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And the 2nd Annual SPE Smartphone Round Robin begins! We at Android Central have given up our beloved G1 in favor of the other smartphones in the SPE Network. Though we've only had the T-Mobile G1 for a month, we're already missing the plethora of input options, Android Market, and that nifty slide mechanism. Hopefully we can survive.

The first device we're going to be reviewing? The iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3G and the G1 have been linked with one another ever since people began whispering about a Google Phone and rightly so. They are the most exciting smartphone platforms because they offer a fresh start: there's no deadweight of history or dated processes that hold them back.

But behind the comparisons and their similarities lies completely different philosophies in building a smartphone platform. Aside from the great features that they both have (superb touch screen, great web broswer, an application store, etc.) the two platforms really couldn't be more different.

So with that brief bit of history between the two devices, we're jumping into a quick look at the iPhone with a video! To give you a bit of a preview: I absolutely love multi touch. love the form factor. love the ease of use. My gripes? Well, you'll have to stay tuned the rest of the week to read my full review!

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Round Robin: iPhone 3G Video


This round robin is a great idea and winning the phones is an added kicker. I am a bit bummed though that you guys don't have a symbian blog in your network. Hell palm has its own and most of their devices run WM. I think an E71 or a N96 hell even the tube would be a great addition to the round robin and mix it up a bit. Oh well maybe thats just because I am having a what will my next phone be struggle and a nice little S60 nokia is on my list.

Video isn't working for me. D'oh!

I'll use this comment to say that I love everything about the iPhone except the philosophy behind it - i.e. the "walled garden" stance taken by Apple. This is why I have such high hopes for Android - an iphone interface experience coupled with the infinite tweakability of Windows Mobile.

Nice review, you re right, the build quality of the iPhone is great. Much better than other phones out there. And at "$200" it's a good price too. Please talk about your thoughts on the AT&T network as well. Good, bad whatever.

I think I'm still leaning more towards the iPhone just because I already have AT&T. I like the construction level app on the G1 tho, wonder if they make anything like that for iPhone?

I love Google and I use a lot of their stuff, but I can't see the G1 as anything else than an experiment... nice for us geek but not a real mainstream product as the iPhone.

Even Google Apps look better on my iPhone.

Sorry guys

I really think that the G1 and the Iphone will be the defacto head to head upgrade for the sidekick users that grow up.. Sadly my beloved Blackberry seems to be lingering behind..

[...] Hey all you G1 users out there! The Smartphone Round Robin is currently going on and the device at the Android Central Headquarters is the iPhone 3G. We’ve been using it for the better part of the week and feel pretty good about it. If you want a refresher, feel free to check out Android Central’s Video Review of the iPhone 3G. [...]

I can't deal with not having a removable battery. I drain my battery daily. I use about 16,000 minutes a month. Nice phone amazing apps.

I haven't had a chance to use the G1, it looks fairly promising. I work at ATT so I deal with the iPhone a lot.

Hands down. The iPhone blows doors!!

Great video. The thing about Wi-Fi is that you're on a network that might be slow depending on the service. It's not the phone, it's the Wi-Fi. I have a fast Wi-Fi service and my iPhone loads blistering fast.

Good work again Apple! Always kickin' serious butt!!

Maybe I'm the only person that uses 1 hand with their phone, but I think D-pads are a good thing. Whatever device you choose, we live in wonderful times! :)

Dagnabit! Casey gets the iPhone this week, while I'm on the G1?!

Great video, I hope your childlike sense of wonder has been restored and your mellow unharshened!

Man, I wish we had an Androaid based device in Canada so that I could @ least get a little bit of hands on with it, I don't see this device being a compettitor for say my Bold, but it fits in with the iPhone comparisons that's for sure.

I'm kind of biased against the iPhone, but that is one sexy device! I can't wait to see some G1 impressions from Rene.

sex_y is a bad word around here? Wow, this is the internet right? I think that should be the least of anyone's concerns when it comes to inappropriate content!

Enjoy the 3G. I am a iPhone 3G user and would not mind testing out a G1 for a bit. The t-mobile near me only has a dummy version.

I don't know much about the G1 but I sure wouldn't mine getting a fancy new one and learning. :D

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on an android here in Canada also. Really interested on the G1 vs iPhone.

I haven't watched the video but plan to. What I hope to see out of this is a real comparison. What I've learned so far is that cell phone bloggers must not be power techies. All I see against the g1 is that its not sexy or the Android transitions aren't as pretty. I mean come on.

Personally I would have been pissed to get an IPhone and find out it doesn't multi-task. That right off the bat would make me go for an Android phone. I would not pay that kind of money for something that can't do more than one thing at once. Its prtty and all but I thought technical people looked at functionality. I want to see the functional diferences and would have no problem admitting the IPhone is superior if that were the case.

I only wish that we had the option to have any phone on any network. There are a lot of gsm phones that would be great, even though Verizon is my network of choice. I'm not completely sold on the Iphone or G1, but if they were available on my network I would have at least owned each for at least a few weeks.

Nice review on the IPhone. I wouldn't mind to have the G1 since Im still using the old RAZR V3

Nice video! Being an iPhone 3G user I would have to say there's a lot more to the device than that but in the short time you had you summed it up pretty well. Anyway, I'll let you get used to the very nice multi-touch screen input method for the phone yourself but I have a bunch of application recommendations, all of which are free. If you use iTunes as your main music player, you HAVE to check out Simplify by Simplify Media, and also check out Apple's Remote app. If you like twitter, check out Twinkle. And although there are tons more (I have 5 full pages of applications on my iPHone) you HAVE to give yourself the time to try out and use Google Earth on the iPhone. It's still a bit buggy but Google really used the multi-touch interface and accelerometer to its full potential. It's definitely more fun to use on the iPhone than a PC because of the device's capabilities. Anyway, I'll let you discover the rest of the fun stuff on the iPhone. Keep us posted on how you like the device! (and I hope you don't miss puss gmail too much... I wish the iPhone had that_

Great video review. In fact, I liked it better than the video review posted for the G1 on TiPB. A little more informative. However, upon watching both videos, I am still convinced that the G1 has a long way to go before it can truly compete with the iPhone 3G. There is great potential there, though.

After using a physical keyboard and now the virtual keyboard, is the virtual one something you could see yourself getting used to eventually? It seems to be a dealbreaker for many.

I like the open idea of the G1, it's about time for a mobile device to be open, but I do love my iPhone!

I thought that win the G1 came out, I might regret my iPhone 3G decision, but I haven't for a day. I love mine.

Great review of the iPhone. The iPhone is the "in" gadget right now, but there are also a ton of good phones this season. I hope I win the iPhone, as I would love to add it to the collection!

Solid review. Seems like everything was being uncooperative for you (darn wifi!), but way to stay cool under pressure.

Modern cell phone perfection lies somewhere between the media playing goodness and simplicity of the iPhone and the openness and versatility of the G1/Android.

What will be better for my needs: The iPhone or the G1?

I need AT LEAST 2 of these features: - video recording - Stereo Bluetooth - Tethering - Phone history of more than 2 yrs - Removable Battery - 3.5 heaset jack

G1? iPhone?


I will say that getting used to the iphone is a bit of a chore. I used a treo for 3 years and was so wedded to it I had to pry it fry myself. The quirks of the user interface and keyboard become mitigated overtime much like any phone operating system. Though I am still dying to get my hands on a Bold to see how it holds up. My contemporaries have a few and swear it is the best smartphone ever built.

The keyboard just seems so.. Sidekick-ish. But it does seem to have a lot of features my berry doesn't have ;)

Still, I admire the user interface in the iphone. But I might have to wait until steve Jobs break the shackles impossed to the users.

I admire the iPhone UI and usability, however I really wish Apple would open up its ecosystem a bit more... AKA app store regulations!