Signs of a possible "2K-capable" Samsung smartphone have been appearing online for some time, but today there's fresh evidence that 2014 might yet yield a Galaxy phone with the super-high-density 1440p panel Samsung itself said was coming this year.

Is Samsung testing a phone with a '2K' display?

Benchmarks spotted on GFXBench show a Samsung "SM-G906S" device rocking a 2560x1440-resolution display. To put that model number in context, the Galaxy S5 is SM-G900, and the letter at the end usually corresponds to a hardware or carrier variant. Benchmark results themselves are all over the place, which isn't surprising for a product presumably still in development.

Update: The benchmark listing now offers additional info on the hardware lurking inside this beastly phone. The SoC is listed as a quad-core Qualcomm CPU at 2.5GHz with an Adreno 420 GPU — so it's almost certainly Qualcomm's next-gen Snapdragon 805. In addition there's a little under 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 15.8-megapixel camera and a 2560x1400-resolution 5.2-inch display.

We've mulled over the possibility of a Samsung "super flagship" with a higher-res display (and similar specs) appearing later in the year, so check out the article linked below for our thoughts on how (and why) Samsung might do a 1440p smartphone.

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Source: GFXBench; via: PhoneArena


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Samsung 'G906S' appears in benchmark results with 1440p display, Snapdragon 805 [Updated]


Why do we have to expect it to be called the "S5 Prime"? The stupid "Prime" nomenclature brings us back to the days of Asus's Prime tablets that everyone fawned over but really sucked.

I would presume this is not a Note 4 since this is a 5.2 inch screen. I would guess that the Note 4 is likely to have the 805, and possibly a resolution bump, though.

i wouldn't be surprised if both the S5 prime and the note 4 were launched on the same day.. but then again Samsung is known for multiple launches...

S5 Prime might be released at the same time as the iphone 6 to compete..

shortly followed by a late fall to winter release of the Note 4 with similar specs just bigger screen


You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Defitnley not ! It only has a screen size of 5.2 inches. Only .1 inches bigger than the s5. The note 3 has a 5.7 inch screen size .

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If they offered a tarted up S5 with just a higher res screen and a metal back, I'd still prefer the plastic back/1080p one.


What's the point? Unless it's pentile I guess. Maybe the high resolution would make up for the blurriness or pixel look text can have on pentile screens. Anything above 720p in a normal RGB screen is a waste of money. 1080p at the most but even that is a waste really unless you're on a note sized phone or tablet. All this does is drive up cost with no benefit. Give me a 720p screen with great color and contrast over a useless ultra resolution screen any day.

I agree - there's no point in that kind of ppi in my opinion, but plenty of people will buy it because it's new and has large numbers. It reminds me of the old saying about cars - "horsepower sells cars, torque wins races"; pixels would be horsepower in this case, and display quality would be the torque.

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Except, don't forget that the increased PPI would put a strain on the *real* horsepower in these devices: the processor. More pixels means more data that the graphics chip has to process, more power that the screen has to pull from the battery, and more heat generated from the extra processing power getting used.

If the next Note does end up hitting the market with a resolution higher than 1080p, I might actually pass and just hold onto my Note 3.

Yes, we are, because you don't. Just putting extra stain on the CPU, generating heat, and draining more battery for *ZERO* benefit.

DDear Samsung, please let this be the real deal GS5 prime to shut the Sony and HTC fanboys up. If not I Samsung fanboy will get the Z2 M8 or G3

Lol Actually yes, I'm tired of talking about how the S5 is better than the M8 but the Z2 specs wise

If Sony had a flagship that was actually available on ALL 4 carriers, like Samsung, LG, abd HTC do, Sony would be taken more seriously!

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Would some of you be interested in a note 4 at 5.2? I don't think I can. If anything I wouldn't mind a little bigger.

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Normally this would hamper my interest in the S5...But thank you tmo for dat JUMP program

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Sounds like the S5 prime. If speakers are not front facing, I'll get the ONE M8 for business phone.

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I feel like the m8 would look classier in a business environment. Not sure why.

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Samsung, why o why do you keep flooding the market? If I was a purchaser of a S5 I would be pretty pissed because you guys outdate yourself in a matter of months. I am excited to see this phone though

This would be really dumb for them to do this. Have everyone go out and buy the S5 and get them locked in to a contract / edge / jump / next for the next 6 months. They should have just released it as the S5 when it was ready.

Lol, I can't wait for the outraged S5 buyers probably about 6 months from now.
they always come out of the woodwork.

The contrast is so funny. Apple drones camp overnight in a zealous froth over each 6 month offering with minimal hardware upgrade (cash grab).

Iphone 3G July 11, 2008
Iphone 3Gs June 19, 2009
Iphone 4 June 24, 2010
Iphone 4S October 14, 2011
Iphone 5 September 21, 2012
Iphone 5S September 20, 2013
You were saying? This is every 6 months how? Please go back to school.
I get that this is an android site but let's not start making stuff up.

how is this going to affect the sale of the S5?

I'm sure any self-respecting AndroidCentral member will wait, no? Unless he/she must have the S5 now.

Even if it does have 1440p, and the Snapdragon 805, unless it supports the 700mhz Band 12 frequency for T-Mobile, I won't upgrade. I'm sitting by, being patient, seems like now is a good time to be patient with upgrading anyway with both this, and the LG G3 on the horizon. . .

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U ppl do know the average person doesn't even know this phone is coming..Most ppl don't read blogs

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Yea, I'm waiting for phones that support T-mobile band 12 too, neither the S5 or the HTC One is a significant upgrade to bother with over my nexus 5, plus I'm a stock android kind of guy.
I really hope the nexus 6 or whatever they call it, supports it.
Usually Google at minimum supports AT&T and T-mo so hopefully.

Sell the S5 now while you can get some money. What is the Note 4 gonna be. 2k is more than enough. will HD have to be upscaled?

Via my Note 3 on AC.

My thoughts; why would Samsung allow benchmark leaks before the release of the S5? My opinion is, consumers would hold off buying the S5 in hopes of not "getting ripped off" with such a quick release of a newer and upgraded device.

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Exactly! I was hoping to get a s5 but now I will wait until I now more about this rumor....

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They specifically said no S5 Prime... but what if its a S5 Pro or F1 or some other letter they decide to pull out of their ass. They never said they weren't going to do that.

And here's hoping its for verizon, seeing as verizon is still the only company not to allow anyone to preorder the s5. Perhaps its because they want that other phone as an exclusive.

I assume this leak would affect their S5 sales. But a good sign that the Note 4 will likely have (at least) a 1440p screen as well.

This will not effect the S5 sales. I would say less then 10% of smartphone users check blogs or forums and know what is going on. All they know is what they see when they walk in a store or what they see on commercials.

The S5 pro everyone wanted on the blog sites. The S5 was made for the masses, if this comes out as a more expensive premium model I don't see why anyone would feel upset they bought an S5. The S5 will be a great phone regardless of this mystery device.

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Interesting. I like the sounds of this "super flagship," especially if it's metal.

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