Mitt Romney App

Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will announce his running mate ... on his official Android and iPhone apps.

The Android app, which gives you plenty of opportunities to sign up, sign in and donate (via a poorly formatted web view) will be the first place to learn who will join Romney on the Republican ticket this fall. In fact, jests the app, you'll learn it before just about anyone else. (Of course that's not actually true, but it's a nice selling point.) Says the app:

"Who will be Mitt's VP? There's no telling when the announcement will be, so check back often and enable push notifications to get the exciting news before the press and just about everyone else (except maybe Ann)."

The app gets some kudos for properly having an option to turn off push notifications (actually, they're off by default), and it's attractively designed, though it doesn't really follow Google's design cues.

Download: Mitt's VP


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Romney to announce VP pick via Android, iPhone apps


It promises to provide information I want at some future (unspecified) date, and then asks me to provide my GPS location and hand over the ability to modify/delete files from my sdcard.

That's how conservatives roll, I guess. Another reason not to vote for Romney.

I think it would be amazingly funny if he chose Mitch McConnell ;) VP goblin/ghoul... It's sad to admit but unfortunately this time around there isn't a choice on the Dem side and this country is not mature enough to have a strong 3rd candidate... Thinking back to 2008 I see that it should have been Hillary, at least she has a pair. Unfortunately this time around it was clear even a year ago that the choice will be between a weakling and an insane asylum.

What does it matter? It's not like "Mitt the Twit" really has any chance of becoming our next President...and the more he talked in front of a camera, the less likely it becomes.

Wow, what a well thought out argument that embodies every possible argument that explains why the current president should be voted out! Oh wait, no, it's a stupid one line phrase that says nothing, means nothing, explains nothing, but is easy for the dregs of society to latch onto.

It's about as bad as the people whom use "Robmey" as a joke on Mitt's last name.

Honestly, if your political views fit on a bumper sticker, then you need to really need to look into broadening your political knowledge base.

Maybe it will also pop up a notification when Mitt decides to come clean about his finances and all the money he has hidden in off shore accounts. Or when he announces why he's fighting Obamacare when it is based on the health care plan he oversaw as governor, and what alternative he is offering instead of just getting rid of it. Or when he announces why it should matter to anyone what anyone else does in their bedroom.

Oh wait, he won't announce any of those things. Making the app useless. Carry on then.

You really are asking a lot of him :)
But yeah, an app for picking a VP? Really? You can follow the twit on Twit if you really want to know. Ghrrrr...

We actually went three whole posts before turning this into a political debate. I'm actually kinda (sadly) impressed.

I liked Obama until he deceptivley raised taxes on the middle class through Obamacare. Oh wait its not a tax its a penalty. I think im going for Mitt this time.

Silly waste of an ap, for sure. What you don't understand about the Affordable Health Care Act is ALOT! The supreme court determined it was a tax. Do you not realize that you are already paying big bucks to cover the health/hospital cost of the uninsured? How can preventative care and he wellness checks be a bad idea? How can keeping the unisured out of the emergency departments and racking up HUGE debt that you will eventually pay for, be a bad idea. I have been working in healthcare over 40 years, so I do know of what i speak.

Wow, another ignorant moron who doesn't understand how the Affordable Healthcare Act works. It's a "tax" on those who do NOT have healthcare. if you have healthcare already, nothing will happen to you.

You and your cohort are an embarrassing bunch. Mitt is sinking himself. The debates will be the final nail in the coffin.

SO you pay for Health Care or Tax. Either way they Obama is forcing you to pay. Nothing will happen to my current healthcare? What a big fat lie! Keep dreaming.

If you have healthcare, it remains untouched. Well, you'll have some more security, since that's mainly where the meat of the law lies.

Obviously, you don't know what the bill is or what's contained in it. It's sad, really, that people don't actually read or pay attention to things anymore. Keep watching Fox News and ignoring the real world. What's their motto? Fairly Unbalanced?

You should be required to have healthcare. Everyone should. This country is an embarrassment when compared with our European (and Canadian) counterparts. We should be at the top, but we're not.

You are wrong. It will change and it already has. What dream land do you live in? Go watch more NBC news. And hear about how our president walks on water. Talk about a joke news network.

You're a moron. Really.

Again, it's sad. The individual mandate hasn't even gone into effect yet. I don't watch NBC, I watch C-SPAN. It's boring, but guess what? Everything comes directly from the source. No biased reporting, nothing. Just straight video of Reps and the bills they're trying to pass.

You, on the other hand, haven't even read the Affordable Healthcare Act. You are filled with misconceptions about how it functions and "changes" that will occur. You get your news from absurd sources.

I'm guessing it's also going to increase our deficit, right? Of course, the CBO has already made it clear that the ACA will reduce the federal deficit. That's the Congressional Budget Office. I know those terms are foreign to you, but you should try educating yourself. Illiterate moron.

Compared to whom, Fox News? Any single source of news is usually faulty at some point, and if you have an interest in any subject, your best bet is to look at multiple sources.

Did they mention that costs for healthcare have been rising since 2005, 2006, and that the reason most working folk don't notice is because their employer has been paying all the difference until the last year or two?

There's nothing in the act itself that causes the costs of healthcare to increase, besides perhaps the removal of the "pre-existing condition" clause that insurers use to deny coverage after receiving money from the payer.

I honestly don't mind listening to other people's political views, but please, PLEASE know what you are talking about. Also, I would recommend you bring your A game, because I know what I'm talking about, as I understand several others might, and it looks really once sided if you don't.

Your a retard. I already had heathcare through the state of Massachusetts (which has its own medicare) and NOTHING changed. conservatives are morons.

Have you read all 2500+ pages of the healthcare bill? Or is msnbc interpreting the bill for you. This will be the biggest government program in recent history and it WILL cost money to run, much more than the currently uninsured will pay for by being forced to pay health insurance.

The Congressional Budget Office has made it clear that the ACA will reduce the deficit. This isn't implementing a government program, it's regulating the private insurance companies and allowing people to choose.

You know, just like the MA Healthcare Act passed by Romney.

It will cost money to run in the sense that it costs money to run any program in the government. Currently, the uninsured people are getting their health care costs paid from property taxes and other local or state level taxes. With the affordable care act, if they are allowed into the Medicare system, the federal government will pay a majority of it instead, and will open up preventative care for the recipient, meaning some of the more costly proceedures could possibly be prevented.

Second, the Affordable Care Act does NOT require everyone to get insurance. You are exempt if you make less than a certain amount that changes depending on the size of your family, OR if the cost of health insurance exceeds 8% of your gross income. That excludes a lot of people, and if health insurance companies want a piece of that, they'll need to lower their prices.

Currently, yes you might be seeing your health insurance prices going up. That's because, while health insurance companies have beein increasing premiums for the last 6 years+, your employer was footing most of the bill. Many employers have stopped footing all of the increased costs because they can't keep affording to do that every year.

So yes, how much will this all cost me? Or are you remaining ignorant too?

Tis a pity no one in Congress read it either. This is ridiculous. The real battles need to be fought over who we put in Congress. This 'My way or the highway' brinkmanship is just the grandest form of pandering.

But I digress. The app is still silly no matter how you look at it. Fox/CNN/MSNBC hell even Al Jazeera will announce it as soon as the app will.

Maybe your not smart enough to know how the real world works, insurance rates will go up for people as a result of this, mine already have. That would be considered the tax, another tax is going to be when companies ditch there great plans for crappy plans that cost more to people and have more out of pocket charges to the employees. Another form of tax. I know this for a fact because i know people whose company plan pays 80% now instead of 100% after the deductible. The reason given, obamacare. Or maybe the company just drops health care, then you have to find it on your own. Funny thing, insurance companies love to use excuses to deny you coverage. I know this because i know people who have been turned down. Obamacare is a massive rip off, the plan is a glorified version of Cobra and cost a arm and a leg. Sure you can get vouchers, and as usual the tax payers (middle class) will foot the bill for your voucher.

Talk about a waste of an application. Mitt isn't going anywhere anytime soon as far as the Presidental race. They can try to surpress the vote all they want it still won't help him to win anything. He can't get out of his own way fast enough. Yeah this application is purfect for iphone users cause looking at Mitt Romney you know he's a iphone bone head.

What about Mitt Romney's friends in China? Or in the other parts of the world that his company has outsourced to? You know, the company that he tried to distance himself from, while simultaneously signing documents as the company's CEO until 2002.

Face it, the Republican's smartest nominee was John Hunstman, and you guys blew it.


* It will probably be Rob Portman.

* If it's Pawlenty, that's a sign that Romney thinks he has little chance in Ohio and will be focusing on a tougher path to victory that involves forcing Obama to compete hard in the Upper Midwest and basically sweeping the remaining close states.

* If it's anyone else (Paul Ryan? Bobby Jindal?), the Romney campaign is being run as incompetently as Hillary Clinton's was, which means Obama really does have a magic amulet that forces his opponents to self-destruct.

It's absolutely going to be an old, rich white guy.

If Romney was serious about winning, he'd nominate a minority. Until then, he's just going to get destroyed. Portman may win him Indiana, but that's it.

You mean Ohio, Portman's home state; if Indiana is even close, Obama will have 300+ EV.

A woman would make a lot of sense in a world where the 2008 campaign never happened. Bobby Jindal is the only ethnic minority who might have a chance*, but the only advantage he might provide is making Romney seem hip by comparison.

* No one thinks Rubio is ready, and people who think he'd help with Latino voters don't understand the Latino community.

My candidate is NON OF THE ABOVE! Both parties are a joke any more, especially there candidates. What happened to ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country??? Also kill Obanacare.

Sounds like a solid plan. So when you or one of your family members gets cancer you can get dropped from coverage, forcing you to foot the bill out of pocket.

LOL. You libs are so funny. Check out the per plate of Obama fund raiser at Sarah Jessica Parker. Or one of the many Hollywood 'dinners'.

First, no. Second, he isn't running. If you want to support a libertarian, work for Gary Johnson (who's a more consistent libertarian anyway).

All I have to say is Politics has zero place in the Main forum.

Either side...

There are uninformed people supported both sides. Nobody fact checks information, they just run with it.

The only thing I have to say about healthcare is that for those who have had GREAT coverage (like Blue Cross PPO) know what good coverage is. Those who have had coverage, but it barely covered anything and had many deductibles, they yearn for something better. The last group is those without coverage and yearn for one of the 2 examples given.

That said, it seems like there are many paid and free apps out there. I'll let the individuals decide which category this one falls into!!!

Funny how Obama supporters are not against Romney, because Mitt being Mitt will guarantee Obama's re-election.

Being a Libertarian, I would have given Ron Paul the nod for President. Oh well, back to picking Poop-sandwich A (R) vs. Poop-sandwich B (D).

The above comments are why our political system is so screwed up. One side tells us that if the other side gets its way, we are all going to die. The other side says the same thing. There is no common sense discussion anymore. It's all extremism.


Mitt Romney's best VP pick would be a bucket of dark chocolate. It couldn't say anything that would hard the party anymore than Mitt Romney already has, it can't have any skeletons in the closet to embarass anyone, and it is much more relatable than Mitt Romney is.

Yray screw u d.Cameron you torie blue idiot

Wwwwoooppps wrong country and cultural concept of what makes a good leader.

:-) no offense meant :-)

Will it also keep track of the lies/inconsistencies/f* ups he's trending on doing? I mean, u really have to be a stubborn ur mentally challenged to want this man as a president! This guy lives in a world that we do not live in! Not all of us are in lala land... and hes so rude!

The real Question. Why the F did Phil and Android Central chose(felt the need) to write an article on this crap. -1

It does amaze me how many people tend to focus on Romneys wealth. I think if we could get past jealousy in this country we'd be a lot better off. It and other forms of class warfare are tearing the country apart.

I admittedly do not know enough details about Obamas healthcare plan to try and agree or disagree with it here, but one thing I do know is that this "tax" will fall right in the laps of a lot of people who were promised no taxes.

The guy stashes millions away in tax shelters, stuff that ordinary citizens can't do. Why can't we focus on something that is inherently unfair with the system that he's using?