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One of the more intriguing features of the LG G Pad 8.3 is its ability to pair up with the LG G2 for more than just tethering. In fact, the "Q Pair" feature is supposed to eventually work with phones made by manufacturers other than LG. That's for another day though. Today, we're taking a brief look at what it looks like when a call comes in on a phone and is then shared with the G Pad tablet.

The idea is that the two devices are tethered, with the call coming in to the phone. But as the phone rings, you also get a pop-up on the tablet, allowing you to take the call, decline it outright, or decline it with an automated response. It looks good, it's dead simple to use — and it's really something we've not seen anyone else do before.

Again, what really makes this interesting is that Q Pair will eventually be a standalone app, and so you should be able to pair the tablet with any number of phones. We just have to wait a little bit for that still. (In fact, we still have to wait on the tablet, for that matter.)

We'll withhold judgment on the speed of this process until we try it out in a more subdued environment, but this video should give you a good idea of how it works.


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A quick look at receiving a phone call on the LG G Pad 8.3


Actually it worked with most phones after the last significant Touchpad update. My iPhone 4 could make and answer calls, but txts didn't work. I've missed it on all the tablets I've had since. I'm amazed it's taken this long for it to copied.

The Playbook had testing, but not calls, with BBOS devices. Can't wait to see how this works in the end! Love it with my Playbook

This is how you do this without LG...!
Google Voice app and Groove IP app both on your phone and tablet. Does the same exact thing.

Or you can just use the Groove IP app, since it has Google Voice SMS integration.

Update : This is for people that want to use this with their carrier number and not Google Voice.

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro

exactly, i've been doing the exact same thing for a while now. Not sure why this is so revolutionary?

I'm in as long as I can put the tablet to the side of my head and shout my conversation for the world.

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Bridge is one of the few features I really miss from my playbook. Being able to text from it was also very good. Hangouts goes some way to matching the functionality but not quite. Also miss the stereo front facing speakers on the playbook, they were better even than my nexus 7 2.

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The Playbook is no comparison, to either the 2012 or 2013 Nexus 7, sorry.

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He wasn't comparing them the way you think. He was talking functionality wise. Which the way blackberry bridge worked was fantastic.

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Spot on. Technically the playbook was seriously lacking in so many ways but the messaging was getting very close to perfect once they integrated texting into bridge. I'm finding ways to do most things on my nexus using my n4 as a hotspot but the mimicking cellular functions would be a great addition as would that elusive unified inbox.

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Yeah, it would be cool, if Android had some sort of app that mimicked the functionality provided by BlackBerry Bridge.

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It desteoyes my razr in a lot of ways. And it also has a slower cpu.

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Grammar, and da f**k are you talking about?

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VOIP has given the ability to do this for quite some time now.. Hell my iPad Mini can answer my Android calls :-) it's all just simple Wi-Fi internet connections.. in this case Bluetooth.. But the same goal is achieved.

No. Look at the screen shot. My guess is, you can only answer it from the phone, but you can decline with the option of a text reply from the tablet.

I'm disappointed if this is the case. The press release seemed to imply you could answer from the tablet, maybe it's not complete and we will see it added?

Finally an android OEM is attempting this feature... reminds me of the good ol' BB days

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I haven't tried it yet, but Tablet Talk, which I've used to received text messages from my phone on my tablet recently put in a phone app that's supposed to let you answer/dial from the tablet..

So you can answer a call on a tablet?
If yes i will buy that app.

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you can answer/dial/control(speaker phone,turn on BT) the phone from the tablet, but you can't talk/listen through the tablet. You'd need to have a wired/BT headset connected to the phone, or turn on the speakerphone if you don't want to pick up the phone itself.

You can already do this with any phone + tablet combo using the popular "Tablet Talk" app, though it costs $3. I've looked, and none of the other apps compare. I used to miss calls all the time when my headphones were plugged into my tablet.

Would be nice to have this "forward phone to tablet" feature baked into AOSP.

I've spoken to the designer of Tablet Talk a few times,the Android OS is the restriction in taking an actual call through the tablet.

I'm with you on this. I've had a 7 inch tablet and 10 inch...8 is the sweet spot for me. I'm guessing (based on absolutely nothing) it will run ~$300...I hope it's not more than that...but we'll see :)

Definitely has been implemented with the release of the latest update on the HP Touchpad. I wonder if LG will ever implement more WebOS features in the future, maybe they will allow cards instead of the Qslide apps and useless side apps android has nowadays. I like the idea of multi windows but I find it annoying even on my 5.5" Optimus G Pro. Maybe I am still stuck on WebOS lol, oh well I'm not the only one on here :-P.

This is not a new feature at all. In fact, I don't think it only rejects calls (that would be plain mediocre).
If on LG would implement Palm great features to their phones... 'da hell... hope they make a webOS phone if ACL ever gets implemented.

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Tablet Talk does this. Been using it for almost a year with my Nexus 10 & Droid 4. They keep improving the app, It works excellent.

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I'm really looking forward to this new tablet. Since LG owns webOS now, I really hope they use those assets to start having their technology work together in the ways Palm envisioned years ago. Also, I wouldn't mind if they made an Android skin that was a copy of webOS in form and function. :)

What's the point of answering your phone via tablet? I would rather have a tablet that can make calls without the need of a phone or some work around like Skype or sip. Just one device.

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Maybe I missed something but I didn't see a way to actually answer the call.

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Being able to answer a call from your tablet while your phone is charging would be really helpful. If the tablet were connected to your phone via wifi it would leave bluetooth availabe for privacy using your headset.Palm was the first to come out with this .