and then put a new look on it. Apple would copy and then claim it invented all these things, while Samsung has never claimed that it invented all the things that date back to the computer industry(before Smartphones).

Now, Touchwiz may have started as as piece of crap, but then again, if you were to look at the original Macs and versions of Windows, they also started as really crappy machines. Where it is TODAY is a skin that makes it far easier for others to transition to Android, and it DOES work fairly well in the recent versions.

I'm aware they make components which is the reason I'm even more shocked that they cant make their own os that can work seamlessly with their hardware. I look at Samsung as being in the same boat Nokia was in 5to10 years ago. Eventually google will want to capitalize on android and and make more money from it. And like I said LG,Nokia,and HTC MAKE FAR MORE SUPIRIOR PRODUCTS but IT'S SAMSUNG WITH THE MARKETSHARE. MAINLY DUE TO THIER MARKETING STRATEGY WHICH I give THEM ALOT OF CREDIT FOR.

So just because samsung makes a lot of phone components, they should have their own OS? Besides Apple, who is doing well with such strategy? Creating a whole new OS platform with ecosystem supporting it is not easy task. Android didn't make success it has today just overnight. And HTC, LG are making far more superior products? Hmm, that's pretty bold statement.

People are always going to have hatred for the company that is on top. Its the way it is always going to be. There is no point to try to reason with him, he is only going to see it his way. The fact of the matter is Samsung is on top for a reason. That doesn't make HTC/LG/Motorolas products any less awesome.

Samsung has contributed a device that has all the copied features with ease of access use into a device that is pleasing for hardcore and new users alike.

"Infroma considers it "likely that sales assistants see the Samsung devices as a safe bet to earn greater commissions."

That is correct. Samsung is outspending everyone else on marketing or commissions by an order of magnitude.
For example in my local telcel branch (Mexico here) Samsung is paying for an extra, permanent dedicated sales assistant.
If you want something else than Samsung, like an HTC or a Motorola, you have to ask specifically for it. Samsung are generally cheaper too, even though the list price is more or less the same they have promotions. I´m waiting for a free with contract Note II to arrive since they sold everything and were out of stock. If I went with HTC I would have be eligible for a free HTC One V, no more. Same for the others brands.

I forgot my S3 is made of cheap plastic. I forgot and don't care because the cheap plastic is wrapped in a case. All I see is the awesome screen. Who cares.